The Idolmaster

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 17, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Chibiki, Doki (Previews 1-16), CoalMiki (Previews 17-25)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Changes – Typo in previews of episodes 2 + 3, fixed episode 7 (piece of video cut out of ED that wasn’t supposed to be) + typo, fixed episode 10 (typo), updated lyrics of OP2 (episodes 14-20).

109 Responses to The Idolmaster

  1. Alucryd writes:

    This is nothing but there’s a typo at the end of ep10, during the preview, cuteness is mispelled cutness. As usual, thx and keep up the good work^^

  2. B writes:

    @Julio I’ve check it over, even redownloading episode 7 and it says episode 6, its the 1080p version if that makes a difference.
    Print screened it:
    But like I said it’s minor.

  3. Anonymous writes:

    Requesting a direct download option for these episodes. My ISP throttles torrents, so I can’t use ’em.

  4. Julio writes:

    @ B

    Why don’t you just fix it with mkv extract to get the .ass file and use mkv merge to put it back together after editing?

  5. LaduLaser writes:

    Anonymous of 2012/02/17: Then you should immediately switch ISP! When The Pirate Bay was throttled by a Danish ISP in 2007, they (TPB) put a notice up on their front page about how to switch from that ISP to another, uncensoring one. The ISP lost 40% of their customers in 3 days. What are ISPs thinking anyway, that we get 24 Mbit ADSL to send Word documents to each other?

  6. aurabolt writes:

    I like how there’s always a new picture of the twins when I visit.

  7. Kitty writes:

    i just realized… forget the NCOP2, was there even a NCOP1 to begin with?

  8. Kitty writes:

    i just thought you would separate it into a standalone file, that’s all…

  9. Alex writes:

    Thank you very much! Finally i’ll be able to re-watch this great anime in 1080p 😀

  10. Kitty writes:

    guessed no one noticed this.

    Episode 2, 24:07 > The truth is, it’s actually at the same time as the sale at the my local supermarket!

    yeah, the my local supermarket? one or the other needs to go, the or my. probably ‘the’ since we know Yayoi loves to talk about herself, lol.

  11. Kitty writes:

    episode 3, about 24:09 > After all, you cannot fight on an empty stomache.
    There’s no E at the end of stomach… it’s not even a difference in british and american english, from what i can tell either. (noting that Doki’s previews are used here.)

  12. Alucryd writes:

    Another error in ep17 around 20:00, “yon white horse” should be “your white horse”^^

  13. Alucryd writes:

    Oh, my bad then, I checked on google cause I wasn’t sure but didn’t find an answer. Is it old english?

  14. Alucryd writes:

    Sorry for the double post but I found my answer, guess I didn’t search hard enough the first time:

  15. Julio writes:

    Now that’s a nice fan art you posted. Thanks for releasing more.

  16. Harima Kenji writes:

    Thanks!! So much waiting because you were playing “that game” right? XD

    So, how is it? Is it good? I’ve been thinking about getting it.

  17. jon writes:

    when are new eps of shana final released?
    gr jon

  18. aurabolt writes:

    Instead of saying, “Thanks,” I’ll just post Mami from now on.

  19. WLK writes:

    several times in episode 16 you use the term “emcee”. emcee is slang, “MC” would be more appropriate.

  20. ZodiacBeast writes:

    My word, all of the projects that I’m waiting on have stalled. Can I wait patiently?

  21. run or eskap writes:

    thanks alot for this awesome show
    can you please pick up the BDs of Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi?

  22. Syd writes:

    A few corrections for im@s

    ===== Episode 13 ====
    * The lyrics for “Marionette no Kokoro” are incorrect. “Suki Suki” is actually “Zuki Zuki” in the official lyrics, meaning “throbbing pain” or “heartbreaking”. This is used in The iDOLM@STER 2 DLC for the song.

    ===== Episode 20 =====
    * “osekkai” means “meddling” or “nosy” not “Good Samaritan”. “Good Samaritan” doesn’t even make sense in this context. Why would Haruka feel the need to talk to Producer about someone calling her a Good Samaritan? Meddling or Nosy? That might require some counseling, especially when coming from one of her closest friends.

    * “kimochi” means “feelings”, not “expectations”. Using “expectations” in here is not only incorrect, but entirely ruins the power of the lines. Chihaya literally believes she cannot express emotion without singing.

    Will post more as I find them.

  23. Lee writes:

    When will the rest of the eps be released?

  24. kuro writes:

    thank for your hard work :))
    , cant wait for the batch

  25. HauntingShock writes:

    Still no BD vol.8? Will wait for it 😀

    Hoping for an announcement….

  26. NaruSaku writes:

    Raws for all the episodes are out now. I hope to see a batch soon ^_^

  27. Toast writes:

    I look forward to you finishing this one.

  28. Anonymous writes:

    Jeez, hurry up and finish already. You can work on new stuff but you can’t finish what you’ve already started? Why not just work on that first?

  29. An anonymous writes:

    This is the worst fucking case of lack of responsibility I have ever seen. OK, you only do what you want, but how can you just put an unfinished project away?

  30. 16 writes:

    I never complain about getting free stuff, and I won’t start now. Keep doing your thing. However, would it be possible to have an update on this? If this project is dropped, I’ll just move on elsewhere.


  31. NaruSaku writes:

    Seeding on the existings torrent please?

  32. toast writes:

    I am curious to know if this has been dropped also. I have been looking forward to the last few episodes to be completed for quite some time now, and was hoping that the end would be near.

    If you do not plan on completing this series, please let us know. I don’t want to wait forever for something that will never come.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I’ve been working on cleaning backlog for the past few days. Idolm@ster is after Precure.

  33. toast writes:

    I have faith.

  34. Luizk writes:


  35. someone writes:

    Anyway to get just the subtitles? That’s all I really want.

    • coalgirl writes:

      No. This is a BD encoding group, not a give out subtitles to people too lazy to download a couple GB themselves group.

  36. sum1other writes:

    Do you get some kind of revenue for amount of GBs seeded?

  37. JD writes:

    sorry to ask this but I was wondering that the episode that have changes, why can’t you just
    released a patch or do I have to re-download them again.

  38. JD writes:

    ok, that’s cool.

  39. Name writes:

    Thank you for your work. And really cute pic by the way.

  40. stev writes:
    Since it only took 4 minutes to make them; here are patches for the 1080p episodes: 2, 3, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.

  41. Kucing writes:

    @stev, could you reupload he patch? File Blocked for Violation. Thanks.

  42. Alex writes:

    FINALLY. Thank you very much CG

  43. kiriha writes:

    The final song in the episode 25 has a different title than the TV airing. Nippon Columbia had posted an apology in January saying there was a miscommunication among the staff. The official title is “Watashitachi wa Zutto…Deshou? (私たちはずっと…でしょう?)”, which is also in the album THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 07. UTW never released a patch, and I noticed it wasn’t changed here either. Any chance it can be corrected?

  44. AkaRyuusei writes:

    When I watched episode 25, you didn’t fix it from “However Long, However Far” to “We’re forever… right?” I already fixed it myself, should I send the edited sub file to you?

  45. Mrpancakes writes:

    Id kill for a seed right about now 🙂

  46. Ross writes:

    Amazed how I’m downloading this in 2016 and there are still some seeds around. Bless ya.