The Idolmaster

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 17, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Chibiki, Doki (Previews 1-16), CoalMiki (Previews 17-25)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Changes – Typo in previews of episodes 2 + 3, fixed episode 7 (piece of video cut out of ED that wasn’t supposed to be) + typo, fixed episode 10 (typo), updated lyrics of OP2 (episodes 14-20).

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  1. Gar writes:


  2. asfgsfghd writes:

    fuck year

  3. Whatever writes:


  4. Inco writes:

    Oh yeah that’s gonna replace my tv version of it thanks a lot was not expecting it 🙂

  5. Aeroblip writes:


  6. Julio writes:

    Is the 1080p version 10-bit?

  7. solid_encoder writes:

    is this hi10p crap?

  8. 1Logic writes:

    “is this hi10p crap?”

    thanks for the release!

  9. lol writes:

    >hi10p crap

  10. Petrushka writes:

    didn’t see this one coming 🙂

  11. Rai writes:

    its cute girls doing cute things…don’t see why coalgirl wouldn’t do it

  12. Fore writes:

    Somehow the title doesn’t look right unless you cap all of it, “IDOLMASTER”

  13. abit writes:

    Does the FLAC audio take up *that* much space in the encode? I did a CRF15 8-bit 1080p with 320Kbps AAC and the first two episodes averaged like 600 megs (the episodes were pretty compressible…made me think of dropping to CRF12 or something to see how large it’ll get)

    Just curious.

    • coalgirl writes:

      My video is 600 megs for episode 1, and audio is like 200 megs. The reason why mine is larger is because I added a bit of grain and gave higher priority to flat areas instead of detailed areas (reduces blocking and stuff).

  14. Jay-kun writes:

    Thanks! D

  15. Derrick writes:

    In taking the Chibiki subs… you’ve got the wrong lyrics for the OP.

    “Are you ready? I’m ready! Let’s get started!”

    Should be “I’m Lady” instead of “I’m ready”, fairly certain they corrected the lyrics a few episodes later when the CD’s come out.

  16. deadman80 writes:

    Derrick is right, the official lyrics make no sense but they are “official” >_>;;
    IIRC, should start with “Are you ready? I’m lady…” (might be “I’m a lady” instead, would have to double check the CD scans to be sure ^^;;) Check the later episodes w/ the same opening for the updated lyrics… Out of curiosity, have you noticed any differences from the broadcast version so far?

  17. coalgirl writes:

    Ohh, I got the episode wrong. I thought 4 was the one they started with officials but seems it was like 5 or 6. Meh, easy fix.

  18. Derrick writes:

    @ coalgirl : Thanks!

    I actually preferred the incorrect version myself as well… but… ya know… those wacky Japanese and their engrish. Many thanks for doing the DVD releases!

  19. Rai writes:

    @Fore…no dude, gotta be iDOLM@STER 😀 completely styled

  20. abit writes:

    coalgirl – Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. =D

  21. Kokonoe writes:

    YAYYYY. Glad you’re doing iDOLM@STER. This is the one I voted for.

    Awesome, thanks. 😀

  22. yANDERe|S writes:

    Anyone else experiencing lag/audio disappearing during the ending of episode 2 (1080p version)? This also happened to the Magia ending on the Coalgirls Madoka BDs, but updating to the latest CCCP fixed that perfectly. Here it’s happening again, and I can’t seem to understand why. To be more precise: The video lag/audio skipping starts on the part when the rabbit is being held while the background is white.

    With that being said, I am grateful this release, through that problem is kind of frustrating and uncomprehending.

  23. yANDERe|S writes:

    I’ve found my problem (although not an answer, yet):

    I’ve been doing some testing, and I see now that on the part of the ending I mentioned, the frame-rate ascends from the normal 23,xxx – 24,xxx to a whopping 40,xxx and then descends down to the normal 23-24. That explains the video lag/audio skipping (and luckily it doesn’t occur anywhere else on the episodes). Could this be a mistake on your part, Coalgirls? Or is it something really minor which I could easily do something about?

  24. Curtis writes:

    That slowdown is in the broadcast version as well. Nothing to do with the encoding.

    While checking out yANDERe|S’ slowdown comment I noticed that the dialog is different leading into the ending, but I haven’t reviewed anything else yet.

  25. yANDERe|S writes:

    Thanks for replying, but I’m afraid this slowdown doesn’t happen at all in CGirls’ 720p release. But then again, it could be that my encoders _makes_ it seem like the 720p version doesn’t slow down, while it in truth actually does.

    I believe my computer should be able to handle about anything. For example: I’ve runned two Final Fantasy – Advent Children (1080p, flac) while having lots of internet tabs open, uTorrent and Windows Live Messenger running among other programs and so on just for the hell of it, and both of the videos didn’t even drop one frame (three videos were too much, though).

  26. coalgirl writes:

    Um… frame rate issues? I got 23.976 fps straight through. Maybe you’re talking about bitrate, and that would make sense.

  27. yANDERe|S writes:

    Now that I’m using madVR with LAV video/audio-decoder, I’m also getting 23,976fps straight through (I don’t understand why my previous setup with CCCP gave me those results anyway). No problems or frame drops/delays through this video or any other releases from you for that matter, but seriously – what is actually happening during the later parts of the ending? The video slows a little down, the audio skips and so on. Both my CPU and GPU is low all the time, so I find this really mysterious. Is there anyone here who’s able to play through the ending with ease, or is it that Curtis is right?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Basically, it’s probably a bitrate spike. AKA, while your computer had to play back about 4000 kbps for most of the video, it may have to play back like 13000 there, and the cpu just can’t handle it.

  28. Kokonoe writes:

    No slowdown whatsoever for me on either of the 1080p episodes. They both play flawlessly.

    (They look great, too)

  29. yANDERe|S writes:

    Okay, so now I finally got it to run smooth, but the strange about it is that I’m not sure how I did it. The “worst” thing that will happens now is a couple of delayed (not dropped) frames, but in truth I’m not able to see it. GPU runs pretty smooth within my limits (madVR: Bicubic – sharpness 75), and CPU doesn’t reach over 60% even with tons of different programs running.

    Finally I can turn dere for you guys until the next problem occurs.

    By the way, I’m surprised I’m not tired of the ending at all. A splendid piece of musical literature I’d say.

  30. phunixid writes:

    could you approve my idea
    about the difference of release in your file name
    so I might know, which your release is in 10 bit and which is in 8 bit

  31. bluemist writes:

    There seems to be some audio discrepancy with your version of episode 2. When the ED music started playing around 21:48, the dialogue which was supposed to be there is now gone. Check the original broadcast version to see what I mean.

  32. bluemist writes:

    No I mean, the BD still has it (or at least some other BD raw I got)
    You might have used another audio track.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I see, it’s because I used the NCED and the studio decided to cut out the unimportant dialogue of “Hey, raise your hand! Yay!” for it. Well, guess that means that episodes 3-5 that I was planning to release tonight will be delayed oh… maybe a week… because those lines of dialogue are A BIG DEAL.

  33. bluemist writes:

    There I was trying to help out and someone took it wrongly. Sorry about that, I’m just going to shut up now.

  34. coalgirl writes:

    Don’t know what you’re apologizing about. I’m not kidding, I need to delay everything a week because of that.

  35. dopenhagen writes:


  36. aurabolt writes:

    Awesome. Sane subtitles unlike Chibiki’s.

  37. mascthemoney writes:

    we need a denpa picture for the banner.

  38. akiba-kei writes:

    I thought there was an error in the new banner… lol

  39. durp writes:

    Great release and it runs super smooth. One thing though: the subs for the OP appear around half a second too early in episodes 2, 3 and 4. It starts while the pre-OP scene is still on. It’s a small issue, but maybe you can fix this along with the lyrics goof mentioned above?

    • coalgirl writes:

      1. That’s the way it was on the TV release. Not an error, not going to change.
      2. The lyrics were fixed.

  40. durp again writes:

    Huh… it does not happen on the Chibiki TV release for 2-4 that I have.

  41. Th3avatar writes:

    Thank you and happy new year!

  42. Julio writes:

    Not even coalgirls bother to fix the issue that UTW had with the beginning part of episode 6 where it freezes for almost 20 seconds since there are too many type for the video player render.

  43. Treestars writes:

    I noticed on episode 8 it skips a line or two transitioning to the ED, other than that seems great!

  44. Julio writes:

    I’m running the latest CCCP with lav filter installed running on MPC, it never gave me problems except for that particular episode, I also had it running on a completely different setup back when UTW release it, and it still gave me that problem.

  45. MD writes:

    Haha, oh wow. The beginning of episode 6 is the first time my performance slowed down due to too many captions.

    • coalgirl writes:

      You can thank Daiz and his insistence on typesetting text that isn’t supposed to be read and is irrelevant to the story for that.

  46. Mutsakman1 writes:

    I don’t know how, but (At least as far as I know) Ep6 shows that it runs for 48 minutes. Whether or not there was an error in my downloading, but there is nothing shown for that extra few minutes. Not even a black screen. My KMPlayer with the LAV Codecs takes a little while longer to attempt to load the empty void, and I’m not sure there is anything to load in the first place.

  47. Mutsakman1 writes:

    Forgive me for a second post, but I’d also like to just thank you for this release! It’s fantastic, high quality, and speedily released 😛

  48. B writes:

    This will probably be to0 minor to be fixed but just wanna note that in Episode 07, it shows Episode 6 after the opening instead of seven. Thanks for the releases btw.

  49. Julio writes:

    @B I don’t see anything wrong, everything is alright.

  50. tehaa writes:

    Thanks for the releases 🙂
    Please seed 720p episode 1-5 batch.

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