Time of Eve

Video – 1920×1080 @ ~31700 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~12400 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs –
Track 1 – Chaos-MII (R/E Only, Re-styled)
Track 2 – Chaos-MII (Karaoke, Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Note – This was done to practice kalafina karaoke for KnK. No other reason. Unless you have some heartfelt connection with us, please download Chaos.

Also, the grain was in the source. I did not add it.

45 Responses to Time of Eve

  1. derp writes:

    this is a bdiso remux right?

  2. Southrop writes:

    durr hurr. 24GB for 1080p.

  3. zaockle writes:

    so this was that “unannounced project” you were talking about

  4. Bloodios writes:

    I’m curious. Aside from the fact that yours is 4~5 times larger than Chaos’ releases, is there any significant differences in quality? And is there any particular reason for cropping?

    The last 2 pixels had edge noise in many scenes, although this isn’t visible in this select scene.

    The main difference is that here the grain is preserved which results in a much larger file. You can check out the comparison yourself if you wish.

    But as I stated, this was only released to practice kalafina karaoke for Kara no Kyoukai. Please download Chaos unless you have a strong affinity towards us.

  5. Metro writes:

    Sorry to ask for something so silly but just FYI tinypic blocked Argentina so I have to use a proxy to see the images. Maybe they blocked other countries too so please consider it for the future.

  6. alyu writes:

    can’t wait of knk!
    Eve no Jikan is good too though.

  7. don writes:

    is this movie or the series?

  8. superweapons writes:

    @don: it’s the movie, which is the ONA series plus some extra scenes.

  9. IX writes:

    It certainly was an excessively grainy/noisy source. I can definitely see how the filesize could multiply like this.

  10. ShadowRealm writes:

    Thx Alot =D

    Just what I have been waiting for..

  11. Myu writes:

    Damn, thanks !
    But damn,24 GB ><

  12. Jarol writes:

    Ok this is just too big. I’ve seen grainer movies than this and the size was much better than 24gb. Reduce your damn bit rate. Jebus.

  13. banger writes:

    does grain make it look better? just wondering if the coalgirls release does clearly look better or if its just a preference

  14. anon writes:

    Those comparisons don’t really do justice on Chaos. I personally cannot tell which is really better. Before reading the post, I thought your version was better than Chaos

  15. denoise writes:

    recude grain while preserving details: http://avisynth.org/mediawiki/MCTemporalDenoise

  16. kureshii writes:

    If you would like grain in your Eve no Jikan, you can put “noise=12ahp:2ap” (or tweak your own parameters) under Advanced -> Video Filters in SMPlayer options (mplayer-cli users should be able to figure this out). Now you can have your 4.6GB filesize cake and eat your grain too.

  17. Shawn writes:

    Can match up to a BDISO.

  18. Bloodios writes:

    For those who complain about the size:
    Since Coalgirls already recommended Chaos’ version, but you guys downloaded Coalgirls’ version anyway, so…what’s the point of complaining?
    I like Coagirls and I downloaded their version, but you don’t see me complaining about it.

  19. lame writes:

    Who said anyone downloaded that load of shit? I’m not stupid enough to download this fucking absurd so-called release. The fact is, something this ridiculous should be bashed to dead.

  20. Bloodios writes:

    @lame: Is there any need to be upset though?
    -Coalgirls did this on on whim, for the heck of it.
    -They recommended Chaos’ version over theirs.
    -You didn’t have to download it (and you sure didn’t.)
    So chill.
    Save your breaths for better things.

  21. herp writes:

    >bdiso remux by yousei raws, 18GB.
    >compressed by coalgrls, 24GB.


  22. suiton writes:


    Can you make the 720p version have a smaller file size? Want to at the very least fit it on a dual layer DVD.

  23. zed writes:

    Filesize of [Zero-Raws] Eve no Jikan in 720p is only 3440,8MB and it’s grainy too. 🙂

  24. banger writes:

    i don’t at all mind the large file size in terms of hard drive space, but it sure takes a long time to download them from bittorrent. seems like the majority of people do not seed after downloading it.

    i wish there was a donation box towards an xdcc bot

  25. darklink17 writes:

    Can you please share your script? I can’t download this much right now >_>

  26. tormaid writes:

    I totally agree, if someone downloaded this much they ought to seed it for at least a little while…

    @everyone using zero-raws as an example of filesize
    I’m sure the Blu-Ray disc was twice the size of your 1080p. Most of [Zero-Raws] releases are PRE-ENCODED, so stop using that as your lossless baseline.

  27. G-san writes:

    tormaid Shut the hell up ,zero-raws do good quality raws and no ones comparing them to the full bd but at the size of coalgirls encode on this we may as well just download the iso .So STFU and go bone a cow .

  28. HRZ writes:

    Thanks girls, i love you and your sexy encodes .If i could get my paws on you i would ravish you like my goats .Super work , much nicer than thora .Love you goddess’s ~The Goat 😉

  29. Southrop writes:

    darklink17: CoalGirls used my script for their release. It can be freely downloaded at my website: http://chaos-th.com/

  30. tormaid writes:

    I’m not saying zero-raws is a bad group, i’m saying that some people have the incorrect notion that any raw is lossless.

    I appreciate your work, this is a very worth while movie.

  31. banger writes:

    zero-raws stuff often looks like crap tho. i downloaded a show of thiers once and there was a loud buzzing noise in the background the entire time as well.

  32. Not Alli writes:

    My vagina exploded.

  33. Anon writes:

    This might be a stupid question.
    You did a screenshot comparison of ‘Chaos’ and ‘CGi’. By ‘CGi’, did you mean ‘Coalgirls’ ?

  34. uuu writes:

    yes that’s really stupid question.

  35. Fag-Simile writes:

    Your release is oversharpened. And you have amplified halos, too!

  36. gaaira writes:

    I usually go for the overkill sized files & I only download 720p ’cause my desktop is old but i never had any 720p that wouldn’t play smoothly. And this is the VERY first time i had a slow playback with any 720p file (made me turn off the soft subs in order to watch it without frame delay). Weird


  37. kol33 writes:

    Please somebody help me seed this torrent.

  38. kol33 writes:

    1080p version

  39. Kazy writes:

    Somebody seed please. >_<

  40. wousipx writes:

    Please give this torrent some luv, I am downloading this torrent for over a week and I’m at 47%

  41. Holo writes:

    Torrents =.=”

    Could you please seed the torrent for “Time of Eve” 1080p, PRETTY PLEASE?

  42. Lehri Malil writes:

    Please Seed This torrent !!!!!

  43. loader writes:

    Yeah I’m only seeing 2 seeds 4 peers on the 720p torrent and average 10 kB/s lately.

    So far 11 hours of DL got me to 37%

    I’ve seen worse tho but any help seeding be very much appreciated.

  44. Level 6 writes:

    Seed 1080 plix 🙂

  45. JackOrlando writes:

    Could anyone seed 1080 version, please?