Ga Rei Zero

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese), 5.1 FLAC (English)
Subs – Aniyoshi (Re-styled)


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  1. Akina writes:

    Anyone have comparisons between this and Elysium’s release?

    Preferably I like Coalgirls FLAC audio, but I don’t know if there is really any difference in video quality that is visibly noticeable. Just know that Coalgirls file sizes are about 50-60% bigger.

  2. ngsitu writes:

    Let me say this to you, if you really love Hq anime and Ga-rei: Zero then you shouldn’t be worry about the big file size (actually CG is just 3GB lager, to me that doesn’t make much different). And I just happened to download elysium as well because I just love this series. And you know what, their works is just an upscaled, nothing more, so if you really like to watch this serie in HD then I would recommend you to download COALGIRLS, hope I can help, bye!

  3. Og writes:

    @ngsitu LOL, that’s some good placebo. Arguing over which release of an SD upscale is really HD, when both are upscales, now that’s good stuff.

  4. Akina writes:

    @ngsitu: No it didn’t help, it just gave me your opinion which I don’t give a fuck about. THAT comment was completely nonconstructive.
    I could care less about it being an SD upscale. and I know both Coalgirls and Elysium are upscales. That wasn’t what I was trying to find out by that post there.
    Now, did I ever mention complaining about the file sizes? No. I just stated they were bigger. Nothing else. Files can be bigger but the quality can be worse and vice versa. Which is what I want to find out. If the actual grow in file size improves the video quality. I do not mind file size, but when it is unnecessary (for example bigger file size but lesser visible quality in video) THEN I do mind because it would just be space wasted.
    For the love of God, if you have nothing constructive and helpful to say.. just stfu and stop entertaining yourself from your boring life, being a dick on the internet.

    Now.. I hoped THAT helped. <3

  5. papsi writes:

    Don’t forget, much of the bloat in [Coalgirs]’ release of GRZ comes from the 5.1 English FLAC. If you compare the video bitrate in both releases, they should be similar (approx 2 Mbps). A haven’t compared the video, but the deciding factor, which release you get, should be the English dub.

    However, the size difference is not that big, so I can get [Coalgirls]’ release, too, if someone posts a direct comparison.

  6. bikar writes:

    I would post screens but download speed is so low that I can download faster BDMV and encode it my self 🙁

  7. Akina writes:

    Yea I forgot to consider the 2 flac audio tracks would makes the file size bigger. But regardless I took some screenies since my download finished :3
    Ok here are the comparison screenshots of Coalgirls and Elysium’s versions

    Taken from Episode 1


    Taken from Episode 12


    As you can see Elysium’s video seems more washed out and blurred when compared to Coalgirls. Also Elysiums is more cropped. And since both use Aniyoshi’s subs there is no question on whose subs are better. It cant be more obvious CGi beats Elysium by both video and flac audio with the English Dub as well. :3
    I prefer to see the evidence then just opinions based on being bias. 😛

  8. skai writes:

    What do you guys prefer the English or Japanese audio?

  9. bikar writes:

    but but but Elysium used Japanese Source from shareraw
    and coalgirl used US version and those two are not the same

    anyway coalgirl is way to go

  10. Akina writes:

    Personally for me, I prefer the Japanese audio. I only use dubs when I am feeling too lazy to read subtitles xD

  11. Akina writes:

    Yea I noticed that. CGi is R1, And Elysium R2, but at least the video is much better. Might be because Coalgirls encode straight from the rips of the BD they got themselves, while Elysium encoded from Shareraws pre-encoded raws. *shrugs Not sure. I could be wrong. 😛

  12. bikar writes:

    hmm yea they didnt encode that one
    personaly I think using pre-encoded raws is lame

  13. bikar writes:

    hey coalgirl did you include NCOP and NCED ?

    • coalgirl writes:

      I spliced them int o the episodes except 1, 2, 3, 12 (Black screen, no OP/ED), and the ED for 9-11 (ED2 was not available in NC form)

  14. papsi writes:

    Thank you Akina for posting these comparison shots. The difference is quite noticeable.

  15. bikar writes:


  16. manz writes:

    MU link *snip*
    This could be useful for some people.

  17. klaymore writes:

    thx for the realease, happy to see the blu-ray version of this show

    a bit disappointed at the upscale

  18. Kaz writes:

    Whenever I change the audio to English MPC freezes and shuts down. What do I do?

  19. jun writes:

    no opening & ending creditless???

  20. Bloodios writes:

    *Trivial Information*
    Without the English dub track, the size of the pack drops from 7.84GB to 5.05GB (effectively saves 2.79GB of storage space.)

  21. miracles writes:

    How can u extract the audio dub,what software u use to extract the audio dub and what about the quality after extracting??

    What difference about op/ncop?

  22. Hanataro writes:

    Download MKVtoolnix and use the mkvmerge program to remux your desired audio/video/sub tracks into a new mkv file, you don’t lose any quality at all.
    op has subs and/or credits in it, ncop or nced for that matter are clean, no text video.

  23. HolyEyE writes:

    hi, i just wanted to ask, when i put it to japanese audio, will it have english subs?

  24. justadood writes:

    Could I request the BD Batch torrent be reseeded, please? Finally getting around to this title, and prefer this group’s work…


  25. LAETH1988 writes:

    Here’s a difference between them…
    during torrent download I got max 20 kb/s on the esylium one, and 600+ kb/s on the coalgirls one. Dispite being bigger file size it will download in around a few hours, instead of 2 weeks.

  26. justadood writes:

    Can’t believe I made a n-00b error like that…must have been too tired to notice

  27. Holly writes:

    in the last episode’s end I noticed a tiny mistake. Ken-chan tells Kagura ‘it can’t be help then’, but i guess he meant ‘helped’ ,no? still a great release, thank you!