Valkyria Chronicles

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080, 1280×720, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Ayako (1-6), Doremi (7-13), gleam (14-26), Seto Otaku (SP 1-10, Edits of aforementioned)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

99 Responses to Valkyria Chronicles

  1. pauuliee writes:


    The prices for these box sets are ridiculous…although there might be reasons why.

  2. dragon132004 writes:

    I am really looking forward to this awesome release

  3. NekoZabuza writes:

    so any idea on a release date?

  4. FingerMove writes:

    Looks like it takes ages to encode the OVAs, since the series were completed for about 2 weeks? Nevermind, uploading seems to be really hard in the end…

  5. TT writes:

    I hope you do the extras on the BD too.

  6. Baka-chan writes:

    It’s here!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Nettosama writes:

    Omfg. Thanks.

  8. TexKlan-Z- writes:

    This price is even 3 times more than that.
    Darker Than BLACK BD box ($950):

  9. Doc.8 writes:

    Thanks, CG!

  10. UrbanScythe writes:

    Is it worth watching?Do i need to know game universe?

  11. Rekki writes:

    Give it a try, it’s really nice and you don’t need to know the game. The only complain I have with the anime is the big spoiler they put in the second opening. My God, that was dumb.

  12. Sayer writes:

    Guess I won’t watch the openings =P Thanks for the release!!

  13. Noko writes:

    <3 Kristen. Thank you.

  14. 1Logic writes:

    Thanks! and those filesizes are god-like.

  15. Fallton13 writes:

    Noticed the FS link for episode 6 is missing. Not begging, just mentioning.

  16. dslite4000 writes:

    Did you use ordered chapters for this? Every time I try to watch an episode it skips back to the beginning when it reaches a certain time? Can anybody help me?

  17. Kuro writes:


    Yeah, the first two programs I tried watching the episodes in choked at around 40 seconds, but my third player didn’t have any trouble at all.

  18. dslite4000 writes:


    What was the player you used that gave you no trouble? I use VLC, but can set up Media Player Classic if I had to.

  19. banger writes:

    the pencil blurry texture thing gives me a headache

  20. Kuro writes:

    @ dslite4000

    I actually played in in PLEX, which is a Mac-only media server.

    You can use MPC-HC with CCCP to play it on windows, though.


    I actually like the watercolor effect, but maybe that’s because I played the game (the PS3 one, at least), too. I’m so used to it by now.

  21. bob barker writes:

    Any chance the 720p could be upped to mega or multiupload? Multi also has mega as an option =D

  22. Cú Chulainn writes:

    Hello CoalGirls First of all I would like to Congratulate you guys/Girls for the splendid work that you have done so far. Now going down into business I have a question regarding with one of your new releases to be specific with Valkyria Chronicles and with one that you have been working on which is Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai well the thing is that I started downloading them and blah blah blah you guys/girls now the deal with that the thing is that for example when I play Episode one of both of the series they look great and everything no lags no nothing…..everything good but when I play episode 2 of the same series again at the very beginning of Ore no Imotou espisode 02 the video is Distorted(don’t have a screenshot available right now but I will post one) obviously if Move forward the rest of the episode looks nice and as if should now regarding Valkyria Chrnicles the same happens but insted of happening at the beginning it the distortion takes place at the middle of the episode then after several minutes it goes back to normal.
    So my question is is my Pc or the codecs that are causing my troubleshooting or is something else because so far it just had happened with this two series only because I also Downloaded Steins;Gate,Kara no Kyoukai,Nyan Koi!, and F/SN UBW and the just look perfect so I don’t now what’s going on. Thx before hand to anyone who can provide me with a hint or answer to why is this happening I will be eternally thankful.
    PD: You’ll excuse my weird or rude English but English is a really hard language to master or at least is hard for me xD!!!!!!
    PD2:Keep up the Good Work CoalGirls!!!!!

  23. Cú Chulainn writes:

    You mean Like my Video Card? But wouldn’t that mean I’m not gonna be able to see anything on My Monitor If I disable my Video Card??
    PD:Sorry when it comes down to Codecs and Video Cards I’m pretty much like a sitting Duck in a War xD!!

  24. Cú Chulainn writes:

    O.o thx for the clarification……..but how I’m supposed to do that since I already Tried but when I go to the Troubleshooting on Advance Settings from my Screen resolutions option or tab whatever is called is not highlighted and I tried using my NVIDIA Control Panel and I just couldn’t find the option to Disable the Accelerating Video Decoding. Yes I now that I might become really anoying and that I sound like a noise Nood with all my questions but I’m really desperate Especially because I really want to watch Valkyria Chronicles.
    PD:To clarify I don’t use Codepacls like CCCP or K-Little Code pack I just Intall the Haali Media Splitter,CoreAvc Pro Edition, ffdshow, and the VSfilter 2.40.3237,and alsoDivXTechPreviewMKV.
    PD:Thx for all the Help before hand.

  25. Juancho writes:

    Guys please seeed stop hit and run~ when torrents.

  26. Mr.Bushido writes:

    @Cú Chulainn: if you have a decent pc just uninstall all that crap and only install the latest CCCP.

  27. Mr.teddy writes:

    any chance there will be a season 2??

  28. dslite4000 writes:

    I’m trying to convert these episodes for my iPod, and I’d like to encode the OP and ED into each of the episodes. Is there a way to undo the ordered chapters so I can convert them? Or is there a way to convert them without needing to remove the ordered chapters? If someone could help, I’d appreciate it.

  29. Kazy writes:

    Are you doing the Senjoōno Valkyria?

  30. nand writes:

    @Cú Chulainn
    Do you know what sentences are? Use them to structure your ramblings.

    Also see the playback guide:

  31. 私はかわいいです writes:

    is the 1080p version made in 1080 or is it resized ?

  32. OnlyMRailgun writes:

    Thanks for the release. By the way what must I do to get the OP/End’s to play with the episodes? Media Player Classics doesn’t seem to detect them at all, and I only get the episodes.

  33. roger writes:

    720p and 1080p torrent links = dead.

  34. LostLogia4 writes:
  35. lukman writes:

    @LostLogia4 : Thank you , THANK YOU VERY MUACH
    i’ve been DL ing with the old torent with no seeder >”<!
    you're my savior :))

  36. s©arle†_®ain writes:

    .,ahmm..CG ur d best..i’ve seen this just now.,want to DL it but would be glad if sum1 seed for it..KEEP UP!!!

  37. @@@ writes:

    Oh lord! Why ordered chapter :(, can not convert it 🙁

  38. Ken13 writes:

    It would be nice if they did 420/480p resolutions too !

  39. Some1 writes:

    Watching this