Little Busters!


Little Busters Refrain
Episodes 26+1 13
Video 1280×720 @ crf 15 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio 2.0 FLAC 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs UTW.
Refrain (OVA, Re-styled,
(Re-styled, modified)
Torrent Little Busters! Little Busters Refrain

Important notes about the series:

  1. We are currently not planning to make a release of EX. While there are exceptions, I do not like taking subs from a BD release and using them to make my own BD release. Please download from Refrain subs.
  2. In episode 9, Riki talks about Julienning a cabbage. This is actually impossible, as a Julienne cut is 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 2″. As a cabbage is too thin for this, it is not possible. However, many chefs will simply refer to a Julienne as a matchstick cut, which is what he did.
  3. In Refrain episode 13, Kengo is carrying the crutch the wrong way. When using a single crutch, you are actually supposed to carry it on the opposite side of the injured leg.
  4. It is highly suggested you download the game and play the Haruka route as JC Staff did not give it the justice it deserved.
  5. Important and relevant

34 Responses to Little Busters!

  1. Risq writes:

    Time to replace that UTW release (that I actually never got around to watch) with this one. Thanks!

  2. ALFREDONM writes:

    wow!!!, thanks a bunch!

  3. xikarra writes:

    No 1080p for Refrain? I believe J.C.Staff’s animes from 2013 and on to be as worth Full HD as other studio’s.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah, the OVA and Refrain both were very pretty. I just did 720p only to remain consistent with S1.

  4. AAA writes:

    Didn’t expect this coming and all episodes released at once. When did you start working this?

    • coalgirl writes:

      October. Then I stopped for a month. Then I worked on it pretty much all December.

  5. webo writes:

    You have my gratitude. Happy new year!!!

  6. xikarra writes:

    @coalgirl Yeah, figures. Forgot you were the one who did Railgun S.

    • coalgirl writes:

      But Railgun S was available in 1080p. Though the subbing was VERY similar to this show. In Railgun S, I had to grab and check quite a few Index episodes to copy the lines over. Here, it was Refrain I had to copy a lot of the UTW lines in.

  7. Alex writes:

    Wow!!! Never expected you to do this! I’m a huge fan of Little Busters. I play Haruka route several times, it’s touching in a unique way… Kud’s route is the most ridiculous of them all (my personal opinion). I hope the time will come you do EX. THANK YOU COALGIRLS!!! The game is still a lot better than anime but i still like the anime.

  8. ars writes:

    “Thank you,” doesn’t express my gratitude with enough justice, but thank you.

  9. Discoceris writes:

    If you consider that an onion can also be thinly layered, yet you can julienne an onion, then that reasoning goes out the door. A cabbage (lettuce, etc.) are also layered, and so the reference here is the way you cut into these vegetables, and not so much how it looks in the end. Of course, the Japanese typically borrow from western terminologies and incorporate it into their own daily usage, so you can say that the word julienne in this case is a bastardization of the French culinary terminology and not the actual understanding of the technique by internationally acclaimed Michelin star rated chefs.

  10. dan writes:

    Thank you!

  11. FrostyNapples writes:

    Very cool release, thank you. I’m personally fine wtih 720p but agree that the BDMV/1080p looked really great.

    CGi has been on a release spree lately… dunno why I’m posting here when I should be watching my backlog 🙁

  12. hoseofsnake writes:

    how does this compare with the darkhollow release?

  13. grew writes:

    thought you dropped this or was it lack of bdmv’s?

    when you say “I do not like taking subs from a BD release and using them to make my own BD release” dont you already do that and but make them better and fix stuff? or are the Refrain subs one good enough for your liking and dont need any changes?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yep. BDMVs appeared, oh, maybe a year later, and that’s when I thought about doing it again.

      For taking subs from a BD release, I said I will do that in some cases. For instance, I did so with the OVA here. I did so with Fate/UBW. I did so with Eva. But typically, I like to only use subs from TV sources. Hell, I even used Commie’s TV Monogatari typesetting just so I wouldn’t be stealing their BD even though I think they’re a bunch of jerks.

  14. ichigo writes:

    Thank you! What a way to start the new year~

  15. oblomov writes:

    Any possibility to release Glasslip?

  16. Marche writes:

    Both seasons are stuck at 99.9%

  17. Nico writes:

    Grew: From tv releases, not from BD releases

  18. Nico writes:

    Also I don’t really get the 720p thing. I’ve seen coalgirls use subs from the same group for two seasons before because of consistency but to put consistency ahead of quality when it comes to resolutions is just wrong.

  19. Nico writes:

    With that said, thanks a lot!

  20. Rahx writes:

    It’s actually a personal choice on which side you wear your crutch. I’ve walked around 3 weeks last year and it was easier to have it on the injured side. Docters advice: whatever side walks best.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Hm, when I injured my knee my doctor and physical therapist both told me it has to go on the opposite side to provide the support and balance.

  21. Kappa writes:

    Thought about watching this, then I read it’s about baseball

  22. Knwtmsyn writes:

    Any plans on releasing the OVA and Refrain on 1080p? 720p is a real shame.

  23. EX-Buster writes:

    thank you so much
    this show is awesome
    and about the Important notes about the series number 5
    that was hilarious XD

  24. Bob writes:

    Just so I dont get false hopes, is this the final release or will you do also the 1080p version? If not, then I’ll need to wait for Refrain Subs doing it 😛

    Thanks anyways, both season 1 and 2 are great! Dem feels…

  25. boingman writes:

    Couldn’t stand Clannad since it was fu…g depressing. It this one happier?

  26. Tiago writes:


    Clannad is a master piece. You should be banned from watching anime for saying that.

  27. boingman writes:

    Different tastes, simple as that. I watch anime to be entertained, not depressed.

  28. Kyouma writes:

    I compared your release with FFF’s TV version (Refrain), and it looks like you messed up the typesetting for the episode titles and in the previews. But using UTW’s dialogue styling makes up for it. 🙂