Aoi Bungaku

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Masterpiece, gg (Typesetting)
Torrent: 720p

29 Responses to Aoi Bungaku

  1. dsfsfsafkjlkj writes:

    wow… it’s size’s smaller than etb’s

  2. Wall writes:

    Guess I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

  3. Meatrose writes:

    This show really deserves more attention than it got while airing. Thanks for the release.

  4. banger writes:

    awesome i been wanting to watch this show for a long time. i love these new shows you are doing…first fma then this. totally different from the usual cg stuff

  5. Ning writes:


  6. Anon6 writes:

    Any plans for Baccano! maybe ?

  7. IZEROII writes:

    Thanks man

  8. Noko writes:

    Interesting I never heard of this show, but I just checked MAL because of this and it looks good. Guess I’ll try it out.

  9. Akina writes:

    Anyone have a comparison between this and the EnterTheBlog’s version which is in BakaBT?
    I already like this one better. Smaller file sizes with flac. <3

  10. Bloodios writes:

    Here are some comparison screenshots between Cyras’ and EnterTheBlog’s version, taken from the first episode of Aoi Bungaku.
    As you can see, both versions look almost identical to one another, with EnterTheBlog’s version being marginally better by sporting a higher bit rate encode that retains slightly more grains, though the downside being that their batch is approximately 3GB larger than Cyras’. In all seriousness though, dark scenes are horrendously splattered with displeasing artifacts on both versions, and the cause is either that the quality of the source files were very poor to begin with, or both encoders are simply incompetent (although I highly doubt that it’s the latter one.)
    And for those of you who think audio matters, it is worth pointing out that for EnterTheBlog’s version, the original audio track was re-encoded using AAC at 185 kbps, as opposed to Cyras’ lossless FLAC.
    On the side note, EnterTheBlog’s version uses the gg’s translations, while Cyras’ uses Masterpiece’s.

    Oh dear, it would seem that I have mistakenly posted the link to the 3rd screenshot of Cyras’ version twice.
    I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this might have caused.

    • Cyras writes:

      Thx for the comparison scrns 🙂

      I would just also add one note, these are all from the first story, which was also the one with the worst quality (on source ofc) 🙂

  11. J3N0V4 writes:

    Oh dear lord 720P Ningen Shikaku, I’m already feeling depressed…..

  12. Revenant writes:

    Nice encode, even with .flac it’s that much smaller. Honestly, I couldn’t care less
    for a few grains missing (?) or whatnot. This is a good release.
    Please bring more in the future, Cyras.

  13. dymitr writes:

    Thanks for this, it is truly a masterpiece.

  14. kathy025 writes:

    What does it mean by using gg’s “typeset”? Like font-styling and such? But translations are from Masterpiece? Did I get that right?

    • Cyras writes:

      It’s their typesetting of signs etc. But I’ve edited all of the signs to match Masterpiece releases, so yea all translations are from Masterpiece.

      If you don’t know the reason of doing this, it’s because Masterpiece had hardsubbed most of their own typesetting.

  15. kathy025 writes:

    Ah I see thanks Cyras! If it’s just the signs and such, it’s ok. I tend to avoid gg’s translations that’s why I ask. Thanks again! I’ll be getting this. 🙂

  16. doruchan writes:

    thank you very much

  17. Noko writes:

    ITP: Mindless gg hate.

  18. Nissu writes:

    Thank you very much !

    I’ll better take [Coalgirls] series that ETB.

    FLAC Audio, Video Quality is almost the same, and size is a lot smaller.

    Thank you !

  19. kathy025 writes:

    gg = trollsubs :p

  20. staticsafe writes:

    DDL is missing the 3rd episode.

  21. Sergey writes:

    Thank you very mcuh for these series!! Please seed torrent! Speed is 0!!!!!!!! (((((((((((( Help!!!!

  22. ZH writes:

    And then there’s Afro’s 1080p 26.4 GB ooooooooo lol

  23. KyuSho writes:

    Thanks for the release. Appreciate the effort CGi staffs put in, by crossing between multiple sources, to bring this series to us.

  24. pokeslap writes:

    Thanks for not using rubbish GG trollsubs for this show. It’s really great and interesting.

  25. troain writes:

    Someone please seed the 720p release. 5 seeders and 0 Kbps.