Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

Additional BD Gains – Uncensored Hot Spring Episode, 2 minutes Extra Content Episode 1

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~6400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~2600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – ASF, II (Re-styled, modified), gleam (OP2, ED2)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

126 Responses to Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

  1. help writes:

    Cant continue my dl and the tracker coloumn of utorrent says ‘no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it’ help pls , stuck at 74.4% ….

    ChrisK: That’s because BakaBT is down. You have to wait until they are up again.

  2. J writes:

    Hey, im at 92% and the torrent stops. Tracker says, “Failure: unregistered torrent pass. This torrent pass is either not valid or expired.” Help/advice would be appreciated lots! <3

  3. Anonymous writes:

    Torrents are not available for download.

  4. Aradi writes:

    Need Seeds On the 720p Torrent

  5. LastBreaker writes:

    Please Seed, I wanna watch this anime. T.T

  6. Edtech writes:

    Please, create a new torrent on another tracker because bakabt reject µTorrent and the site contents trojan ! I can’t download !

  7. Darkoulis writes:

    Hello there, is there anyone who can seed the 1080p torrent? Thank you very much!

  8. Darkoulis writes:

    Please somene seed 🙁 i stuk to 72.6% and is only 5kb/s and then stops and zero kb/s

    Thank you!!!

  9. Darkoulis writes:

    Please seed i stuck 99.3% 220 MB left please just for a little more seeding someone?

    Thank you people

    And i am verry sorry for disterbing you so many times 🙁

  10. Mr Archiver writes:

    I know I may sound like a totally noob anon, but


  11. EvenDie writes:

    Any other tracker for this anime?
    Some motherf*ker from our country block bakabt website.
    A whole country cannot download from there anymore.

  12. Anime Viewer writes:

    Utorrent not allowed with the bakabt torrent? It says “use of this client is not allowed on our tracker”. Something I don’t know about Utorrent? Can someone host it from a site other than bakabt?

  13. W writes:

    Someone please seed the 1080p version! I’m stuck at 83% with no seeders. =[

  14. W writes:

    Since my last post, I have kept my computer on the whole time. I’m only at 86.7% with download speeds on the low end (fluctuating mostly between <1kb/s – 4kb/s). Please seed. 🙁

  15. W writes:

    Three days later and I’m finally at 95.7%, but now I’m getting no seeds. :'(
    Please seed!

  16. S4TY4 writes:

    Kindly reseed please, thx

  17. Maximus writes:

    Been trying to download for many weeks no seeds 🙁 is this done for?

  18. Delta TDK writes:

    any chance for a seeder for 1080p please guys its so slow it hurts thank you in advance

  19. Delta TDK writes:

    torrent was more or less dead after 3 odd weeks finally got it a few seeders now so grab it while its active guys

  20. Suou writes:

    If someone could please seed the 1080p version it would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Suou writes:

    Thank you to the kind person(s) that seeded!

  22. Milh writes:

    Stoped at 84.2% and 5 other people i see on the peers. Please someone seed this series

  23. Oskaru27 writes:

    Seed 1080p please :)!!!

  24. klv12gcn writes:

    I’m leeching 720p version and it stucks at 84.1% .
    Anyone around here please be kind and seed it again. Love you!

  25. Delgom writes:

    Problem with this series is that here you have not updated versions and most of the ppl have it from BakaBT.
    Unfortunately, I do not have this version but I can share version from BakaBT. Right now I’m uploading 720p and 1080p, everything should be online in a few hours.