Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

Additional BD Gains – Uncensored Hot Spring Episode, 2 minutes Extra Content Episode 1

Episodes – 26
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~6400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~2600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – ASF, II (Re-styled, modified), gleam (OP2, ED2)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

126 Responses to Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

  1. Bloodios writes:

    Oh ho ho ho…after tweaking around with utorrent, now the download speed went from 0.2kB/s to 117kB/s hahaha yeah!

  2. Gregar writes:

    If you are the only seeder did you turn Initial Seeding on ? This would make it quicker for everyone to get the torrent, but yes it does also depend on the leechers, if they have the upload speed capped low then this torrent will go slower as well.

  3. DmonHiro writes:

    Yup….you forgot to add the font “MrsEavesRoman” for the OP/ED.

  4. TheWingless writes:

    Not that I have a problem with it, but I thought you can include fonts in the MKV container itself? Just a bit curious.

    I messed up. Reason why I’m doing it like this is I’m sure everyone would rather download and install a 44 kb font than re-download a 30 GB torrent.

  5. Gregar writes:

    Noooooooooooooooo – I want to redownload the 30GB Torrent!!!! =D

  6. Underground Meatstick writes:

    Will the font be muxed in in the 1080p batch?

  7. F00 writes:

    And why you girls don’t like patches? waste time? Not much than mux one file twice… Well, as you wish =D

  8. Meatrose writes:

    Am I the only one who can’t grab the font?

  9. AceD writes:

    @Meatrose, Probably, i got it fine…

  10. wat writes:

    yeah, patch is better

  11. wat writes:

    wasn’t the 1080p upscaled? also any bot or ddl?

  12. Myrwyss writes:

    torrent links are messed, 720 links to 1080 and 1080 links to 720

  13. DmonHiro writes:

    You mixed up the 720p torrent with the 1080p one. Also, thanks for the Clean OP/ED…at least that’s what I think those are.

  14. Fryheg writes:

    Thanks a fuckton for doing this.

  15. thk writes:

    Sorry for asking this but any DDL?

  16. ZeroX writes:

    okay … i got episodes 1-20 and you expect me to download EVERYTHING just to get the last few ones ??

  17. coalgirls writes:

    ZeroX, no. I expect you to put the files you downloaded into the folder with everything, and help seed the first 20 so I can seed the last 6.

  18. tubefreq writes:

    @ZeroX: You just have to set your torrent client to check for the files you already have. For example, in uTorrent, you add the torrent file to the list without starting it (uncheck “start torrent”). Then right-click on the torrent and select “Force Re-check.” uTorrent will then check to see which files are already downloaded. Other torrent clients should be similar.

  19. Bloodios writes:

    Is the subtitles for OP2 & ED2 are both supposed to stay at the bottom (you know, usually the Japanese is on top and English at the bottom)?

    Oh, and the subtitles Creditless OP2 & ED2 were treated as non-formatted text, is this a problem on your side or mine?

  20. Gregar writes:

    Well only 6 weeks to go and I will have finished downloading this… >.<

  21. Lenmaer writes:

    I’ve the same Problem as Bloodios, even after installing the the font, the subs stays at the bottom and are non-formatted.

  22. Lenmaer writes:

    Well I found why the subs wasn’t formated, it was not a font problem. But the name of the font was wrong in the .ass

    Font style name was: RomaKanji
    and Font Dialog name was: Romakanji

    Extract the ass, rename the font in the ass with a small k and remux everything and tada, subs are working.

  23. Galmi writes:

    Can some one share ddls pls? can’t torrent cuz of firewall

  24. Lenmaer writes:

    It’s already on usenet

  25. Whip writes:

    Is it not include picture drama ?
    I want it too. please.

  26. Amamiya writes:

    why not try downloading the picture drama at ii-subs site?

  27. thk writes:

    Can you provide the link in usenet?

  28. TomS writes:

    Looks like every episode that uses OP2 and ED2 has messed up subtitles that don’t follow the same typesetting choices used in the first set. I was hoping the issue only applied to the individual OP and ED files, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. So whenever the 2nd set of OP and ED take over is where the files need to be patched.

  29. TomS writes:

    I am taking it upon myself to make xdelta patches for all the episodes that are affected I will upload it to one of the many rapid-shit sites and post a link here when I’m done, hopefully Coalgirls will take notice and support it, but who knows.

    I will support the xdelta’d episodes as an official batch if:
    1. There are no changes other than the Aegisub fail (Issue was caused because Aegisub ignores capitals in its preview) and adding in the font. So no changes I wouldn’t make, such as don’t change the font to chanor sans or change name order or things of that nature.
    2. There are xdeltas for all episodes to also mux in the font.
    3. The file names are the exact same format as the batch (No v2 tags or different naming schemes)
    4. The batch is offered and accepted to bakabt.

    If this is done I will consider them my official torrents.

  30. TomS writes:

    I am currently tinkering with the 720 files, all I’m changing are: The aegisub issue and the inclusion of the font you posted earlier that was missing.

    I will be making 1 batch file to run to make all the necessary changes to the files that are affected. I can make individual bat files for every episode but this feels a little unnecessary given 1 batch can be run for all files it just requires a little more free space(which people should have if they are archiving bluray rips).

    I can leave the file names intact, but the CRC number will be different as the raw structure of the files will be different.

    That is fine.

  31. TomS writes:

    I should say also that sadly I do not have the bandwidth to download the 1080p of this so I will be unable to make the patches for that.

  32. TomS writes:

    Working on the final touches on the patches and making sure they work with the current torrent files 100% before uploading.

  33. TomS writes:

    Patches complete. There is a readme included in the .rar, to summarize, OP1 ED1 and episode 26 were unaffected by the “problems”.

    There is a full batch file that will convert all affected files.

    Let me know if I need to reupload it again at some point in the near future.

  34. B1 writes:

    Err, sadly only 10 people will have managed to get that patcher due to Crapidshare being an ass with their ‘first 10 customers only’ routine. Could it be uploaded to any other fileshare please?

  35. Southrop writes:

    I personally recommend MediaFire, although they have a 200MB limit.

  36. peroperopero writes:
  37. TomS writes:

    Another mirror for those that need it. Hopefully it gets a little more widespread or Coalgirls puts up an official link.

  38. TomS writes:

    And another at mediafire.

  39. B1 writes:

    Thanks to everyone who provided the mirrors 🙂

  40. TomS writes:

    Thanks to Miasmaclouds website for teaching me how to patch lulz.

  41. lett303 writes:

    any ddl links ??

  42. thk writes:

    Can anybody briefly mention how to use UseNet?

  43. TK writes:

    Here are patches for the 1080p version if anyone is interested. Just made the necessary changes(added font/fixed Aegisub styling error), nothing more.

  44. dailyneeds writes:


    I’m packing 1080p (v2) + 720p (v2) for a rapidshare ddl..

    the only problem is I don’t have ep15

    I can seed stuff … (1gbit, 8core, 8gb ram, 2tb hdd, root)

  45. dailyneeds writes:

    ep15 1080p*

  46. dailyneeds writes:

    finally – RS ddl



    II-Subs Picture Drama 720p

    use jdownloader to download ..

  47. yay writes:

    LOL, FAIL SUBS! Mr. Black Belt don’t say “I’m Go-chan” but something like “Thank you” (sumo style)… which group translated it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

  48. IX writes:

    I patched and requested a torrent swap on BBT’s 1080p Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. It should be granted any time now.