Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Whatever was used on our TV-version (mostly CR, modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

Some patches (v3) for some minor issues.

307 Responses to Nichijou

  1. Knwtmsyn writes:

    How can people say that this is better than the Doki release? CG releases a batch out of nowhere and thinks it flawless, than it need patches for the patches. Also no OVA…

  2. akariiiin writes:

    there is no bat for the patches only xdelta files…

  3. Dorksteak writes:

    @akariiin: take a few seconds to read previous comments, or learn how to do it yourself. Stop being fucking lazy.

    @Knwtmsyn: Doki can’t encode video for shit. My potato does better encodes. People aren’t perfect and I don’t recall ChrisK claiming this was a perfect release. There is a reason Doki is banned from popular anime trackers. They suck.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Doki was banned simply because nyaa found a reason to ban them, who had been a thorn in his side for ages. It had nothing to do with quality, and everything to do with them not sucking Nyaa’s cock.

  4. anon writes:

    They’re only banned from nyaa and the reason was not quality, dumbass.

  5. BigChoad writes:

    @ChrisK Yeah I opened up the sub file in Aegisub and saw that it was there but for some reason it won’t show in my player and I’m even using MPC latest version. I would remux but since you have ordered chapters it won’t work.

    • ChrisK writes:

      Looks like MPC (or Haali) is too shitty to deal with subtitles going across chapters (even without a linked segment in-between, this works fine in VLC and mpv). Move the start of the line one or two frames later. You can mux it back in just fine as long as you keep the chapters from the original file.

  6. sb writes:

    Got around to rewatching more.

    In order:
    Episode 2: 19:06 no title
    Episode 2: 19:29 no title
    Episode 3: 6:48 no title
    Episode 4: 15:50 overlap
    Episode 7: 13:48 no title

    • ChrisK writes:

      Thanks, overlap in Ep 04 fixed with v3 patch set, subs or signs that don’t show up right after chapter start are the fault of your player.

  7. anon writes:

    So you’re just going to ignore the majority of windows users? VLC is absolute garbage and MPV is just awful on windows.

    • ChrisK writes:

      >VLC is absolute garbage
      Can’t be as much garbage as MPC/Haali if it at least displays all subs

      >MPV is just awful on windows

  8. anon writes:

    I would gladly fix all these issues myself if I figure out a way to extract the chapter files, since mkvextract just won’t work for some reason.

    • ChrisK writes:

      You are doing it wrong.

      1. Extract subtiles with mkvextract tracks file.mkv 2:file.ass
      2. Modify to your likening
      3. Open mkvmerge (or MMG), add the original file, disable the subtitle track, add your modified one, set language to “eng” and Default Track to “yes”, Forced to “no” and Mux.
      4. Done. The chapters will automatically be reused from the original file.
  9. Level 6 writes:

    How to apply these patches? The .bat file thing doesnt work

  10. Level 6 writes:

    I don’t know what im doing wrong, I followed the instructions on previous comments. For example with Episode 1 of nichijou in the .bat file I made it

    xdelta3.exe -d “[Coalgirls]_Nichijou_01_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[80DEEA48_to_9F1F3EE5]”

    and ran the bat file with all old/new/xdelta3.exe in the same location but nothing works..

    I tried instructions from other encode groups but it doesnt work either

  11. Dorksteak writes:

    So everyone was quick to point out why I was wrong about why they got banned from Nyaa, but no arguments about their encode quality, so it’s good to know that I got the most important part right. I apologize to the Doki fans who had their jimmies rustled that I got the Nyaa part wrong.

    As for episode 17, I’m using MPC-HC and the subs load at the chapter break just fine. 16:17 “I’ll see you later”. Didn’t hear any audio at 16:25 though. 16:35 had proper subs too. Maybe I’m doing it wrong here too?

    And thanks for keep up with patches.

  12. LM writes:

    @Level 6
    The filename you provided is missing the .xdelta extension.

  13. 101 writes:

    Click name for patch 3~
    720p, modify it yourself for 1080p.

  14. FrostyNapples writes:

    Patches applied just fine for me (using the V3). Thanks 🙂

  15. Randomguy writes:

    Can i have the link for v2 patch? my files for episode 1 and 2 are 7EE42C44 and 2C70D214 the v3 patch didnt work for them

  16. 101 writes:

    All 3 patches linked on one page now.. Click name~ (720p)

  17. Anonymous writes:

    >bringing up Haali
    Come on ChrisK, no one uses Haali anymore. Everyone moved on to madVR some time ago.

  18. chrstphr writes:

    Thanks for finishing this. I’ve had no problems, including patching. (I just had to get a new copy of xdelta3. After all this time, it’s good to cross one off the list. Regards…

  19. flake writes:

    Do you guys have a tutorial on how to patch the videos?
    Do I need to install any programs to access and work these patches?

    Also great batch BTW. I like how you were able to divide the videos into sections/chapters that appear when I use CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) it makes navigation for favorite scenes so easy to find and watch.

  20. S writes:

    Follow this guide using xdeltaUI:

    Scroll down to 3. How do I make a V2 patch? (the easy way).

    Follow the steps into patching it yourself, you should be fine.

  21. flake writes:

    Thanks that link really helped me out. I was easy once started follow the steps and got xdeltaUI program.

  22. zetsui writes:

    Thanks for the batch release

  23. simon writes:

    Are there gonna be more patches? just making sure before i watch them, thanks

  24. Meme Master writes:

    I’m a noob when it comes to patching and coding, how to I apply the patch?

  25. Meme Master writes:

    Oh, never mind, found a guide

  26. geso writes:

    Is the torrent that’s up now fully patched or do u need to use the patch on it?

  27. J writes:

    @geso I dunno, I just downloaded everything and patched everything… the filesizes after the patch are different so… I’m just wondering if there are going to be any more patches.

  28. neutral writes:

    i’ve been dl’ing from cg on and off for a good long time and just curious but isn’t the saying:

    2.Release a v2 outside of a batch unless it is something really major (Example: Video plays in reverse).
    3.Create patches. We’d rather waste your bandwidth than our time.

    no offense but id rather waste my bandwidth then looping on version patches and figuring out patching cause ive always just came saw what i wanted to see and not worry cause you guys are really cool about not doing that kind of stuff for minor things at least major understood but…. just a thought since i do enjoy your ups…. at any rate thanks for the hard work and i will keep on seeding…

  29. Licht writes:

    it’s ok if i download this without apllying the patch?

  30. Jim Boner writes:

    OMG! I made it! I didn\’t finish the series by another group before you finished it! Downloading now!

  31. Arcanon writes:

    Thanks for this. I’ve been meaning to watch Nichijou for a long time now.
    But can someone seed this for me? Just for two days. My DL speeds cap at 250kbps so that shouldn’t be much.

    Thank you very much!

  32. Bonnie writes:

    How to use the v3 patch?

  33. Davion writes:

    Can I get some help here? I wanna use your subs and apply it to a personal batch from some other RAWS, but since you guys use ordered chapters, it\’s impossible to add the subs to other RAWS that are full.. how can I just make one full episode as it is with the OP and ED correctly so I can apply it to some other RAW? UnlinkMKV doesn\’t work for me..

  34. SuiMaw writes:

    I hope you’d’ redo the subs of this show someday using the official subs from the BD released earlier this year while editing and using your style of subs. It has some rough patches here and there like word placements, formatting errors which I wish you could fix. More power!