Episodes – 13 + OVA,
Video – 1280×720 @ CRF15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC 16bit
Subs – Titanium | OVA – Chihiro

Final batch out, which brings this little side project to a close.


112 Responses to Sekirei

  1. Bonbo d' Prdas writes:

    Just bought new 2 tb hdd so i can finally download this
    Btw it is huge but to all fuckers who not just complain but insult encoder – stfu and encode it yourselfs you greedy lazy pricks

    btw when will you encode season 2 ?
    i need to watch it – badly

  2. jake writes:

    Will there bee a 1080p rip?

  3. enert2 writes:

    I need seeds for this anime. I’ve downloaded 99.9%.
    please seed 🙁

  4. Where is the Love? writes:

    Please Seed~!

    Moving horribly slow

  5. Azrael writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls for this! ^_^
    Waiting, hopefully someday, that you could make ‘Sekirei: Pure Engagement’ with the well known excellent “Coalgirls Quality”… 🙂

  6. 28:06:42:12 writes:

    For those kind of specs the size could definitely be smaller.
    The majority of the files go over 1 Gig.
    I’m not complaining when I say that this is retarded – I am stating a fact.

    Bonbo d’ Prdas – go sit on a kitchen knife you fascist moron.

  7. Richard writes:

    Can anyone seed this ?

  8. Merah writes:

    is this season 1 or 2?

  9. Merah writes:

    Can we get more seeders please,

    thank you

  10. ANIKI writes:

    Wanted to grab this again cause i lost the files and never noticed, since a while back i had a HDD crash and lost tons of stuff to that. Some one from staff please seed or some one with decent speed, am only getting less then 30kb per second :/ . The way it is it will take really long for me to get this since the files are over 1gb, thanks to whoever reseeds with faster upload speed.

  11. SamKevin writes:

    can reseed?