Episodes – 13 + OVA,
Video – 1280×720 @ CRF15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC 16bit
Subs – Titanium | OVA – Chihiro

Final batch out, which brings this little side project to a close.


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  1. fucker writes:

    daikama: STFU ,2-4 gigs an episode is overkill .Stop being a retard and smell the coffee.FLAC isn’t needed and source audio on most bds is DTS and is re-encoded by coalgirls so stop being stupid and get a clue .And encoding instead of using preset CRF and auto encoding with a high spec pc is shit and is happening by a lot of amateur encoders .

    >Source audio on most bds is DTS
    This statement alone has shown you to be more of an amateur at encoding than you claim either of us to be. The source audio on BDs is uncompressed linear PCM 95% of the time. 2% of the time it is uncompressed 5.1 PCM, 2% it is Dolby TrueHD (Lossless), and the last 1% of the time it is DTS-HDMA (Also lossless).

  2. suiton writes:

    looks like a complete batch is out…


    wow. you guys are really flying through with releases lately

  3. Ass writes:

    I’ve encoded probably over 100 BDs by now and as far as I can remember not a single one have had DTS as the highest tier audio on the disc. If you’d bring up just one example that’d be awesome.

  4. daikama writes:

    @Tenshi – you’re too fast! I haven’t even finished DL ep 6-10! Guess I should stop that torrent and start the next :<. Oh well. Thanks again. What would it take to convince you to do Season II?

    @fucker: LOL DTS!? That's hardly used on DVDs let alone BDs. The other comments already take care most of what I would say, but since FLAC is LOSSLESS, you don't lose anything by encoding to it. That's the whole point.

    IF, you read my post carefully, I said that DITVB rip is LARGER than I would like, but it was either deal with it or do my own. The point I was trying to make is that "large" BD rips are becoming more common. Again, the CG Strike Witches encodes are about the same size, but there wasn't nearly the bitching.

    My main point is that I really don't care if others want 500MB or 50MB 720p encodes. Those who want AAC audio and higher CRF encodes can get them easily (either w/ or w/o subs). But for those who want higher quality, it's much harder to get them. Best situation is that both are available – like speed scans & HQ scans for manga.

    Have to mention this as well – if you think CRF encoding sucks, well, go argue with the guys who put out the X264 encoder. THEY recommend using CRF, and even if you use the CRF method, you can make a lot of other changes rather than preset.

    Finally "… happening by a lot of amateur encoders." LOL As opposed to what – all the professional encoders putting out fan subs? It's ALL amateur encoding.

  5. zaotaku writes:

    @daikama: was talking in general for FLAC not specifics, just to state a point. and I would consider < than CRF 17 "in most cases" would be unnecessary as the difference in quality may not be noticeable. I'll just re-encode the video and probably shave a good 500mb so I can have 700mb files. Easier since i can leave it overnight and this is the only thing I disagree with Tenshi's releases.

  6. ... writes:

    “But for those who want higher quality, it’s much harder to get them”
    and that is were you are wrong. The argument is not filesize over quality. If the increased filesize provided higher quality, then everyone would be for it and there would be no bitching at all. Everyone would be happy with higher sizes if it meant higher quality then say a 500 mb 720p encode.
    However, this is not the case. The encoding settings that these are encoded at only increase the filesize. You can easily have this at half the filesize, yet retain all and any of the discernible visual quality. This is just a bad job at encoding. There is no excuse to it.
    copy-paste this in MeGUI. next time when you are encoding something in 720p, here is a good jumping point. Tweak the settings according to the source and see what settings actually help increase quality and what just slows the encoding time or bloat the filesize.
    program –level 4.1 –preset slow –tune animation –crf 18.0 –deblock 1:0 –bframes 8 –ref 8 –qpmin 2 –qpmax 39 –chroma-qp-offset 2 –vbv-bufsize 30000 –vbv-maxrate 40000 –merange 24 –partitions all –trellis 2 –output “output” “input”

  7. zaotaku writes:

    Best situation is that both are available – like speed scans & HQ scans for manga.
    I find that this comparison is better suited to TV vs BD. Cause a few groups do HQ releases from WSJ/WSS/WSM/SQ and re-do the grays which in my opinion looks bad and redraws alot of lines (sometimes, guess work); I’d rather wait for the tank raw which in most cases provides much better grays and can be worked on withe less alterations.

  8. anon writes:

    >-level 4.1
    >–vbv-bufsize 30000
    >–vbv-maxrate 40000

    I don’t think anyone gives a fuck about that shit when encoding BDs. Otherwise, yes, CRF 18 is probably a good place to start.

  9. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    I had some free time on my hands so I did a screen shot comparison.
    Yes I will agree its very similar, however I don’t mind the size increase for better audio and fine details. If you have issues with it you can always encode your own.

  10. kb writes:

    You know you really shouldn’t have put those screenshots up as it only confirms how poor your encoding skills are. If I were you I would take up the suggestions made by the poster above. I doubt you will though.

  11. Bloodios writes:

    @kb: Poor how?
    Tenshi’s version is more detailed (at the cost of being larger in size.)
    Tenshi is capable of releasing stuff at smaller size, however, being a “detailophile”, Tenshi couldn’t stand having details losses, and thus decided to encoded them as they are now. So, if anything I would call that as Tenshi being unreasonably stubborn. However, curiously enough, you called that “poor encoding skills”, and that sparked my interest, so please elaborate further on what you said.

  12. Assassinator writes:

    Because I’m bored….

    Lol Learn your shit before you talk. Source on anime BDs are almost always LPCM.

    >200% size increase for 1% quality improvement is a
    >perfectly acceptable price to pay IMO especially at these
    >tiny file sizes

    I’m sure the majority of people won’t trade 200% size for 1% quality. Ofcourse, you can say “then they should just not download this and download something else”, but that sort of defeats the purpose of doing this (which is encoding for other people), right?

    Also, not everyone has fast as hell internet. I live in Australialand, and the internet here is shit as hell (+ monthly quotas). So it’s not just a storage problem.

    >program –level 4.1 –preset slow –tune animation –crf 18.0
    >–deblock 1:0 –bframes 8 –ref 8 –qpmin 2 –qpmax 39 –chroma-
    >qp-offset 2 –vbv-bufsize 30000 –vbv-maxrate 40000 –merange
    > 24 –partitions all –trellis 2 –output “output” “input”

    According to x264 authors, extra ref frames give at least 1% benefit per ref frame for anime content, so do use the 16 if time allows. Also, we’re not encoding for a BD player here or something, why the hell limit yourself with level restrictions and VBV?

    Lol don’t fuck with the qpmin and qpmax. Only good lowering the qpmin will do is waste bits on unneccessarily low qps and increase size without any visible increase in quality. There’s a reason why the qpmin exists and is set to what it is, think about that.

    >Tweak the settings according to the source and see what
    >settings actually help increase quality and what just
    >slows the encoding time or bloat the filesize.

    That is good advice actually. Especailly since some of the current settings make little sense. eg. –me esa –bframes 3. Swap that to something like –me umh –bframes 8 and you will get much better quality and make your encode faster at the same time. –me esa costs a HUGE time penalty and gives very negligible results, while anime benefits a lot from a bit more bframes (you should use at least 5, which is what x264 default settings + tune anime gives you).

  13. Shino writes:

    @assassinator :take your advice to the forum endlessparadigm thats linked on your name, use your settings that are meant to be so good & encode the show and post the links to prove your point otherwise its all bullshit.

  14. coalgirls writes:

    I normally don’t reply to tenshi’s posts, but two things got me.

    First, to …
    You post would be a lot more credible if you suggested we put those settings into a reasonable encoder, like x264 command line. Suggesting we put it into megui is really poor. Besides, my settings are already close to that, except without the limiters. Please don’t direct your suggestions to me.

    Second, to Assassinator
    I’m not going to comment on anything outside of “the purpose of doing this (which is encoding for other people)”. If we wanted to encode for other people, we’d primarily be doing TV airings. Most of the time, we get 400-500 downloads per torrent. At least for me, I encode to watch shows how I want to on Blu-Ray, instead of how other people insist I watch them, and then share them in case anybody else wants it how I like it. So no, at least for me, I don’t encode for other people.

  15. reply-kun writes:

    ^LOL.. But seriously most of tenshi’s encodes are fking BLOATED. Wouldn’t we all wish that she’d improve? I’m not complaining though, coz I have yet to dload a single episode from her projects. Just seeing the horrendous file size turns me off. Criticisms though makes some of us better.

  16. The bad guy writes:

    @CGi, if you had opened MeGUI at least once in your life, you already knew MeGUI uses x264 for encoding, what did you think? That MeGUI’s developers have written their own encoder?

    Oh, and if you’re not encoding for others, why do you release them then? Why don’t you just keep them to yourself? You’re not the only person in this world who encodes for him/herself, you know, but it seems you’re the only person who encodes for him/herself but also releases in public…

    Megui uses x264. And uses it poorly. Ask any competent encoder, they’ll tell you the same thing.

  17. ... writes:

    >Suggesting we put it into megui is really poor.
    whatever you say. the reason your “own” settings are similar is because those would the DEFAULT settings in x264.
    k lol. next time, just post the blu-ray raws as your releases. That is what seems to be the CGi philosophy to encoding. you can blame any problems on the studio itself and you can have your own 100% lossless audio/video to archive.

  18. coalgirls writes:

    Default settings in x264 are 3 B’s and 3 ref’s (I use 8), B-adapt 1 (I use 2), me-range 16 (24), trellis 1 (2), no p 4×4 partition (enabled), subme 7 (9), and a hexagonal me (umh).
    This lack of knowledge makes it harder and harder to make you credible and I’m starting to think that you’re just plain incompetent.

  19. Assassinator writes:

    So you think I’m going to download 100+GB of BDMVs and spend a few days encoding that stuff just so I can prove some point to some kid on the internet (you)? Herp herp even your mom won’t do that for you.
    But just to make stuff clear, the part of the settings I mentioned (–me umh –bframes 8), that’s exactly the same as what you would get if you used x264’s built in –preset veryslow. Which are the settings the x264 authors recommend for that given level of encoding speed (very slow). Why don’t you go tell the x264 devs it’s bullshit if you really think so?
    So be a good kid and leave the bullshit calling to people who actually know stuff about encoding thank you.

  20. Cosminel writes:

    Assassinator ,its clear your the kid here .Either post an encode that you have done to show your skill or shut the fuck .Smart assholes like you are all over the net and actually believe there own bullshit.Take a hike and don’t bother anyone with your self-opinionated crap & condescending attitude again.

  21. ^^ writes:

    Agreed that guy is hardgay .

  22. reply-kun writes:

    If you ppl don’t like this rls then don’t dload it, and move on. I doubt there will be a v2. There are alot of raws out there, grab it and mux in your fave subs. You can also slap your name on it and rls it. But I know most of you are too lazy to even do that let alone encoding. 😀 So yeah just be grateful someone is sharing their stuffs (“if you’re not encoding for others, why do you release them” ARGUMENT=PATHETIC). Dude noone’s forcing you to eat their shit.
    Personally though I don’t like this and won’t even bother to dload a single ep. Hell I never even dl’ed any of tenshi’s rls. But I appreciate the effort put in all of her projects and I hope the day would come when the BLOAT is gone 😉 Unless they’re trolling lol (sometimes I can’t help but think of that as the most logical explanation for seeing 720p encodes with the filesize of 1080p’s)

  23. The bad guy writes:

    “Megui uses x264. And uses it poorly. Ask any competent encoder, they’ll tell you the same thing.”

    The x264 you use in command line mode is the same as the x264 used in MeGUI, MeGUI is just a GUI (obviously) that is developed to make things easier for encoders when setting the encoding options, it does NOTHING else, not sure how it would result in poor use of x264.

    And as for competent encoders, how about we ask the guys and gals in doom9? Oh wait, they’re developing MeGUI themselves…
    Unless you wanna tell me those people in doom9 know nothing about encoding which…

    Join #darkhold, full of x264 developers, and ask them their opinion.

  24. Ass writes:

    @The bad guy
    >not sure how it would result in poor use of x264.

    By using a 200 revs old build? By not being in development for long periods of time?

  25. anonymous writes:

    I don’t see what the problem is here. Yes most of tenshi’s releases have large file sizes for minimal quality increase but if you don’t like that then go somewhere else. I come here for the highest quality release possible because you won’t find it anywhere else. If your internet is capped then go buy the bds straight from japan and learn japanese.

  26. zaotaku writes:

    LOL, this post has been most entertaining!
    @Tenshi: have all minuscule errors been fixed in the batch?
    Yes, the cropping errors in 1-5 have been fixed

  27. zaotaku writes:

    @anonymous: if you want the highest quality possible go download the BDMV on share/pd.

  28. anonymous writes:

    Unfortunately I don’t know japanese so this is the most convenient way to watch bd anime for me. Wish they would release more anime on bd in the west.

  29. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Actually the raw blu ray isnt that much better IMO. Hence why there was no 1080 this time.

  30. The bad guy writes:

    @Ass, as of right now, x264 build 1713 is being used by MeGUI on my machine while the latest build is 1722, that would be like 9 builds old and not 200. There has also been more than 5 updates for MeGUI’s core alone this week, you’re most probably using the wrong app, you know…
    But who cares anyway, it’s not like using x264 or MeGUI would solve the problem here, the problem is somewhere else I’m afraid…

  31. kamineko writes:

    @♦Tenshi♦: I’m curious after reading about your setup how you deal with the practical aspects, i. e. noise. I have a 4-disc setup with 6 TB effective storage space (1.5 TB unused), and it’s two stories away from the living room.

    Still, when it’s really quiet, I can hear it. For me, that’s the maximum tolerable already.

    I don’t even want to think about how much noise, heat and maintenance requirements your badass HD rack generates.

    So, how do you manage?

  32. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    @kamineko, I am actually extremely noise tolerant I don’t mind loud obnoxious servers running beside me. That said, the 4u tries even my patience its fans are crazy loud. Placed in the basement its fine though. It probably feels right at home with the other loud stuff such as my Cisco routers and switches.
    Heat wise I live in a cold dry area i just crack open a window and its fine. Maintenance is also very easy too, I only touch the box for windows updates. Other than that it just runs.

  33. yousei writes:

    It seems, that some non-standard fonts are used in subs, but there are none attached in mkvs. Does anybody have the same issue? Probably, this would not be fixed as release has gone “final”, so can someone provide a list of required fonts?

  34. PureShirayuki writes:

    Is this Pure Engagement?

  35. Actar writes:

    The final nail on the coffin is that the subs are Titanium’s… Surprised no one commented about them at all. (^.^;)

  36. tylrgamster14 writes:

    I wasn’t going to download this because the files are huge!!! buuuuuuuuutttttt…. i keep coming back and the temptation won!!!!

    thank you for the upload

  37. sho writes:

    Well first I’d like to express my gratitude for your hard work; but as other people noticed the files is so big, frankly I’m not expert at encoding but what I have seen in general a 720p episode is about 300~400MB so 1200MB is too big let alone 1500MB (it’s like 4 episodes).

    so just a question why does it have to be so huge!

  38. suiton writes:

    Now that Chihiro finished Sekirei Pure Engagement, can you guys do it too?


  39. Nettosama writes:

    As someone mentioned before, this subs use 3 fonts, and they are not embedded on the mkv, but 1 of them is included in Win7. The other 2 can be found @ google, but here they are, just copy them to the font folder:

  40. Linkinlegend writes:

    Thank you very much for the series!
    Just one thing… I just noticed that the subs in the opening song in Episode 2 is smaller than the other Episodes. Can this be fixed? ^^’
    I tried to cut and merge, blablabla with MKVtooNix, but it wont let me cut in right seconds…

  41. SgtHong writes:

    Anyone know when they will release Sekirei Season 2? all these other websites including blogs doesn’t seem to help.

  42. Kesra writes:

    kesra of Nordsjoen subs here.
    Wow, lots of bitching over subs, man.
    And some rabbit-trails in there two (something about drives making noise..?)
    And thanks Coalgirls for another HQ release.

  43. kisamakun writes:

    Sometimes I just read the posts for a quick laugh. So far people haven’t ceased to amuse; oh so many trolls 😛

  44. msrdo20 writes:

    How do we donate to this website? I mean money. not clothes or what have you.

  45. Anononono writes:

    This is the best encode of Sekirei I have come across. I personally don’t care about the huge size if it produce quality like this. This encode looks better then a lot of other 1080p encodes for other animu. Just keep on ignoring the whiners and stick to your guns. Thank you very much for this 🙂 .

  46. Araragi-kun writes:

    I’ve been meaning to ask.. I tried downloading this series and I was kinda shocked when I saw a 17+gig file for this series.. Just wanted to confirm this.. Thanks for all your hard work.. Please do reply to my question.. Thank you..

  47. Araragi-kun writes:

    T_T Haha.. Well.. Can’t Do Anything About That.. *Then Presses The Download Button..* Thanks For The Reply..

  48. y writes:

    well now there are multiple encodes of this with a series of file sizes. does one know how to compare two pics of difference sizes, ie I was trying to use screenshot comparison to compare coalgirls and tlacatlc6, but as their encode is in 1080 the pics are much larger.

  49. Cresando writes:

    Those files are seriously *HUGGGEE!* . Each episodes is more than 1GB, probably the biggest anime size in my ext. Hard disk.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your hard work ^^

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