Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


Episodes – 7
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1072, crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (English, French, Spanish)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

It’s over!!!

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  1. Akeno writes:

    Will you guys be doing the Episode 6 Live Theater as well?

    • coalgirl writes:

      God no. Since about episode 3 or 4, I’ve been hating every moment of this series and waiting for it to end, so you’re not going to be getting any specials, redoes, or anything else.

  2. Akeno writes:

    Probably not a good place to discuss it, but what don’t you like about the series other than Protag-kun being the Shinji Ikari of Gundam?

  3. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    WOOT almost time for more…ALCOHOL!!! Go with Everclear to get the evil outta the way. Follow up with the Green Fairy. You’ll be newtyping like a mofo boss.

  4. Xliff writes:

    Well. It’s over. And I hear a mighty “Huzzah!” from somewhere behind this website.

    Still. Thanks for all of the hard work. It’s over.

    Now if only Rebuild of Eva could say the same.

  5. Zyphere writes:

    Finally over.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    Holy flying shat brix, here have this loli
    I was not expecting this to be out so fast.
    This calls for CAKE
    With extra moe Zeon

  7. Darkoulis writes:

    At last it’s over… after so long time…

  8. akkskkd writes:

    Thanks!!! Coalgirls save my day again!

  9. Boo writes:

    I am off on a journey into an undiscovered land. It’s a secret that only have discovered so far. Meet you at the end.

  10. Pikminiman writes:

    For anyone who’s curious,

  11. Pikminiman writes:

    …here’s a much larger version of the release pic:

  12. ladyhaman writes:

    Thank you so much for the upload. Bluray and dual audio, awesome. And thanks for changing that ridiculous name you had before for this epic series. This is no joke, this is gundam, and the finale of the original UC cast.

  13. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Well, at least it’s finished. Coalgirls, I thank thee.


  14. Meron writes:

    I want to watch Gundam Unicorn, but am uninterested in watching all the prequels. Are they necessary? Or is some reading on wikipedia good enough to do it?

  15. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    Unicorn can be enjoyed standalone but is a better experience when watched with some background info about the universe and characters.
    Some basic info on the Gundam metaverse :
    Gundam has a number of independent universes named after the calendars they use.
    Unicorn takes place in U.C. (Universal Century)
    The other calenders have no relation to Unicorn or the U.C. timeline (for the most part)
    I’d recommend reading up on the original Gundam (0079) but NOT watching it unless your a hardcore gundam otaku. Any of the rest can help make watching Unicorn more interesting but not really needed. Special note about Chars Counterattack : It is probably the most helpful to understanding Unicorn.
    Personally I’d not worry about needing to watch this or that to enjoy Unicorn. Just dive right in and if you like it then expand your U.C. horizons by picking other U.C. titles.
    I’d go this way
    Unicorn > 8th M.S. team > 0083 Stardust Memory > Z Gundam > Chars Counterattack
    Or start with 8th M.S. team and watch Unicorn after Chars Counterattack for a condensed version of the early to middle U.C. timeline.
    Special note about the late U.C. timeline : (F91 and later) They are so far removed from the original that they almost have no link. Sort of like how WW1 and the 2nd Iraq War are so far apart that knowing say WW1 won’t really help know the Iraq war. ( Unless you aim for a deeper understanding of conflict in general )
    It’s OVAs (8th MS team, 0080 war in the pocket and 0083 Stardust Memory) greatly expand the universe but add nothing to the Char and Amuro story.
    Any of the 3 OVAs can help with watching Unicorn but non are really needed
    8th M.S. team – if you like the federation
    0080 – the overall flavour of gundam at least in U.C.
    0083 – if you like Zeon
    Out of these three only 0083 helps bridge the gap between 0079 and Z gundam.
    Zeta Gundam- now the Federation spawned Titans are the bad guys. A contrast to 0079 where the Federation are the good guys and Zeon is evil with a good cause (at first) genocide by the end.
    ZZ Gundam- A follow up to Z gundam (very different from Z gundam, no barring on Unicorn outside of expanding the universe Unicorn is set in)
    Char’s Counterattack- End of Char’s and Amuro’s story. Will help understand Unicorn. A complex watch by itself.
    Unicorn – We have arrived at our destination.

    The U.C. timeline (to the best of my knowledge)
    1st- M.S.G. (The original Mobile Suit Gundam) known also as Gundam 0079
    (0079 here means it takes place in U.C. 0079)
    2nd- Gundam the 8th M.S. team
    3rd- Gundam 0080 War in the pocket (likewise 0080 means it takes place in U.C. 0080)
    4th- Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory (so on so forth)
    5th- Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Z Gundam)
    6th- Mobile Suit Double Zeta Gundam (ZZ Gundam)
    7th- Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
    8th-Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (newest in the U.C. series but not in the U.C. timeline)
    9th- Gundam f91 (takes place in U.C. 0116)
    10th- Mobile Suit Victory Gundam ( set in U.C. 0153 )
    11th- G saviour (A live action movie takes place in U.C. 223)
    12th Turn-A-Gundam (Not really set in U.C. per se but could be a very far future , as in thousands if not millions of years)

    P.S. sorry for the sloppy writing. Really was not concentrating as much as I’d have liked.
    and hope this helps 🙂

  16. lufinia writes:

    hi can ask why episode 5&7 no got sign/song subtitle

    • coalgirl writes:

      Because in my drunken state of working on this series (yes, every episode was done when I was drunk), I forgot to put it in. v2 isn’t happening, sorry. I hate this series and am trying to rid myself of ever looking at it again.

  17. triviper writes:

    ^ at least upload the file for people to patch themselves then…?

  18. Erranty writes:

    I always wonder why your file sizes are so huge, despite there not being a real difference in quality when compared to other releases.

    You use H264 like everyone else. I dunno if you’re using 10-bit or not.

  19. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    I always wonder why your file sizes are so huge, despite there not being a real difference in quality when compared to other releases. <–Ignorance, pure unbridled, unrestricted, unrestrained, uninhibited, unconstrained, unchecked, unmufflered, runaway, irrepressible, intemperate, unstoppable, rampant, imprudent ignorance and or one hella crappy video player / comp / doing something very very wrong. or a troll.

    As a neat coincidence; Those same adjectives if proceeding after "Coalgirls releases" but preceding "high quality" would sum up the actual release quality found here. That is all.

    Sorry if my white knighting was too obtuse. But this site, Coalgirls, brought me the best damn anime ever to be released ever. In shit bricks high quality. And no it's not gundam, but I am a fan of it also.

    Seriously dude/dudette / dudey thing , Coalgirls releases of a series look at least as good (a few times better. MAGIC ) as the BDMV it came from at smaller size. Don't believe me; Rip any anime BDMV and see how many gigabytes it takes up compared to it's Coalgirls released counterpart. I mean really we measure a PC's full HDD space in tens (as in more then ten) of terabytes. a high quality external HDD can easily add +4TB to a system at a price of about 1/2 to 1/10 of a boxset BDMV

  20. Navitron writes:

    Started watching the first OVA in 2010… I only ever watched that first OVA. I will never watch anything ever again that takes 4 years to release fuck…

  21. lufinia writes:

    so are going to put v2

  22. JH-P writes:

    wow…u r very good guys 🙂
    I’m Korean. so I don’t know who you are, but i love you so much
    you can go to heaven when your life end
    I;m downloading those videos by uTorrent. but it might long time to finish
    But!!! I’m so happy because you “3~♥

  23. Chen writes:

    Oh wow… 10GB EngDub. 5.1 flac is pretty demanding.
    Anyway, hoped this would be the first Gundam I ever liked but it turned out the epic first episode was just a fluke and it’s every bit as any other Gundam out there. Every protagonist is stupid (in Unicorns case, most of the villains are stupid, too), what they want is stupid and the capable guys you want to root for are the antagonists.

    Protagonists in Gundam are whiny boys that don’t want to kill and preach about peace and flowers and stuff. Sickening, coming from someone shooting death while sitting in a Gundam. Then some of the few characters you actually came to like die and in the end stupid motherfucker protagonists repeat the same mistakes. Meh.

  24. Chen writes:

    Erranty: “I always wonder why your file sizes are so huge, despite there not being a real difference in quality when compared to other releases.”

    It’s because of the audio track. Coalgirls uses lossless flac. When comparing only the video they can even be smaller than other groups but 5.1 flac is freaking huge.