Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


Episodes – 7
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1072, crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (English, French, Spanish)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

It’s over!!!

127 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

  1. Nettosama writes:

    any DDL yet?

  2. Rasmus writes:

    Seed 720, please!

  3. Kailas writes:

    Canned Lychees + Vodka + Sprite + Icecubes for Episode 4.
    Half and half Lychee and Sprite, Vodka as preferred. The canned lychee with actual lychees in it, not the juice.

  4. 00QuanT writes:

    episode 4 : Tequila + Squirt or Coke (recommend Tequila Cazadores and Squirt)

  5. Peorth writes:

    I’ve got the latest MPC-HC but the I can’t make the FLAC audio work out right. I know this is 5.1 but I only have a 2.1 system and the audio for the voice is muted while the background sounds are fine. It seems that MPC-HC is trying to play the 5.1 audio through 2.1 causing the weird effects. I’ve tried using MadFLAC with the same results.

    Any suggestions? If I use XBMC, the file plays correctly.

  6. mascthemoney writes:

    any whiskey.

  7. Sei writes:

    i love your Gundam Unicorn releases in 1080p. they’re the best !
    please continue subbing UC until its final episode. 🙂
    and movies, if there’s any.. 🙂

  8. John writes:

    Download AC3 Filter
    Now in MPCHC, Options > External Filters, add MadFlac Decoder with “Set Merit”. Now add AC3 filter with “Prefer”.
    (Configure the filters in the Play>Filters>[Select filter] window while the file is open)
    Configure MadFlac Decoder with “Limit output to 5.1 channels”
    Now open the file and configure AC3 filter as you wish (preferably 2.1 output, auto matrix and expand stereo)

    I think that’s all to have full customizable FLAC audio.

  9. Zodiac writes:

    Episode 4: Tucker Death Mix: Red Bull, Gatorade(any flavor), Everclear. enjoy.

  10. suiton writes:

    Episode 4
    Ever clear straight.


  11. nstgc writes:

    Barenjager..its good shit.

  12. ProjectKYRA writes:

    why are most of the videos I download from coalgirls have artifacts (where the video is distorted and it’s pixel-y/color is off)? 🙁 I updated to the most recent CCCP and I’m using MPC!

  13. GakiFan writes:

    Get yourself a Manhattan for ep 4

  14. Omnibu writes:

    Long Island IceTea

  15. Omnibu writes:

    … a pint

  16. Razen writes:

    When will the ep 4 out ? 😮 I thought that was the 12th november but i don’t see it anywhere…

  17. dee6075 writes:

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this series!!!

  18. Man Le writes:

    Can anyone tell me if this Release is 8bits or 10bits???

    It is extremely important because I am using WDMedia Player to watch it on the LED. Thank you!

  19. boingman writes:

    Well, the release was 8bit, but now that they’ve been updated to 10bit with almost twice the file size, I wonder if there won’t be any 8bit releases for the remaining eps.
    Thankfully, I can play the files just fine, no matter which codec.

  20. Curtis writes:

    I’m not a Gundam fan so I’ll never watch this, but I love the various Charlie references.

  21. mascthemoney writes:

    For episode 5, try “green tea and whiskey”. 1:1 mix, although 1:2 is great too, if you like it stronger.

  22. Darkoulis writes:

    I am trying to download the 1080p but the best speed is 8kb/s??? Any DDL is available? Thanx for the great quality!

  23. CoalFan writes:

    Dennou Coil … Yuru yuri … 28gb of Unicorn … I need more than 24h per day >: (

    Toooooo much stuff to download ! Yamete kurasai !! -.- !

    geez …

    about the release … great balance quality/size, nice work.

  24. MrSparkle writes:

    You girls are the greatest, thank you.

  25. inico writes:

    Thank you for this release and new encoding.
    For the last episode I think I’ll re-watch all of them with this new definition.
    And thank you for keeping the french subs ^^.

  26. Aka Red writes:

    1920 x 1072? Am I reading it correctly?

    That’s the source resolution?

  27. CoalFan writes:

    The source have twisted pixel lines that cause a bold effect on down border.

    Guess is fixed cutting 4 pixels down and to dont stretch the aspect ratio 4 pixels up.

    CoalGirl, can you upload the TrueHD source audio ?

    onegai ~~

  28. Boo writes:

    I have the same problem as ProjectKYRA which makes watching it pretty much unbearable =/ sad thing is it’s not just this release, but also Thoras or anyone else’s so far on TT.

  29. Zano23 writes:

    Please seed 720.

  30. orcaz writes:

    they have announced that there will be episode 7. episode 6 will release next year (2013)..

  31. Sei writes:

    Coal guys/gals, are you going to “do” eps 5 – 7 ? coz i’m just gonna say, PLEASE DO ‘EM !!! your releases are the best so far…

  32. Anonymous writes:

    ProjectKYRA and Boo cannot into 10bit video, it seems.

  33. IRES writes:

    Will you be doing episode 5?

  34. Jeff Fung writes:

    wen is Episode 5 coming out as 1080p….its been a while

  35. kuro writes:

    anything yet for episode 5?

  36. quattro writes:

    Thanks for the release. Any news on episode 5?

  37. wsellin writes:

    anything yet for episode 5?

  38. asd writes:

    Ep 6 are gonna be released in about 1 month so when u guys gonna release Ep 5?

  39. mtm writes:

    coalgirls almost never drop so i’d just sit tight and wait.
    good news is, the world of anime is vast enough to keep 7 billion humans busy for a couple of months.

  40. Racal writes:

    Ep6 1080p link is pointing to Ep5 🙁

  41. mtm writes:

    thanks for glorious release!
    please seed episode 5, i’m seeding episode 6 as i type this…. so can the seedbox switch over to 5?

  42. IZEROII writes:

    ya 1080 ep 6 links to ep5

  43. Tyler writes:

    I thought this was supposed to be 6 episodes? Now its going to take another freaking year for the last one to come out?

  44. returnity writes:

    CGi 1080p Unicorn Dual-Audio 1-6 is available now?! YES!

  45. Bloodios writes:

    Ah… another year of waiting, is it? On the bright side, the next one will be the last (it has to be, right?) And hey, at least this isn’t going to be as long a wait as Hellsing Ultimate was.

  46. Ningen writes:

    If it’s about Little Busters, I can give you everything you want.

    Just mail me.

    *blush* and indecent proposal

  47. D-JPois0n writes:

    Well this is rare, I’ve never seen anyone English fansubber adding Spanish subs. got more?

  48. OtakuMage writes:

    Saw that ep 5 and 6 were up, dumped THORAnime’s 5 and downloaded both of these. You guys (and girls) are my #1 source for blu-ray releases. Keep up the goodexcellent work!

  49. ladyhaman writes:

    why the fuck is this called sky and starfish? I’m so fucking confused. I’m going thora if this is for msg unicorn

  50. TheStranger writes:

    Girls any chance you will do Macross 7 HD ? PLEASE ?

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