Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn


Episodes – 7
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1072, crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (English, French, Spanish)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

It’s over!!!

127 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

  1. DragoZERO writes:

    Great thanks. You guys should do Summer Wars. It is in need of FLAC audio.

  2. duskster008 writes:

    Well… i hope you guys could drunk again… and whoala… Summer Wars its in their folder sitting to be spread out… 🙂 … anyway thanks for the GUNDAM UNICORN, just dunt drive drunk … peace!!!

  3. Persephone writes:

    Unexpected release.

  4. Underground Meatstick writes:

    Commie did Summer Wars already.

  5. David88 writes:

    Marida is so hot!

  6. Bloodios writes:

    And so I chose coalgirls after all, because THORA decided to use DTS (for Japanese) and AC3 (for English) for this series (and they’ve been rather slow recently too.)
    Seriously though, never thought you guys would pick this series up, thanks a bunch.


  7. anon writes:

    Also 5.1 FLAC for both english and japanese audio, use guys are awesome, hoping for DDL!

  8. philip writes:

    you should get drunk more often

  9. fenixdown110 writes:

    BSS also has done it as well.

  10. kky writes:

    will you continue purezza?

  11. TheWingless writes:

    It doesn’t say dropped on the project pages, so I’m guessing it still lives. Maybe the BDs aren’t all available yet? Perhaps you should check for yourself?

    Honestly, people need to realize not all the DVDs/BDs, come out at the same time, excluding the nice little limited edition packages of Kanon and the future Clannad release.

  12. coalgirls writes:

    Purrezza, Kampfer, and Kobato are all missing isos. Canaan and White Album are in works. Sora Kake is a slow download for the last 3 disks. Bakemonogatari is just boring.

  13. DragoZERO writes:

    Okay, I know other groups did SW. I watched UTW-TMD’s but they don’t have FLAC audio, which is why I am asking if these lovely ladies will be doing it since they use FLAC. TrueHD isn’t very streamable, especially with 1080p video and subtitles along with it.

  14. Underground Meatstick writes:

    -_- Which is why I recommended Commie/YAE.

  15. TheWingless writes:

    Need the link to the torrent? Here:

    “[YAE][UTW-TMD][Solstice] Summer Wars [H.264 1080p][FLAC 5.1][AC3 2.0 Commentary][BD2D6280].mkv”

    “1080p bluray video, 5.1 FLAC encoded from lossless truehd audio, Japanse audio commentary, and FOUR subtitle tracks to choose from (all 3 sub tracks from UTW-TMD’s release plus Solstice’s for those who prefer it). What else could you ask for in a release of this movie?”

    Has everything you’d possibly want.

  16. DragoZERO writes:

    Ah, a custom mux. I look on AniDB, so yeah. lol. Thanks.

  17. david88 writes:

    Does anyone else has problems with the video around 53:43?

  18. RR writes:

    Most gundam anime series have a promising first episode. I just hope the rest of the series lives up to it…great release.

  19. david88 writes:

    nvm, shitty player.

  20. hemivision writes:

    @coalgirls: Thank you! cheers

  21. zann writes:

    i can’t seem to be able to play this file. all other animes doesn’t seem to have any problem. any special codec that i should install first?

  22. Prel writes:

    Is there any chance you guys will be subbin episode 2?

  23. tormaid writes:

    I hope that day comes soon, I’ve been waiting for this.

  24. Wislas69 writes:

    1)prefered beverage
    2)number of bottles needed to get drunk enough to work on the ep
    3)address to send bottles?

    the things i am willing to do for anime :^)

  25. asdf writes:

    hopefully we will have more than 4 minutes of action this time.

  26. Trystinia writes:

    @asdf: This ep def has a lot more action.

    I’m definitely waiting for this release. I’ve waited almost 8 months already for this to come out.. whats a few more days/weeks/months? 😀

  27. DM writes:

    disappointed with ep2 very little plot progression. they should bring this out every 2 weeks at most, 8 months between releases just kills it

  28. Despera writes:

    2-3 12oz hard apple ciders would be the winning ticket.

  29. suiton writes:

    Thanks for the episode.

    “Taking suggestions for what I should get drunk off of for episode 3.”

    Everclear. No watering down. =D


  30. tormaid writes:

    Thank you for taking Gundam only as seriously as it deserves 😛
    That being said, hope you get drunk enough to do the rest of these movies.

  31. woooooooooo writes:

    A sidewalk slammer.

    Drink half of a 40oz then pour a can of four loko into it.

  32. Phillangees writes:

    Canadian rye and gingerale, rye and 7-up, rye and Coke. Best way to enjoy an evening.

  33. BK201 writes:

    I LOL’d at your Charlie unicorn reference. I haven’t seen that in years. haha

  34. John writes:

    Eh? What happened?

  35. banger writes:

    is the 1080p really choppy for anyone else that can normally play 1080p fine (including unicorn ep 01)? might just be my settings/pc’s fault

  36. radionerd writes:

    It’s a combination of your computer and the encode. The encode is at High@5.1 which makes it incompatible with most hardware accelerated decoders. If you are using CoreAVC with CUDA, then your bottle neck is most likely your graphics card. If I were you, spring for a new CPU. No amount of speed hacking MPC-HC or any other filters or renders you have will improve it.

  37. Knightz writes:

    Well the weird thing was when I used coreAVC it gets choppy but when I used ffv it plays perfectly fine.

  38. Jaiger writes:

    watch out for the narshlaws!

  39. Kamen Rider writes:

    >Taking suggestions for what I should get drunk off of for episode 3.<

    LAMBANOG. Pure lambanog.

    I'll let Google do the description as to what that is. XDDD

  40. banger writes:

    after reading the last couple comments i tried running the movie in vlc player and it ran perfect. but in mpc with coreavc it was too choppy and out of sync. that is really weird…i wonder if coreavc is just a sham or if there is something about this file in particular that makes it run poorly. i can watch gundam uc ep1 just fine with it though.

  41. DragoZERO writes:

    Go for some Bailey’s this time.

  42. Nukah writes:

    any chance you guys/girls are going to do Episode 03 : “The Ghost of Laplace” ?

  43. love eva writes:

    yes – when will you release episode 3? Looking forward to it!

  44. master_recrecia writes:

    huh? Charlie? 😀

  45. bikar writes:

    my cum!

  46. deadman80 writes:

    Vodka straight should do the trick. ^^

    From easily obtainable brands in the US, I would suggest Столичная (aka Stolichnaya) since it doesn’t taste like paint thinner XD

  47. John Doe writes:

    DDL please!

  48. Negro writes:

    Jello shots, GO!

  49. Bane-o writes:

    for episode 4, I suggest mixing Bacardi limon with Orange Crush. Also can’t go wrong with Coronas and limes. You might wish choose to look into the Smirnoff blueberry-lemonade drinks or the Bartles & James margarita drink.

    Bacardi limon
    Orange Crush
    Corona and Lime
    Smirnoff blueberry-lemonade
    Bartles & James margarita

  50. tormaid writes:

    … not cool man.

    Is anyone else getting really slow DL speeds for ep 3?

    Thanks for the release!

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      This series is being seeded by coalgirl. As such it hasn’t got any seedbox support.

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