Fate/Stay Night

Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse (Re-styled, Modified)


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  1. Goshtic writes:

    “more comparisons (done with madvr on default settings and w/e else is needed for proper 10bit playback):

    I think you got the names reversed. On mouse over is Coalgirls and mouse out is Thora. Cause if what you label is corrent, then Thora looks better with less banding. Obviously that’s not possible since their release is 8bit.

  2. damedame writes:


    Because bit depth is the only thing that matters right? Oh wait…

    Honestly, I’m keeping this one instead of Thora, simply because I need more free space on my HDD and this release is good enough.
    If I wasn’t concerned about file size, I would get the BDVM.

  3. Shunrei writes:

    is this the one with the opening and ending embedded in the video? I am kind of disturbed when seeing anime without an OP song. well kind of selfish but, please answer, if this one’s good enough, think i am going to keep this one instead

  4. scandilizer writes:

    is this dual audio?

  5. damedame writes:

    The opening and the ending are encoded on each episode, this release does not use segment linking.

  6. jameles writes:

    I’ve got both CGi’s and THORA’s version of this and I can confirm that the labeling used in that comparison is correct.
    Seeing as THORA usually used static grain (or whatever it’s called) to either combat banding or make banding already present in the source less visible.

    So 10bit doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be less banding, especially if the source is rather poor.

  7. jameles writes:

    I forgot to say that THORA’s static grain also killed some of the small details, so it’s like a trade-off; get CGi’s version if you want it closer to the source (with more small details preserved) at the cost of more banding (present in the source), or get THORA’s version if you want less banding with static grain at the cost of small details and “grainier” video.

  8. deathstrike writes:

    can you please do a 1080 version of this? I want 1080p. Thank you very much.

  9. dunkstin writes:


    1080p would just be an upscale. Also, read the FAQ.

  10. Crismas writes:

    Thanks =)

  11. Based Shinji writes:

    Are the caps really necessary in the subs for when a character yells?

  12. ArchetypeSaber writes:

    Was there anything different about this encode than others by Coalgirls? I’m running this on a new PC with CCCP installed and I get a green video with multiple versions of the same image on screen while on playback. I have a lot of other Coalgirls releases that all work fine on this computer, except this Fate one.

  13. ArchetypeSaber writes:

    Please ignore my earlier comment, I fixed it myself.

  14. Mr.Anderson writes:

    Thank you very much !

  15. silv3rblade writes:

    Thanx a lot!!!

  16. Tsun writes:

    “Are the caps really necessary in the subs for when a character yells?”

    YES! All-caps provides a visual cue directly in the text that a character is SHOUTING! Why is this a good thing? Because subtitles aren’t just about translating – believe it or not, some people use subtitles because they’re hard of hearing. If you can’t hear what’s going on properly, then it’s useful to have all-caps as way to show that the character is shouting the given line.

    Thanks for this Coalgirl(s)!

  17. Harshvardhan writes:

    i have searched the whole internet but just could not find a decent 1080p release of studio DEEN’s fate stay night….my only is now coalgirls which os the source of most my anime collection…so plz plz plz 1080p version