Black Rock Shooter

Comparison – DVDBD

Video – 1920×1080 @ ~2300 kbps 1280×720 @ ~1500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – Mochi (English), R1 (French, Spanish, German, Italian), Lolicons-Anonimos (Portuguese)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

44 Responses to Black Rock Shooter

  1. IHM writes:

    French, Spanish, German, Italian & Portugese…

    This means fun. So sad it´s so boring IMHO

  2. Shawn-kun writes:

    I had to watch this 3 times to understand the story completely lols. The first time is definitely boring :9

  3. Alex writes:

    Weird I loved this and understood the story and I only watched it once 😛 I must of payed really close attention or something… I’ll definitely re-watch it in 1080p glory 😀

  4. What? writes:

    I saw one of the DVD rips and thought it was interesting, but so short. Is there something more coming, like this was a preview? If that was it, what was the point? I am confused what this is?

  5. 1337 writes:

    gonna get this! =D

  6. hikaricore writes:

    Haven’t you people ever heard of an OVA?
    Not every single animation that gets produced gets or needs a full series.
    I can’t figure out why/how so many people have been so confused since this was released..

  7. EndlessWinter writes:

    @What? there is a game in the works by Imageepoch . And NIS America partnered up with them, so we may see it state-side eventually (may being the key word).

  8. Desert_Fox writes:

    overhyped? XD

  9. Shawn-kun writes:

    Looks at psp and thinks of next year. oh right the SE Zeus 1 (psp phone XD)

  10. e_i writes:

    *Hugs his LE copy*

    Now, bring on the game.

  11. What? writes:

    The thing with many OVAs are they are related to something and make sense in context with something like a manga release. Or if they are stand alone they have a story line that is conclusive. This didn’t have any context and left me feeling like what is next; it felt like a pilot episode. That is why it is confusing. Plus I remember someone mentioning it was an series early on after announcement.

  12. DarkChaplain writes:

    My copy of the BD/DVD Ltd Edition set started it’s journey around the world just today, but I’m glad you’re doing it.
    Will be nice \o/

  13. tormaid writes:

    Is the choice of Mochi to avoid oversub with Mazui?

  14. tormaid writes:

    I think the confusion came from the fact that the ending was so open, and it really did play more like a pilot than an OVA. I still think they SHOULD make a seres, they have allot of good stuff to work with.

  15. coalgirls writes:

    Mochi was because I liked their editing better.

  16. hikaricore writes:

    The way I understood it BrS was based on a song and some ideas the composers had.

  17. Daedalous writes:

    Just watched it. The final scene and the scene after the credits kind of leave it to the viewer to figure things out. Maybe the hint of a continuation wasn’t the foreshadowing of a series, but of the game instead? If the story had some kinks worked out, it could have been a series, at least a 12 Ep. anyway.

    Black Rock Shooter was a Vocaloid Song, you can find it on You Tube.

  18. tormaid writes:

    The website has fileserve links.

  19. Kazuo90 writes:

    Hope to it released soon. ~_^

  20. Sayer writes:

    I’ve seen this here and there, I guess this would be the best place to check it out. How long exactly is this OVA?

  21. Kazuo90 writes:

    The OVA is 52-min long.
    Also, in BD, it has another 45-min extra or something, not sure.

  22. tormaid writes:

    Is it a “making of” or something like that?

  23. Kazuo90 writes:

    Don’t know about it.

    I was told like that from my friend who bought it.
    Well, let’s wait for this release.

  24. tormaid writes:

    Yeah, if it does I hope this release will include it. Coalgirls doesn’t typically include extras though.

  25. fabian writes:

    waiting on ddl

  26. fabian writes:


  27. 1337 writes:


  28. Wat. writes:

    It’s ‘Portuguese’, not ‘Portugese’ =_=

  29. Oden writes:

    Can anyone please help seed Sekirei BDs? I’m only gettinh 4000b~5000b per second,and would probably take forever to finish if there are this little seeders.Thanks.
    Tenshi: Sure, I will upload the files to my seedbox

  30. EnjoySeriously writes:

    Thanks so much again coalgirls!

  31. Clak writes:

    Thanks, although theres not as much quality difference as I would of expected between the DVD and the BD. I’m still archiving it though 😀

  32. Kasaioni writes:

    Time to check this out. Usually things that people find boring, I like.


  33. ratman19 writes:

    which one is better, thora or coalgirls

  34. TrekonBT writes:

    I understood it, but i felt it was boring. i think they could’ve done better by running a series to try and elaborate. everything felt shoved in my face like they were trying to hard to get everything in.

  35. Bobbias writes:

    I really hope you sub the series when it airs, I’ve been pumped about that ever since I heard that this was going to have an actual series.

  36. Waqas Jawad writes:

    is it 10bit?…. or will it be?……

  37. jameshriz writes:

    are you going to do the TV series?

  38. Postnamehere writes:

    It doesnt have all of the episodes!!!!!!!!!

  39. yo writes:

    does anybody know when the dual audio releases?

  40. Ironsord234 writes:

    U all do realise this is the OVA there is a series of this.

  41. KuroiMato26 writes:

    Please seed [Coalgirls]_Black_Rock_Shooter_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[9D0B69D7].mkv . Thank you in advance.

  42. KuroiMato26 writes:

    Please re-seed [Coalgirls]_Black_Rock_Shooter_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[9D0B69D7].mkv . Stuck at 57% :'(