Broken Blade

Type: Movie (6 Parts)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 13
Audio: Japanese FLAC 5.1 24Bit
Subs: gg
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

With part 6 here are the final batches. Delays were due to having to upload 63GB or so. The only changes made were some naming consistencies on the MKV tracks. If you have prev versions no reason to re-download. Scripts can be found here

195 Responses to Broken Blade

  1. Tatsujin writes:

    So this is a question I’d like an answer to. gg’s 1080p release is about 15 gigs in total, and yours is 39.5 gigs in total (36.5 gigs if you exclude the DTS audio files). Why is their file sizes smaller than your file sizes? Are there more crazy CGI effects? Is there a reason for it?

    This is in no way trying to bash, troll or mock you, Tenshi. I’m just curious. Thanks.

  2. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    FLAC audio and my excessive bitrate are what contribute to the size increase.

  3. Kenshin writes:

    Tatsujin stinx. <<< That's the right pussy for your small wiener. lulz

  4. Petrushka writes:

    my fellow leechers, please help us by seeding it, okay? 😀

  5. backslashio writes:

    Jesus christ! Could you please go back to semi-realistic file sizes? The ‘smallest’ one is almost a month’s worth of my bandwidth! (I live in Australia where internet speeds & limits are crap)

  6. backslashio writes:

    Oh nvm, I thought Part 6 was ~22gb, didn’t realise it was split into parts

  7. xeon_1 writes:

    Thx for releasing the final chapter.
    But after viewing it i am left wondering.
    Is there going to be a second series of ova’s or a series since the war is still ragging on?

  8. Tyler writes:


    From what I read the ending differed greatly from the manga, so i don’t think they would have done that if they were planning on doing more.

  9. amen665 writes:

    22gb……… i nearly had a heart attack. i hope its worth it. gonna be a great while till i get this downloaded entirely. thx coldgirls… guys.

  10. 剣猫 writes:

    Is there any point in removing the FLAC audio track and muxing in the DTS one other than saving HDD space?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      The DTS track is there for people with older receivers. Its so they can bitstream the audio. FLAC has naturally higher quality, but is unable to be bitstreamed.

  11. Tyler writes:

    Here is some download links for anyone who wants them

  12. Teg writes:

    the subs on [coalgirls]Broken Blade 720p variant aren’t working, they work on my [coalgirls]Eureka Seven 720p, and all other subbed shows I have from any other company, just not Broken Blade is there any know problems with the 720p copy? thanks

  13. sandoe41 writes:

    From 48:10 thru 48:28 of episode 6 the subtitles do not play on the 720p version. And yes, all of my codecs are up to date

  14. Herolies writes:

    Pls Seed 😛 Thx

  15. Pinkie writes:

    I downloaded all… and after 3 sec, it crashed…

    I saw there was a patch I could download, but megaupload is closed… can someone make it on another site pls?

  16. Pinkie writes:

    Sorry, forget the patch… >.<

    Anyway, I see 3 sec of the vid then it crash… can someone help me?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      You may want to hash check the files again. There is no reason files should be crashing.

  17. y writes:

    Hi, could some one re upload the patch file as megaupload is down, and I have the old files.

  18. Yousuke writes:

    hello^^ Could some one seed Thx 😀

  19. Deeperblue writes:

    playing it on vlc and getting MASSIVE tiling… much so that I’ve considered throwing the whole 39.57 gb away ……wtf?……not understanding the problem……………Db

  20. Andy writes:

    Your computer probably sucks hard so it can’t play such high bitrate files encoded in h264, that’s why… enable DXVA and get a decent Graphics Card to speed up things.

  21. Cozzix writes:

    Coalgirls i love you! I love the whole high quality, damn-near perfection upolads you give!
    And I ain’t even mad about the file size, I just think it’s one small price to pay for H Q rips like these haha! 😀

  22. fanofanime writes:

    plz seed the 720p torrent more

  23. TVmine writes:

    Has anyone still got the patch scripts for this.

  24. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Is this in dual audio? There’s no info provided above. Thank you for your time.


  25. Dylan Moore writes:

    I love this upload I was wondering if there is somewhere I can find the english audio for this?

  26. Nobody writes:

    Can someone seed this torrent please?

  27. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    The files are awfully big.

  28. aa writes:

    how can i play the audio dts?