Broken Blade

Type: Movie (6 Parts)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 13
Audio: Japanese FLAC 5.1 24Bit
Subs: gg
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

With part 6 here are the final batches. Delays were due to having to upload 63GB or so. The only changes made were some naming consistencies on the MKV tracks. If you have prev versions no reason to re-download. Scripts can be found here

195 Responses to Broken Blade

  1. skai writes:

    Oops, sorry. Didn’t think it through before I asked the question. I take it you just use their subtitles but do everything else yourself. ^_^

  2. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    That’s correct. I can’t stand AAC audio. Hence we release audio in lossless FLAC, higher bitrate overkill video, and a DTS audio track for interoperability with older receivers.

  3. stritik writes:

    Dude gg got it up and I agree with you bout flac so plz hurry so I can watch the awesomeness that is broken blade

  4. Nettosama writes:

    HA! Nice, thank you.

  5. mascthemoney writes:

    have my babies. kthx

  6. stritik writes:

    loves you

  7. Sayer writes:

    ^Agrees with the previous 3 comments ^.^ Cheers!

  8. LLy_BosHi writes:

    dll please?

  9. banger writes:

    hey i noticed on all tenshi’s encodes that when i seek (skip around to different parts of the video with the slider bar) it is always very fast and smooth even on 1080 version. on other encodes from both this site and other groups when seeking on 1080 encodes the video often gets really laggy and desynced from the audio.

    why is this? something to do with the larger file size? and what piece of hardware from my pc do i need to upgrade to prevent this from happening normally?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Probably cause I don’t crank ref frames and b-frames. As such theres less CPU work to be done. I say look at upgrading your CPU if you are having jumpy issues.

  10. Woki writes:

    Awesome thanks!

  11. Argetlam Mayonaka writes:

    You gals are awesome! Loving this series and I refuse to get the eps anywhere else! Can’t wait to see all of them up. Will be a great add to my collection.

  12. stumpfacekanon writes:

    On all your releases except this and Dragon Crisis I have an issue where when it gets to the OP or ED the video restarts from the beginning without audio. Any idea why this is happening?

  13. Argetlam Mayonaka writes:

    Just watched it and I have to say that I’m not too keen on the ending but meh.
    @stumpfacekanon: You may wanna update your codecs. I had to in order to be able to watch it in general lol. Was using CCCP but switched to K-Lite and am not having any issues now.

  14. stumpfacekanon writes:

    @Argetlam Mayonaka: Switched to K-Lite, but still have the same issues.

  15. Argetlam Mayonaka writes:

    Try right clicking on the file and going down to Open With: and pick windows media player cinema edition ( I think that’s what it is). That’s what I’m using and it works wonders. If that doesn’t fix it, delete the file and re-download it. Sometimes things can get corrupted during the DL and cause it to not function properly or at all for that matter. I’ve had it happen numerous times.

  16. bane-o writes:

    @stumpfacekanon & @Argetlam Mayonaka: I had that issue with the 720p version of kampfer. I’m running ubuntu 10.10 and it was happening in VLC. I opened it in movie player using the default GStreamer codecs and the file played fine. It’s not the file, it’s the software you are using to play it. As long as the crc is correct, then you should be good. if you need to check the crc in windows, a free program available is “hashcalc”.

  17. Mokuton writes:

    fileserve ddls for 1080p?

  18. bane-o writes:

    Is there a estimated release date for disk 6 yet?

  19. Bacon Daddy writes:

    Great show. Can’t wait for #6. You all do a great job.
    I would like permission to upload the whole set to Demonoid when finished. If I am allowed, I will give you full credit for all work and state that permission was given. If I am not given permission I will not upload them.
    Either way, thanks again for all your hard work.

  20. Argetlam Mayonaka writes:

    Once all episodes have been released, I believe I’m going to make 2 custom dvds. One will have the first 3 eps on it and the 2nd will have the 2nd 3. I know it will bring the quality down a little bit but they will still be better than dvd quality. Once finished, I’ll post a couple links to where I’ll be seeding them to. And naturally, credit will be given to CG for the rips and such.

  21. Endymion writes:

    Can I beg a DDL via Fileserve for this? The seeding of the torrents leaves much to desirable. 😛

  22. Endymion writes:

    Seriously, the seed for the torrents is horrid. 14 hours left still after downloading 25%. Please, someone, go to Fileserve and load us up. I do not even know what episode 1 looks like because I have a three day wait to just download it.

  23. Bacon Daddy writes:

    Hey, Endymion.
    If you wait till the 6th is out I will be making a torrent with all 6 episodes and posting it on Demonoid (which has opened registrations last time I checked). I will post the link on here as soon as I have it up. other than that, just be patient and go do something while it downloads (I prefer playing some Fallout 3 or New Vegas).

  24. Feranor writes:

    any news about the last movie?

  25. Noko writes:

    @Feranor Volume 6 BDMV just showed up recently so likely a week or two. Could be more or less.

  26. Kenshin writes:

    gg released 06. How long will it take for your release?

  27. Tatsujin writes:

    Movie 6 when? Waiting … but my patience is … D:

  28. Petrushka writes:

    what? no individual torrent for eps 6, Tenshi?

    what a shame 🙁

  29. Noko writes:

    @Petrushk Just fucking uncheck all the other episodes in the file list.

    Thanks for the batch Tenshi.

  30. banger writes:

    can you post the scripts so we can remux them ourself like you did with sora no woto?

  31. Sayer writes:

    Hey Tenshi, will you be moving on to 10 bit encoding as well? (Unrelated to this show)

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      At some point when they have stable releases out. But not for current projects.

  32. jun writes:

    please do bluray for tsubasa chronicle and natsume yuujinchou
    thanks before.. 🙂

  33. Sayer writes:

    Alight, thanks for the reply mate.

  34. J writes:

    “The only changes made were some naming consistencies on the MKV tracks”

    Changes on what? The video/audio/subtitle streams? Chapters?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I made a mistake in naming the audio track on a couple episodes. It has been changed from Japanese 2.0 -> Japanese 5.1. The name is the ONLY thing that was changed.

  35. Petrushka writes:

    @Noko….. i know that already, u fag

    i like to download from btaccel >_>

  36. Tatsujin writes:

    Unlock your seeding power and seed a lot on the 1080p version! Omg!

    I just noticed there are DTS files separated from the movies. I’m guessing I can input these audio files in their appropriate movies and play them? (never done this before with Audio)

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Its quite simple. Get a program called MKVMergeGUI and just drag and drop the video and audio files in together. Then hit mux. Done.

  37. Argetlam Mayonaka writes:

    I’m gonna add both the 720 and 1080p batches to my seedbox. Great upload speeds on it! As always, many thanks CG for the work you’ve done on this series!

  38. Tyler writes:

    Ugh, I just want to download the last episode and its only going at like 20kb\s…

    Can you upload it to fileserve please..

  39. Tatsujin writes:

    * starring at the download speed going from 100kb to 200kb with only 4-6 seeds feeding Tatsu … *

    If I could connect to the right seeders … -weeps-

  40. Desty Nova writes:

    Here is a patch for the original EPs 1, 3 and 4 in 1080p. (copy/paste link)

    That leaves one question:

    In the Ao no Exorcist post you are asking for more seeders. This I can clearly understand. What I can not understand is why you don’t make patches. The above patch took 5 minutes to make and would have spared me/the swarm 18 GB download/upload traffic. Yes, the changes were insignificant and it wasn’t necessary to download the new versions of these episodes. But then, how can we seed properly without them?

    So, for the love of God, make patches. It will give you more complete seeders more quickly.

    As for the Ao no Exorcist torrent, I’m not sure if I should download it. I like Coalgirls for archiving, even your friggin “sponsored by hard drive makers”-encodes. 🙂 But I can be pretty sure that this download will be futile, because of minor “just for the fun of it”-changes in the final batch. And without a patch, I will have to download the whole thing again. So I’ll probably don’t bother and wait…

  41. Kenshin writes:

    Yea, dat seed is horrible <_<

    DDL would have been nice (not fileserv, it's fucking slow for me on weekends.)

  42. Tatsujin writes:

    Or you can also assist Tenshi in making those patches and he can provide the patch links on his post! :D!

    Omg, first movie done and the last one! But the others are sooo slow! D: … -awaits-

  43. King writes:

    could anyone post DDL for 720p? any file hosting is fine.. prefer megaupload though

  44. Kenshin writes:

    The weird thing, yesterday I still had the single torrents of 02 and 03 running. And they were finished with 200 kb/s.

    Now I’m just dling the fucking 06 and it was finally down to five hours (65 kb/s) and now it is at fucking two weeks (1-2 kb/s). -_-

  45. King writes:

    same with mine… that’s why i ask for ddl if someone there kind enough

  46. G-Man writes:

    crf 13, is this a joke?

  47. Nightmarekiller writes:

    Well, if possible i would like ddl too. Thanks

  48. nand writes:

    There are now 4 stable, well-supported decoders that can play Hi10P with no problems (mplayer2, madVR, CCCP and LAV), as well as one that is currently beta but works fine (VLC).

    Especialy since CCCP went stable some time yesterday there is now no real reason to delay switching to Hi10P except of course to get more experience, but other than that the decoders are all fine and out of beta.

  49. Kenshin writes:

    I imagine Tenshi laughing about all the raging Leechers.

  50. nand writes:

    @Tenshi: I’m just saying, you should/could start using Hi10P in all future series from now one with no problems.

    There is no longer a “stable decoder” issue that was present even a month ago.