Hunter X Hunter [TV]

Type: Series
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Audio: AAC 2.0 (Japanese)
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So we have reached the end of this anime. Mixed feelings about this, but I do hope we get to see another season of Hunter X Hunter in the future.

It has been quite the project, starting a couple of years ago or so. I’ve had my ups and downs when it comes to releasing episodes “on time”, but at least I reached the finish line. Overall, I did enjoy working on this anime a lot. But, this project is not really over…

With the end of TV project, I will go back to working on the Hunter X Hunter Blu-rays. I still have a lot to do, and there won’t be any releases before the final batch.

448 Responses to Hunter X Hunter [TV]

  1. tyler writes:

    I want another season too

    but the series just came off a 2 year hiatus and he’s already been on multiple more in just a few months so i don’t even have hope for the manga let alone that we’ll get enough material for another season, at least not for like 5 years.

    thanks for this though.

  2. Koby writes:

    Was there anything done to 1-137 for this batch torrent or are we okay just grabbing 138+?

  3. Fulbring writes:

    Can we get an ETA for the BD’s? Around Early next year or end of this year?

  4. ivse writes:

    Thanks for the work.

  5. Gin writes:


  6. Silver Bullet writes:


    I think it will probably come early next year, since the last BD will come out at the 24th of DEC as far as I know.

    • Cyras writes:

      Yea, last box set will be released on December 24th, probably uploaded later than that.
      Even if it’s uploaded on the same day, busy times 😛

  7. ichigo writes:

    Thank you!

  8. Roger writes:

    Thank you!

  9. Shinji10TH writes:

    Thank you so much for your hard work, and I hope we see you again on this project when the second season is announced (2 or 3 years from now for sure, especially after the recent abrupt hiatus of the manga)

  10. miner girls writes:

    finally this shit ended. maybe now you can pick up some real projects

  11. deanzel writes:

    So sick Cyras. I shed many a tear during the second to last and final episodes. I can’t wait for the new BluRay releases. Waiting till the final batch to release all of them is brutal though 🙁

  12. Roadtrip writes:

    Thank you for doing Hunter X Hunter and doing such a fine job of it as well. This has been my favorite show these last 3 years and I will miss it.

    While I do hope they continue this show at some point, I will understand if you don’t do that part as well. As I recall, you did state at one point that you aren’t very enthusiastic about doing any show that doesn’t have a cute girl.

    Thanks again for doing Hunter X Hunter (TV) to the end. And for doing the BluRays that have been released.


  13. Chimaoby writes:

    Thanks for your hard work, you’ve supplied thousands with the opportunity to watch a grade-A show with grade-A subtitles. We’ve laughed, feared, cried and sighed in relief all thanks to those hours you put in. Thanks for bringing us HxH, and I look forward to watching the second season in 2019 (or whenever).

  14. EVIL RYU UAE writes:

    if i were to choose only one fan-sub in the internet, i will most probably choose CoalGirls <3

  15. Zise writes:

    Ah, at last the series has ended. I can easily marathon this now without any waiting.

  16. Malik Addas writes:

    Cyras can you PLEASE send me and ADC invite?

  17. Malik Addas writes:

    *an, So sorry!

  18. azhure writes:

    @miner girl

    you should mind your language, besides its not for you to say what projects they choose to work with

  19. Baby666 writes:

    Cyras, if you have the bd boxs and booklets scans could you as an exeption add them to the final batch.Sorry if ask too much.

  20. FinalFan writes:

    Maybe it was already asked, but I may try: will you also release the 2 movies?

  21. Topazz writes:

    Is there a way to easy patch my existing HxH files into the names of the ones in the torrent? i have files with episode 01 and not 001 etc. WOuld be a shame to downlaod these all over again.

  22. Phaz0n writes:

    @miner girls: Go back to watching something shitty, Like Fairy Fail and Narutarded 😛