Tamako Love Story


Type: Movie (1h 24m)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24bit) – Japanese
Subs: JnMBS (modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

44 Responses to Tamako Love Story

  1. ChrisK writes:

    Changes in comparison to JnMBS:

    • better encode
    • massively improved timing
    • NCOP/NCED spliced in
    • OP/ED1/ED2 subs added
    • better styling
    • pointless/poorly done signs removed, fixed or simplified, some missing signs added
    • full chapters
  2. Kim Chuy writes:

    Wow, nice.

  3. Master Debater writes:

    Just want to ask if I should watch Tamako Market first? Or, is there a need to watch Tamako Market? Thanks, btw

  4. anon writes:

    Yeah, Tamako is a Commie Exclusive™ anime. You’re not allowed to sub it.

  5. tatsujin writes:

    Commie can go eat shit.

    Thanks ChrisK.

  6. hoseofsnake writes:

    marked as remake cos not commie and herkz

  7. rude writes:

    Movie here but not the TV series? Didn’t like it or something?

  8. Axeshizzle writes:

    awesome guys.
    thanks a bunch.

  9. Hank Moody writes:

    Thank you for this release, been waiting for it for a while

  10. lol writes:

    Fuck you for splicing in creditless versions.

  11. Otaku writes:

    Eternal HD! Sasuga coalgirls.
    I miss you guys so much! It feels like it’s been decades since my last dl here.
    I need to finish my game dl first before this. Anyway thanks for this release.

  12. MemeMaster writes:

    The fact that it’s torrent doesn’t make the torrenting or translation group own it, they own what they ripped (which is always preserved) but still, torrenting itself is an illegal act towards the producing companies that made it and they can’t do anything about the copyrights cuz the copyrights have always been crap for torrenters,(but never have I seen a torrenter who enforced me not to buy games/animes -which I do to support developers/producers from time to time- if something, they’d always ask to buy the game if I liked it), which allows coalgirls to torrent this(and claim the credit for it, which they’d still put credit for translating groups which they used subs from and such) so commie can’t do anything about this, and just to note, I’m not speaking on behalf of the law ,coalgirls, or anyone (which I barely know those two), I’m barely stating facts that are becoming more like common sense all over the internet in my opinion, sorry if I’m wrong about something, probably everything, and sorry for all the long crap I’ve been talking -force of habit (stating facts as a weapon in arguments which are kind of my thing) woah, i type too much, sorry, here’s a potatoe
    *Throws potatoe over screen smashing readers head*
    again, I’m not telling anyone how to do their work cuz it ain’t ma thing,I apologize if I offended anybody
    Yup, I know, I’m not fun to be around

  13. xikarra writes:

    Oh. Thanks.

  14. anon writes:

    >massively improved timing
    2 minutes in a there’s already 2 bleeds
    Just how bad was the original?

  15. Patrique writes:

    Nice! I remember seeing this movie at the cinema when I was in Kyoto last May. My Japanese is still of iffy though, so now I have the chance to check whether I actually understood it correctly.

  16. Axeshizzle writes:

    This movie is the size of a regular Tenshi episode xD

  17. Someone Else writes:

    Is the video 8bit? Please, this important

  18. Vinson writes:

    Nice! I’ve been waiting for this.

    Arigatou shoushitte ottsukaresamadeshita!

  19. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  20. MarinerBert writes:

    Thanks. Nice improvements but too bad about the script. I guess you couldn’t get another editor on it. Minor but obvious mistakes were left in.

  21. BlackFrost writes:

    Thanks a lot! i have been dying to watch this.

  22. bme2003 writes:

    Thank a lot for the movie…
    I want to ask, is (Minami no Shima no Dera-chan) also available ?

  23. Offkorn writes:

    This includes Minami no Shima no Dera-chan. The two are basically one movie, and that precedes the main story.

  24. anon writes:


  25. Excalibur writes:

    Thanks, it’s really unexpected!

  26. LOL writes:

    Dera: *shows Mochi*
    >Looks like boobs
    > Oh wait its Dera, I was looking into the wrong side -pun not intended-

    xD Thank you for the encode Chris!
    I was bored then I saw this on coalgirls encode, tried it and enjoyed it
    Now I’m digging the anime series.

  27. revo writes:

    so nice way to get rid of better releases
    mark them red(orange) 😀

  28. fuck you writes:

    Removing the end credits is the worst thing you could do, when it comes to uploading a movie on the internet. Screw you.

  29. Eruzo writes:

    Thanks for the release. I must say I enjoyed the movie more than the series.

  30. ERK writes:

    this was better than the series

  31. anon writes:

    @fuck you
    Because you can read kanji right? What am I thinking of course you can.

  32. Ian writes:

    This would have been great if it was about Midori. Instead it was about that Free reject with his gay earring and his gay film club. Somebody tell him he’s in the wrong show.

  33. Sandie writes:

    Uuuhhhm. Well why don’t YOU go and make your own movie about Midori then? Ahem, someone has anger issues..

  34. Patrique writes:

    I agree that it would have been nicer if it had been about Midori. She should at least have gotten a chance. I found that throughout the TV series Tamako had a lot more chemistry with Midori than with that Mochizou. And let’s face it: Midori is COOL, whereas Mochizou is a boring douche.

    I understand that Kyoto Animation didn’t want to go the yuri route, but it would have been nice if they had tried to take a bit more of a risk on this one.

  35. Gar writes:

    It isn’t a big deal, but when Tamako goes to the bathroom at around 25 minutes, the translation says “take this with you,” but Midori is actually offering to hold Tamako’s things while she goes. So like…the complete opposite. (I realize coalgirls doesn’t translate though).

  36. kanohana writes:

    omg its so touching

  37. Sean writes:

    If you guys hadn’t made a release of this, I wouldn’t have finished watching Tamako Market and I wouldn’t have watched this movie. Thank you for releasing this.

  38. yuki writes:

    Where can i download the movie and how?

  39. Laura writes:

    Hi there! Would Coalgirls consider releasing Tamako Market with Mazui’s subs to go along with this?
    Thank you as usual for your hard work.

  40. goomoonryong writes:

    Thanks for the release

  41. Holo writes:

    I’d also love to see a proper Tamako Market BD encode from Coalgirls or someone. Not sure whether Commie or Mazui is better overall. I’d assume the latter, but Mazui has some translation typos. Such as in EP 1, 6 seconds in. Mazui translated Oka-san to grandma instead of mother.

  42. ZiNgOcHaX writes:

    It,would be very great, if you mind putting the part after the final confession..I really liked it and can’t go through other.It will be very nice to put the part after the final confession of tamako for mochizou…Liked it…