Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi


Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mazui (Modified)


48 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

  1. DmonHiro writes:

    That’s cool and all…but I’m not expecting anything great. The MX airing wasn’t THAT much better then ATX. I AM looking froward to Blurays.

  2. freedoleen writes:

    I see a noticeable difference. Much less artifacts on MX’s side. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Darkness writes:

    I definitely notice a difference but I think I’ll stick with Mazui’s subs. I am excited for the blu-rays though.

  4. MikeP writes:

    But these are Mazui’s subs, just stuck onto a higher quality video source.

  5. S.J. writes:

    Thanks for this! ^^

  6. DarkChaplain writes:

    Much appreciated, especially the Narrator on top.
    Counting on you once the BDs are out.

    Oh, btw, why are you that certain about 13 episodes? still nothing confirmed on MyAnimeList.net ._.

  7. Raimeken writes:


    look under tv anime section, says 13 ep

  8. alo writes:

    people will get mazui release and watch it b/c it is way faster. no one likes to wait for days when they can get it and also for the quality that isn’t that much difference.

  9. AnimeLuv writes:

    Looks like a good series!

    Anyone feel that it’s very similar to … ahem… Toaru? As in Railgun?? The voice over?

    Very funny!

    Keep it up!

  10. aniluv writes:

    People should be grateful they are given a choice and stop bitching about it.

  11. ss writes:

    Well its the 1st non DVD/BD project, and its kind of a sudden. Thanks for the effort.

  12. philip writes:

    Awesome! Very much appreciated. I will wait for your releases.

  13. Raimeken writes:

    Yes yes Kuroko, thats one of the only reasons (other than Ookami-san) thats making me watch this show xD

  14. hiei writes:

    Hi, im using cccp but when i open the vid i don’t see any subs is there something im not doing right?

  15. Shawn writes:

    Ookami ryouko~ (Grown-up taiga-san XD)!
    I hope you girls will do the BDs!

  16. Tank writes:

    I only see subtitles for the closing song. Using MPC with ffdshow. I can get both MPC and ffdshow to render subtitles for the ED, and MPC lists the 10 subtitle styles available, but no subs for dialogue appear. Looks like a fun show though.

  17. Anon writes:

    Everything works fine for me here on smplayer linux. Thanks for picking up the better quality video source!

  18. Fade writes:

    Thanks for this. I hope you continue when the rest come out, I can definitely wait a few more days and Mazui are doing a great job.

  19. Tank writes:

    Tried another computer with DirectVobSub installed and also latest version of ffdshow and the Haali Media Splitter. Subtitles display fine on that system. Hiei, you probably have some outdated software like I did. I can’t control the subtitles with MPC or ffdshow, but I can turn them on and off with DirectVobSub and also the Haali splitter. If using MPC I would try the Haali splitter with VSfilter autoloading since it’s good to use with .mkv files. Well, don’t want to turn this into a technical discussion, so beyond that try the latest software and codecs or ask on the forums on the Afterdawn web site. Oh, and thanks CoalGirls. 🙂

  20. Bloodios writes:

    After watching the first episode, I think that this show is pretty entertaining, kind of unique, and I like it. Hopefully this series will shine to the very end, so that Coalgirls can work the Blu-ray.
    Anyway, I supposed this the first SD show that has 192kps AAC, huh? Oh, and the quality is pretty decent by the way, near DVD-quality in my opinion (of course, close inspection will show otherwise, but hey it is better than its AT-X version, like how a PNG is better than a JPEG photo).

  21. ar writes:


    Tokyo MX generally uses 192kbps AAC for most shows (or at least ones I’ve worked with).
    ATX-HD uses 128kbps AAC I think.
    TBS/MBS use 128kbps AAC.
    BS11 / TVK use 256kbps AAC.

    Not sure on the rest.

    ATX uses 140, MBS uses 192.

  22. Tank writes:

    OK, last post on this.:) Hiei, if you are using MPC, it appears that the internal Matroska filter does not work with these subtitles. Install the Haali Media Splitter and then in the MPC Options / Internal Filters uncheck the box for Matroska. When you open an .mkv file the Haali splitter should auto-load and that got the subtitles working on my original system. Yay, more Ryouko goodness!

  23. ar writes:

    So yeah. ATX is a weird one. Looks to be around ~144kbps CBR. Most stations use typical 32000 bps steps for any kind of audio. This is probably the first one I’ve come across that doesn’t stick to that.

    QT AAC encoder iirc only supports 32kbps steps, Nero on the other hand will take any cbr value I think. But yeah that’s just an odd constant bitrate to use. It should probably be 144kbps, but it’s hard to tell with ADTS raw files especially after it’s been cut.

  24. suiton writes:

    Eh~? I thought [coalgirls] only did BluRay releases so I was a bit surprised to see something new…but I guess not.

    Anyway, please keep up with your Bluray releases. You guys always do an awesome job!!!

  25. subspy writes:

    Thx for the great Episode.
    Can you remove the Notes because its annoying if the Narrator speaks and you see the Notes under the Text.

  26. eian84 writes:

    so like did anon-chan quit or go m.i.a.?

  27. Anon writes:

    Is it just me or is there video lag @ 3:38 of episode 2? Not fail pc here fyi and viewing on MPC with CCCP

  28. Anon writes:

    ^^^^ Same guy as above again; just noticed that when I turn off the subs it doesnt lag

  29. zaockle writes:

    where the fuck is anon-chan?

  30. Gyzome writes:

    Simply asking this here bcuz I’m too lazy to find another way to ask.

    Will you guys do the Haibane Renmei BD’s? They were released 22/07

    I’m giving it a serious thought, but there are no BDMVs available.

  31. Gar writes:

    Do you know where anon-chan is? Has she dropped her projects or just been away?

  32. Puff writes:


  33. Nidoran writes:

    Guess going to be easier to remux subs to volumes 1-4 of dance in vampire bund @ the rate anon-chan is going … benefits .. better choice of sub groups =p

  34. Ginka writes:

    Hello everybody, I have problem with subtitles. In fact i dont see them in whole episodes. Then they pop up from nowhere on ending. I’m not a tech spec, in fact I dont know much about codecs and stuff but untill now everything worked more than fine and I’ve never experienced such thing.

  35. nullx writes:

    I hope the will to finish this one is strong with coalgirls. Been loving the show so far watching Mazui’s releases; but after eight episodes of randomly stacked lines of text whenever more than one person is speaking I’m seriously hoping to have a cleaned up version of the series to archive. Rooting for coalgirls to see this one to completion (<3 teh BluRei).

  36. Ikari writes:

    Yeah, there’s no TokyoMX raws, past ep 2 it’s all TVK, the only other raw I have is TVA for ep 7 😐

  37. ars writes:

    cool beans

  38. Coal;Born writes:

    In depths of HDD I have ANE’s release downloaded in 2012. Somehow, I didn’t watched it yet(!) LOL
    Gonna replace it with yours now 😀

  39. snooze writes:

    “The Constant Rate Factor (CRF) is the default quality setting for the x264 encoder. You can set the values between 0 and 51, where lower values would result in better quality (at the expense of higher file sizes). Sane values are between 18 and 28. ”

    It says here you’re insane Coal Girls. Thanks for doing an old but awesome show.

  40. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    Thank You sincerely for the hard work and time you put into this release.
    This anime holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons.
    However even with that, I never could get past the generic character personalities.
    Maybe I’m just too jaded on this genre. Expecting unique and stand out characters from a genre that uses tried and true. Is like going to watch ducks and complaining that they are in fact not elephants.
    But regardless this show is way cute with one of the best narrations ever. That alone warrants an archiving. Story wise this one is on the weak side, then again it never was meant to be anything other then a different sitting designed to show of tried and true generic moe based characters in a different setting. The setting was wonderful, I really wish I could say the same for characters’ interactions and overall plot but unfortunately I found them bland at best. This however might be because I’ve watched a lot ( and by that I mean really a lot) of moe anime. Enough so that I’m actually able to see them in the abstract. Something that might be very detrimental to enjoying shows like this.
    Final word. A cute moe type of anime, good for light watching without having to think or concentrate deeply on the story or characters. Can be very enjoyable if you set your brain to hibernate and just go with where the story takes you. (it really is a nice ride) Bigger question might be why am I critiquing an anime release on a fansub site with a long winded soapbox style rant. No real reason, aside from the fact that I have a lot of memories of this anime. However it could have been almost any other anime, but it just happened to be this one. That and it is 6:30 AM an I’ve not slept right in ohh I’d say four or more weeks. Unless the odd two or three hours is now considered adequate sleep.
    Final thoughts (for real) If you want something cute and fun with no real depth. Then you found your cup of tea. If your looking for something to broaden your borders then this very likely won’t do.
    Purely as a comedy / romantic comedy this falls flat and is for better or worse too childish (for extra fun just take a look at what fairy tales were like say 500 years ago…dark so very dark) Another subjective weakness is that almost all anime use the high school club as a setting. With this being no exception. Again not this stories fault but one can’t help but shed a tear for all the potentially fun / wonderful / interesting / unique ideas setting and characters that have been lost to the mandatory mold of high school club setting. R.I.P originality we hardly knew ye. *end jaded rant*

    and P.S. the Narration in this anime rocks.

  41. poto writes:

    @Dancing with the Green Fairy
    Why dont you try something healthy instead of shortening your lifetime like this?

    The narrator was good…
    No, the narrator was the only good part of this show. I’ve seen the whole show back then and i was surprised to see it here again. Obviously, there are some people who like this show (for what reason ever).

    Well then, have fun watching it.

  42. skyhack writes:

    Thanks. Wish they’d’ve followed this up with another season, it was just starting to get good.

  43. Dancing with the Green Fairy writes:

    Mostly because I have a hellish schedule. Maybe there might be healthier things I could do with the time spent in a fuzzy daze between wake and sleep. But I find watching and once in a while commenting on anime strangely soothing.

    Thanks for thinking about my health. But this really isn’t more or less of a life waste then almost any other hobby. If you mean watching this anime in particular. Then one reason.
    Try narrating your mundane everyday life in your head using this anime’s narrator’s voice and style.
    A few times I almost cracked up laughing while filling the gas tank and doing other everyday tasks.
    Maybe even (one can hope) made a few people think I went squirrel nut postal.

    Cheers mate and happy watching.

  44. XangelMusic writes:

    There’s a problem with the first episode. At the end the episode stops abruptly at the Epilogue.

  45. dan writes:


  46. Nyx writes:

    agree with XangelMusic

  47. Flynn writes:

    Why is episode 1 just 23m21s long?
    The actual length of this episode is 23m41s in another BD release I watched. The “preview” part doesn’t have enough content.
    Could you fix it?

  48. chicagopiano writes:

    I also noticed the first episode’s preview ended suddenly.