Episodes – 14
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~3000 kbps 1280×720 @ ~1500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – gg (1-12, Heavily Modified), UTW (13-14, Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

85 Responses to Kämpfer

  1. Acucar writes:

    NoName: Never heard of it.
    Also: I can’t believe this won’t (probably) fit in a DVD5 because of the god damn 11m picture drama.
    I am disapoint =_=

  2. Bloodios writes:

    -Is wasting 11 precious minutes of this wonderful life your desire? If so, then look no further than here:
    Seriously, the Picture Drama is a toss!

  3. NoName writes:

    i am asking this one…not that 11 minutes crap



    so, can someone tell what’s this???

  4. Bloodios writes:

    Oh that…the myth…
    Joking aside, I wasn’t able to find anything about it either…I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  5. Bloodios writes:

    Never mind, just found them through Zero-Raws and Genesis-Raws (horrible quality by the way), apparently they’re specials/extras for each volume (there are six volumes, two episodes each.)
    Anyway, I don’t think Coalgirls would encode them, since they lack translations, unfortunately.

  6. coalgirls writes:

    I’m done with encoding Kampfer. Nothing more is going to be done. Go get the specials from Dmonhiro’s batch or something.

  7. Nghia writes:

    Go to nyaatorrents and search for kampfer extras

  8. Gaarara writes:

    Or you could go to Hiro’s website and get the ddl.
    if he sees this post then he might post the ddl here too 😀

  9. redCODE writes:

    This pack contains:
    1. Clean versions of the two openings and of the ending.
    2. The Kampfer picture drama, subbed by Hatsuyuki.
    3. Three extra scenes: Natsuru groping Shizuku, Natsuru and Akane changing (pictured above) and Shizuku’s extended shower scene.
    4. Clean transformations of Natsuru, Mikoto, Akane and Shizuku.

  10. Gaarara writes:

    @Nghia:I didn’t know Scrapped Princess was a Novel.
    so how different is it from the Anime?

  11. bonta-kun89 writes:

    batch where?

  12. Code537 writes:

    Thank you, icewolf612 and Nhgia for the MU links~~

  13. Nghia writes:

    Jap light novels are different in ways that one volume has events and a conclusion, anime tend to combine many events from different volumes and the timing of introduction of characters are different. I like the novel for the events unfolding slowly, but the anime for its good visual and fast pace, if the anime could follow the plot of the novel more closely then it would be big plus, but the anime studios do not have enough budget and incentive to follow the novel with only 12-24 episodes and 20 min each. I wish we could have a light novel company in the future that can release them faster. Tokyopop is very slow. Company should stop obtaining license for series that they cannot continue to translate, or they should work together with fan translation groups to finish series in quicker pace.

  14. Pisces writes:

    Please tell me what the difference of OP1 and OP2, i can’t see the difference.

  15. yubisakimilktea(shiki) writes:

    most anime studios waste there time on needless visuals or none worth while series,

    Mayoi Neko Overrun ~rant rant~
    ~rant rant~
    Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaro ~rant rant~
    ~rant rant~

    point being, low budget isn’t the problem, its someones taste in entertainment, and there interpretation of quality/meaningful story is. im pretty sure if they used the better story/story material they’d get better sales.

    afterall it works for kyoto animations.

  16. Gaarara writes:

    @Pisces:Mikoto’s got an extra part in the 2nd one in her Kampfer Form.

  17. tendo writes:

    The endings in eps 11 and 12 (1080p version) appear to be corrupted. Re-download with no luck, checked the hashes and they match up with the hash given in the file name. Anyone else notice this as well?

  18. Onii chan writes:

    Episode 14 is out and 13 will be out later

  19. billy writes:

    I have commie’s 1080p.

    It’s a bigger file size, about 15 GB. Should I bother downloading this? I am just seeking the best version for archival purposes.

  20. Sayer writes:

    Just curious! Will you be encoding the two new episodes?

  21. Petrushka writes:

    looks like i’m a weeaboo

  22. CTS writes:

    Thanx for this!!!

  23. xeon_1 writes:

    Thx for the last two episodes.

  24. info writes:

    thanks for subs. minor at the start of ep 2 (~0:05), subs say sakura, but it should be akane (sort of a spoiler there)

  25. Sayer writes:

    Thank you!

  26. Cat Herder writes:

    Thank you so much for putting out these releases. I’m having a bit of an issue with the video during the OP and ED sequences, the episodes play fine but when the songs play there’s visual artefacts and the screen basically flashes between black and squares. Is anyone aware of what causes this?

  27. Marius writes:

    Hey I was just wondering is it true that there is an second season coming for Kampfer?

  28. CJAnti writes:

    720p DDL EP10 offline

  29. Akira writes:

    Couldn’t find my other posting or where it was at but I will mentioned here the batch release of Kampfer will not play correctly in VLC it starts and goes straight to the end the specials works fine but the main series doesn’t play.

  30. Nero writes:

    Seed pls 🙁

    im almost done but stuck in 87% 🙁

  31. Noob writes:

    Can anyone seed please i’m only getting 50 kb/s – 100 kb/s or nearly none at all sometimes >_< thanks.

  32. Ben writes:


  33. AJ writes:

    Do you think you might be able to re-seed this?

  34. JackThePirate writes:

    Please seed stuck at 43%