Episodes – 14
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~3000 kbps 1280×720 @ ~1500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – gg (1-12, Heavily Modified), UTW (13-14, Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

85 Responses to Kämpfer

  1. illl4ever writes:

    I cannot connect to any seed ???

  2. Nestor writes:

    Need seeds for 720p ep 1-4.

  3. 12 writes:

    do you have DDL?

  4. DrewHLMW writes:

    is there any difference from the tv broadcast other than picture quality?

  5. Pisces writes:

    is this project dropped ???

    There’ll be 4 more episodes coming out in the next month. If we get $75 more in donations it’ll be 6.

  6. ChrisK writes:

    An ‘ä’ for your title.

  7. Loli writes:


    Thank you =:)

  8. Romeyo007 writes:

    is there any error in episode 05 the episode keep repeating the same scene many time

    Don’t use VLC.

  9. Romeyo007 writes:

    I’m using MPC CCCP

    Then your setup is wrong or the file is corrupt. I just played the file flawlessly on my computer.

  10. Romeyo007 writes:

    I will re downloaded again and see or play it on my other pc thanks though

  11. waleedtg writes:

    does the bd version have any extra content or just the quality difference?

  12. unellmay writes:

    Nogizaka is terrible though

  13. 21 writes:

    I keep re-downloading the 1080 version, but keep getting a corrupt file with no audio. Is it just me?

  14. anihvl writes:

    is there an error with the downloads? i keep getting GG subs >:-O

  15. Chibi209 writes:

    Anyone else got glitchy OP/ED besides me?

  16. 21 writes:

    Make that the 720 subs. I would guess my codec settings are really off, but nothing on my computer can detect any audio with any of the releases and they all say all the files are corrupt no matter how many times I download it :/

  17. 21 writes:

    I meant make that the 720 releases too*

  18. aniluv writes:

    Hope someone who downloaded can provide ddl, torrent is way too slow for the earlier releases…

  19. ChaelMi writes:

    hoping for DDL Links!

  20. Nghia writes:

    For codec, use cccp and coreavc, turn off h264 in cccp setting, coreavc can play 1080p on an old pc, but only without subtitles. I tried to play Kampfer BD raw 1080p and it works with no slowing down of animation at all compare with using K-lite or only cccp.
    If anyone wants DDL links I can provide them but wait till school over on Friday because I got 3 finals. Then I will upload them. 1-4 had been uploaded before but the comments containing those links were deleted, so I probably only need to upload 5 and 6 because re-uploading an existing file on megaupload is super fast.

  21. BJ writes:

    any chance for a DDL for 720p

  22. 21 writes:

    Yeah, I use the CoreAVC/CCCP combo too. No idea what’s going on, since apparently it works fine on their computers T_T

  23. CoalTits writes:

    720p plays fine on both my desktop- using klite, and on my laptop- using cccp, both on default settings (didn’t tweak anything upon install, don’t know much anyway). Installed them both about 6 months ago, haven’t updated them since but everything I play works so..

  24. Shawn writes:

    1080p ep3 to 6 (op and ed having problems)
    -op and ed both show green dots
    -at some parts is partially viewable
    no problems with ep1 and 2

  25. redCODE writes:

    1080p OP and ED are separated from the main episodes(ordered chapters), and they play fine on my computer.
    Problem may have st to do with CoreAVC 1.95 or your OP and ED are corrupted. Try to use CoreAVC 2 -> if ur using v2.0 then try downloading OP and ED again.

  26. Craggy writes:

    cant believe you used ‘motherfucker’ for ep 5

  27. Nghia writes:

    actually that term was originally from gg-subs

  28. Juancho writes:

    anybody got link for episode 7-8 720p?

  29. ar writes:

    Cool stuff 🙂 Would be nice if you do upload the bdiso’s for vol.3 onwards when you’re able to, since the PD/share upper got caught/whatever and isn’t upping them anymore.

  30. Craggy writes:

    yea but i was hoping they would edit it. to ‘bitch’ or something better.

  31.   writes:


    ‘Cause there’s totally a difference between “bitch” and “motherfucker”. They’re both words. If you don’t like it, that’s your own problem. Edit the subs if you care so much.

  32. Craggy writes:

    well yea there is a difference to them.
    ‘They’re both words.’ derp
    Don’t mind it, just pointed it out.
    Already did.

  33. blarg writes:

    Thanks so much for the MU links…
    tried the torrents and they are pretty much dead.

  34. ironlungs writes:

    Are you going to be doing the blu-ray specials?

  35. sage1210 writes:

    I also heard about BD omakes too.

    Are you gonna sub them ?

    Or it just the pile of junk that not worth for sub ?

  36. Setsuna-vi writes:

    is it me or are the 720p links leading ot 1080p

    and 1080p links leading no where

    talking about episodes 7-8

  37. Dalton writes:

    please mu links

    torrent 1080p is dead.

  38. Setsuna-vi writes:

    lol @ everyone being capped out at 94.8

  39. Delitto writes:

    Where are the seeders for EP9-10 (720p)? Been stuck at 22.9% for hours.

  40. wman writes:

    No seeds for ep9-10 (1080p) 🙁

  41. tubefreq writes:

    @wman: Welcome to Coalgirls’ Torrent Hell!

  42. Dalton writes:

    probably all 1080p torrents are dead =/

  43. aniluv writes:

    Soon u can find coalgirls torrent on bakabt with a large number of seeds. Until then, just be patient.

  44. Shawn writes:

    How are the 1080p torrents dead LOL? im getting dl speeds from 300kbps to 1.3 mbps ! I Love Y’all SEEDERS!

  45. NoName writes:

    i think kampfer got BD special, is that true?

  46. icewolf612 writes:

    yes thats true, Hatsuyuki subbed it

  47. NoName writes:

    @ icewolf612 & Acucar

    Did you mean that 11 minutes picture drama? I think kampfer got another BD special:
    1. 11 minutes picture drama (Hatsuyuki subbed it)
    2. Fan service special (just like seikon no qwaser/ladies vs butlers! special). i am asking the second one.

  48. icewolf612 writes:

    and here are the last two episodes
    1080p DDL (Megaupload):
    E11: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IF7FF47J
    E12: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ULDBK8GH

  49. Nghia writes:

    I wish somebody translate the Kampfer novel, it ended and 14 raw volume had been scanned. Light novels localized in USA are disappointing, the companies got the license to translate the novel so fans translation group have to drop those projects such as Shakugan no Shana, but then they only translate a couples volumes like 2 ore 3 then stall due to low sale? Been waiting for Tokyopop and Viz to continue with Shana, Full Metal Panic, and Scrapped Princess, maybe in 50 more years until I grow old…