Kara no Kyoukai

Type: Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue + Remix)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit)
Subs: Track 1: gg-TakaJun (restyled)
Track 2: Retail (restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent


  • I watched it in 1080p, but I can’t really tell if it’s worth the extra space. You decide.
  • If you watch this at normal distance to your TV, you shouldn’t notice most of the crappy parts. Looks quite good actually.
  • Part 5 is a bit huge because the entire movie was plastered with grain.
  • The chronological order of the parts is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, (Remix,) 7, Epilogue. Watch it in this order if you want to have an easier understanding of the story. Or just watch the Remix after Part 6.

406 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai

  1. ronri writes:

    I’m still alive. Taking advice from people here, I was originally coordinating with someone who offered me help in acting as a second translator (sort of as an editor). That said, they haven’t gotten back to me for a while so I’ll be contacting them soon to see if they’re still up for checking my work.

    I do apologize if the subs for Movie 5 are taking quite a while. Due to the heavier dialogue and all the philosophical musings, it has (admittedly) been quite a struggle. That said, I’m confident that I can finish the subs for Movie 5 around mid-April (end of April at the latest if I still need to touch it up).

  2. KaitouKid writes:

    Cant make backup for movie 5 size too much for DVD’s

  3. geso writes:

    >using DVDs for anything

  4. iakoboss7 writes:

    hello, its the last day of april, how is subbing going? thanks for your hard work 🙂

  5. ronri writes:


    Uggghhh… work on the subs got delayed because parents dragged us around for family gatherings within the last couple of weeks in April. Still, Movie 5 subs are nearly done though, I should be able to send it to ChrisK by the end of next week. Same as before, I’m including what are essentially loose translation notes to accompany the subs.

  6. Astara writes:

    What probs did people have with ep5 that the subs needed redoing, the 23G size? I think ep5 was my fav…

    Is there any place where you can look and see #seeds & #peers or client&countries like
    the peer list on baka?

    FWIW, I was so annoyed by the $600 price tag for a limited edition in the US that was only available for about a month, that I’m still seeding this one (file dates on the original
    downloads were from 2011).

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. ronri writes:

    Due to a recent altercation (which I simply DO NOT want to get into right now), I ended up losing a huge chunk of the progress I had with the Movie 5 subs. This has been…. very frustrating on my part (putting it really lightly here) as I was really excited about this and was nearly done with the subs until this problem arose.

    I’m currently trying to retrieve the files I lost which could take a while, but worst case scenario I may end up finishing the subs by late July if I can’t get any of that progress back (late June at the earliest). I know some folks might be unhappy with this. The frustration on my part couldn’t possibly be matched at this point since I really want to get this done for you all. I hope that people here understand that.

    @Astara: Movies 5 and 7 are the only ones that didn’t receive the same special treatment that the other films got in terms of GG modifying the Aniplex retail subs. Although I do plan to work on the entire series (since I recall GG sticking with some of the mistakes from the Retail subs), I had planned to release my own modified subs for Movies 5 and 7 just for that. The subs for Movie 7 (though not final) are done for the most part, so now I’m currently working to finish the subs for Movie 5…

  8. aj writes:

    Hi everyone am new here. Can anyone please tell me what the problem with the 1080p version is?Any other problems?

  9. aj writes:

    Thanks bro thats reassuring 🙂 Whats this drama about subs?

  10. Lazerlaz writes:

    How do I play these videos? Which player do I need?

  11. Maksym Cookie writes:

    @Lazerlaz just use VLC or CCCP 🙂

  12. Bruno writes:

    Does that mean you’re still planning to release an updated Movie 5 & 7 in the future with a size the same with the rest of the film series (2gb more or less)?
    Or is the 20GB size of movie 5 and 10GB size of movie 7 the final product of your work?

  13. Bruno writes:

    Ahhh. Im just getting the gist of things here. Ronri’s work is just updating the subs, not doing a new encode of the Movies 5 & 7. That’s too bad. Does that mean that Movies 5 & 7 are really the final encodes of the movie?

  14. Canaria23 writes:

    do you have a subtitle file for the Epilogue? the torrents that I found are all dead. if you have it would be a great help, please and thank you.

  15. pokeslap writes:

    I’d recommend everyone to watch with the retail subs. While they unfortunately don’t use honorifics, I would say they are arguably better and more faithful at conveying the original work to the viewer.

  16. Liselote writes:

    Hello I am trying to download the 1080p torrent and I am not getting any trackers so I am wondering if the torrent is ok or if it is just a problem with my pc. I am using Vuze to download the torrent.

  17. Shiroi writes:

    Could someone please extract the subtitles (.srt, .ass, whatever format is used) from the files and post them here? I only found ronri’s subs for the seventh movie. Thank you very much!

  18. Rakurai writes:

    Just tried watching movie 2, is there a known bug with it or something on 720p as tried listening to it and there are no voices im just curious how the hell you guess subbed it when they don’t speak, like there is sound but no voices

    Is it the movie or is it my players can’t seem to figure it the hell out and I use K-lite but same thing happens with VLC

  19. Rakurai writes:

    still havn’t found a resolution but for some reason kara no kyoukai 720p hates my vlc and media player classic which I haven’t yet figures out it’s issue but this will work with mpv without issue.

  20. Name_taken writes:

    Any progress on the subs?

  21. geo writes:

    I uploaded modified version of KnK subs for movies 1-7+ remix.
    They are based on Pretentious (heavily modified retail subs) +gg fansub and shinsen-subs release.
    I included ronri’s modified version for movie 7 as well, with a different font and a handful of minor changes.

    there’s a readme included if you want more detailed info.
    hope you enjoy it!


  22. Shashank writes:

    I can’t open the fifth part. Why