Kara no Kyoukai

Type: Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue + Remix)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit)
Subs: Track 1: gg-TakaJun (restyled)
Track 2: Retail (restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent


  • I watched it in 1080p, but I can’t really tell if it’s worth the extra space. You decide.
  • If you watch this at normal distance to your TV, you shouldn’t notice most of the crappy parts. Looks quite good actually.
  • Part 5 is a bit huge because the entire movie was plastered with grain.
  • The chronological order of the parts is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, (Remix,) 7, Epilogue. Watch it in this order if you want to have an easier understanding of the story. Or just watch the Remix after Part 6.

406 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai

  1. YJ writes:

    Thanks for the subs ronri. I really love this anime!!

  2. Max writes:


    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m nowhere near as a fan of KnK as you obviously are. I also only just finished movie 7. So I’m a newbie. But still, given how much in awe I have been of it ever since I started with KnK 1 just a few weeks ago, I can say that this anime is likely one of the best things I have ever seen in the audiovisual medium. So the existing CG subs didn’t do too much harm to my enjoyment.

    It is great to read how much it helped you during your difficult time. I really hope your 2014 will be infinitely better than 2013. And good luck with the new subs. If this project is so personal for you, it will probably turn out great. Thanks for releasing it, once you’re done.

    Best of luck! 🙂

  3. Anon writes:

    Thanks for this! This is quite possibly my favourite anime movie series of all time. Nice to see there’s still interest in these movies. Any rough ETA on the new subs?

  4. TheUberAsian writes:

    Will you guys be working on Kara no Kyoukai Mirai Fukuin soon?

  5. Offkorn writes:


  6. ronri writes:


  7. ronri writes:

    So I’ve recently been going back and forth, comparing gg’s newer subs (dubbed as Pretentious subs on ANE’s release as mentioned before here). From what I can tell, they provide the best subs since they’re modified subs of the retail version, arguably even more streamlined than the retail ones (essentially what I’ve been doing this whole damn time *facepalm*). But one noticeable thing about their Pretentious subs is that they’re missing subs for Movies 5 and 7 since I heard that gg never got around to modifying the subs for those two films (which is a shame since they’re both essentially the climax of the series). So here’s a new plan I’d like some feedback on: I’ll still be slowly working on a full set for the series, but would it make people happy if I can provide patch subs for Movies 5 and 7 first here in the comments section? I’d also like to ask, what’s the best file hosting site to post .ASS files for anime stuff like these? (just being careful and all)

    Movie 7 is practically the most complete sub right now, including a fully revised ED lyrics and all, and with a few more tweaks, it’s practically done (after all, it was the one that spurred me on to do this project in the first place). While I’m currently working on 1, 2 and 6 (was gonna start 3 soon), I can simply divert my attention away from those films and actually start on Movie 5 now if people would prefer that. So if I can post the subs for Movies 5 and 7 (since they’re the ones that are lacking a cleaned-up version) within the next month or so (I predict Movie 7 coming a lot sooner though), would that make people happy for the time being?

    Of course, I’ll still get around to finishing the whole series for Coalgirls’ potential new release of the series, but I’m just curious if people simply want files of cleaned up subs for Movies 5 and 7 since they’re the only ones without any modified subs out there (Movie 7 has it the worst imo tho since both retail and the original gg were all over the place in some bits).

  8. Danphou writes:


    Thanks for the update, for the .ASS files you could try MEGA or Dropbox or Mediafire… So release Movie 5 and 7 first people can see the work you’ve done so they could you feedback!

    Wait, are you doing patches and .ass files, because if you do patches only, I wouldn’t be able to use it, since I kind of muxed a different source to get better quality?

  9. Grimm6Jack writes:

    Hi. I would like to ask you guys, if you are going to do the final movie of this great series, movie 8, Mirai Fukuin??

  10. You know, for kids! writes:

    Are you doing Future Gospel?

  11. Fadeout writes:

    When you post the subs files could you post a set for ALL movies?

    Because the Pretentious releases are basically impossible to get now, so the subs themselves can’t be obtained easily. So it would be nice if you made a temporary package with the best current subs for all movies.

  12. Jeffrey Kiu writes:

    Are you guys working on newest movie “Mirai Fukuin” of Kara no Kyoukai ? If u guys working on it, I can wait lol

  13. Gboki writes:


    keep it up! don’t let the faithless bring you down! never tried fansubbing ever but I owe too much too the people who take the time to do this to ever act like spoiled idiots who demand speed and whine about inconsistencies later. Take your time refine your work and prove the haters wrong!

    P.S. I personally find filecloud, sharebeast, fileserve, and zippy share to be quite good but that’s just based on my personal preference and experience.

  14. ronri writes:


    Honestly I can understand people’s discontent. I promised, I gave dates, I failed to deliver (basically I was overconfident that I could do this in such a short time). That said I do appreciate the kind words and I definitely won’t back down on this project (I’m active enough within the KNK fandom that I won’t suddenly disappear just because of one screw-up from before, especially over a series that I love so much).

    Not so much a status update and more of “good news” sort of thing, but currently I’ve been trying to contact a fellow fan of the series for some advice when picking the most appropriate (read: not awkward) word choices being used by various translations of the different subs.

  15. Gboki writes:

    lol never thought I’d get a reply right away. on a different note I was reading around and was wondering how to implement the subs files onto the video. I already have all seven KNK movies. I got em from a streaming site using IDM. I noticed that the subs were kinda iffy and to be honest I’m not picky with the subs but would take the better if an alternative existed. currently torrenting the ones from gg but heck that kinda takes forever. slow internet sucks and so I am running the assumption that downloading the sub files then implementing them myself would be the quicker choice. that is if I’m correct in thinking that sub files are way smaller than the actual video.

  16. SaintlyFlame writes:

    Well Ronri, when i was first reading some of the negative comments posted towards you, i was quite frankly, expecting you to have an angry/bashing rebuttal. But instead, i saw you explain yourself and even admit to some of the mistakes that you have made recently. To simply put it, as a random stranger, i am impressed. You would not normally see that on the internet now a-days. You just mostly see people tossing in opinions, while randomly pointing at one another’s wrong doings. So for you, i applaud your actions and think good things will come from you in the near future.

    From a stranger named:
    ~ SaintlyFlame

  17. user245125 writes:

    Almost two years passed and this faggot still haven’t showed us anything. I feel sorry for myself and everyone else who decided that it’s worth to wait after seeing his comment back then.

  18. dirtyharry writes:


  19. ronri writes:

    I do apologize (yeah I still exist and I’m not going anywhere) and I don’t blame you guys for the name-calling now especially given the ridiculous circumstance of it all. I honestly feel terrible for delaying this for almost two years but hey sh!t really happens and I was too naive when I first embarked on the project as if nothing would come in my way. Still, I’d be lying if I’m not determined to finish this. I’ll admit it was immature of me to voice out and list my personal problems like before as if that should excuse the delays and promise. I was definitely not in a right state of mind so I truly apologize as I felt bad for lashing out at people like that. The project is still ongoing, though what’s a bit annoying is that back then I was still inexperienced with subbing so recently I have been re-formatting some of the old stuff I worked on (basically it’s constant double-checking on my part since I’ve improved a lot now compared to back when I first started on this). I’m currently projecting that I’ll finish Movie 7 subs by end of May (start of June at the very latest), just so by then I should be able to AT LEAST put up something to prove that I wasn’t BS’ing people here or calling out for attention.

    Again I truly apologize, I can accept the name-calling given the circumstance of it all as two years is just plain ridiculous (yeah I know, but having your head screwed over can make time fly by so fast it’s actually pretty damn scary when I look back at it all). Still I’m not gonna throw the towel, I love KNK. I want to spread the love for it and I feel that this is something that could help people get into it even more. So no, I’m not giving up on this. People can give up on me and that’s perfectly understandable, heck even the insults/name-calling are justified at this point, but I will not give up on this series not when I feel like it deserves better subs (even if they’re just tweaks of existing ones).

  20. Dice writes:

    Aww, don’t be sad because somebody called you names.
    Might be better next time you start working on something to not give a specific release date, but go like: “…when it’s done”, so people don’t wait for it and get frustrated.

    I’m very curious about these subs.
    Having tried to translate japanese before, I know how there can be lots of different translations for the same line and picking the “best” can take very long, because they all have their own charm (sometimes there may even be an intended double-meaning, which can be hard or impossible to translate).
    In the end most people just want to know what is going on though. People mostly won’t care if the line they read is the most poetic sounding of all translations or how many hours it took you to come up with it, so you gotta understand their impatience. I bet most people think: “Accurate subs WHERE?!”

  21. Henry C writes:


    Hey! I’m a new fan of this series and I think what you’re doing is really cool. Unfortunately, I see that there has been some negative comments thrown your way lately. I personally would love to see the subs that you have been working on. However, that being said, it’s your personal project and I am glad that you have decided to share it when you are done. Understandably, I can see why people are frustrated after waiting for so long. If people don’t want to wait anymore then they don’t have to. If some do want to see these subs, then more power to them. Maybe you shouldn’t have made any promises or kept the project a secret until you were done, but it’s your own project after all. You mentioned that maybe you shouldn’t have listed all your problems, but I don’t think that makes any of the issues that you faced any less significant. Don’t just accept the name calling and insults, although it’s not like any of us can stop someone from making them. I hope you stay positive and strong and know that not all of us thinks ill of you. Good luck on your project!

  22. Shiki writes:


    How will your subs be released? I mean, are you gonna upload some .ASS files and we’ll have to mux them with the files here in the torrent? I ask since I want to know if should I wait to your release to download the movies or just begin to download them right now. You know, the sizes are HUGE, so.

    Thanks in advance and hope you’re a doing well.

  23. ronri writes:

    @Dice: Yeah I got way too excited back then and I honestly thought I could finish this in record time (should’ve been less upfront about this since I started). Also you’re right, honestly I think that’s my problem. I take too long thinking whether one word is better than the other and I end up spending too much time on just a couple of lines. Hopefully I pick up the pace as I go along with each film.

    @HenryC: I appreciate the gesture so thanks really. Also it’s always great to see a new fan of the series. ^_^

    @Shiki: I’m releasing them as files here so people can get them piece by piece. Those who have the files already can just DL the modded subs and mux them onto their own, so you don’t have to wait for me before grabbing the current ones available. So basically, just feel free to download them as they are now. Mixing in my subs should be easy enough (I’ve done it a couple of times to check how they look on the screen and if anyone needs help there’s plenty of tutorials out there).

    Anyway Movie 7 should be done soon so people can try it out themselves. It just needs a few more tweaks with some of the timing. I should say though, the ones I’m putting out here in the comments aren’t going to be the final version of the subs (yet). I’m just putting out what I’ve done so people can have a look at them and see what I can improve on (so any constructive crit/feedback would be good). Again, it’s not like these are subbed from scratch (since some of the retail/fan subs got the lines right anyway) but more like a “refined” version of the existing ones, so don’t expect an entirely new script or anything.

  24. ronri writes:

    Doing some final roundups on Movie 7 subs. I’m producing two subs that are essentially identical, but one has the honorifics and the other doesn’t, just so people can choose on their own to see which fits better. I still haven’t decided on which site I’ll upload it on, does anyone have any preferred site/recommendations for the “safest” one where I can to put it up? This should be ready come Friday/Saturday so there shouldn’t be any worries at this point.

  25. Sejin writes:

    I’m considering importing the KNK Blu-rays, but I’ve heard that the subs on those are slightly less refined than on the AoA DVD release, so I wanted to see them for myself before deciding whether or not to make the purchase. I was initially under the impression that the CoalGirls subs (which I was going to use to make the comparison) were the retail BD subs, but after reading all of the comments on this page, I’m a little confused about that.

    If I understand what people are saying correctly, it seems like the retail subs that CoalGirls is using are not a direct verbatim rip from the BDs, but are instead a polished version of the BD retail subs. Is this correct? If so, is there somewhere I could find a direct, unaltered rip of the retail BD subs to compare to the retail DVD subs? I considered just looking on streaming sites, but I have no way of knowing what subs a particular stream uses.

    Any help, suggestions, or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  26. Sejin writes:

    I noticed a difference between the retail DVD subs and your restyled retail subs sourced from the Blu-ray. It’s in the 2nd film around 22:23 when SHIKI is telling Kokutou about himself and Shiki. The line directly before it is “In the simplest terms, it’s a dual personality.” Then it shows SHIKI writing his and Shiki’s names in kanji on a napkin. That’s subtitled in both the DVD subs and your retail subs. Directly after that, SHIKI says, “I’m SHIKI and the one you usually see is Shiki.” The subtitle for this sentence is missing from your retail subs. Is that due to an error in encoding (or whatever the correct term is)? Or is that sentence’s subtitle literally missing from the Blu-ray version of the film?

  27. Sejin writes:

    Sorry to make yet another post, but I wanted to add a bit to my previous post about the subtitle differences, and I don’t think I can simply edit it. Anyways, I went back through the same scene again with your retail subs, and then with the other subtitle track with the gg-Takajun subs, and neither track has subtitles for that line.

    • ChrisK writes:

      you mean this line?

      Yes, the retail subs are missing this line, but gg-TakaJun has it. Don’t ask me why.

      Edit: Thinking about it again, the dumb OCR software probably lost it due to collision with the sign.

  28. Sejin writes:

    Yeah, that one.

    Wait…when you say the retail subs don’t have the line, are you talking about your encoded, styled subs for the movie file? Or is the line missing on the actual physical retail Blu-ray disc? Sorry for any possible redundancy, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.

    • ChrisK writes:

      I’m talking about what is in my release. The original Blu-ray *probably* had that line, but I don’t have it anymore/currently so I can’t check.

  29. ronri writes:

    I apologize for the delay ChrisK. Even though I’m done with the Movie 7 subs now, Sejin just got me a little curious so I whipped out my KNK dvds just to double-check if any lines were different/missing for Movie 7 in comparison to the CG files. It shouldn’t be long though, and once I’m done checking I’ll quickly email you what would be the first files of the modified subs (specifically for Movie 7 only).

  30. ChrisK writes:

    Okay, here are the subs for Movie 7 edited by ronri:


  31. ronri writes:

    Just thought I’d drop a message since the first subs have been posted by ChrisK above me:

    First of all, these first subs are for Movie 7 only, so the whole project is still on-going. I should mention that these are only modified subs made from the existing BD-DVD retail subs and the original gg-TakaJun fansubs (with contextual reference from the novel for some insight), so it’s not like I did everything from scratch, mind you. Much as I may have claimed in the past that I’ll produce the most “definitive” subs, I’ll say right now that this isn’t true, as these new ones are still based on existing subtitles; ones that I’ve simply modified to the best of my abilities as a fan of Kara no Kyoukai.

    I’ve included two versions of the subs depending on which one people might prefer. So it’s up to you folks to use whichever one suits your viewing preference. The main subs are similar to the gg-TakaJun fansubs’ limited use of honorifics (save for notable moments when they’re important to the narrative/conversation), whereas the second version includes full honorifics. Included with the two subtitle files are notes that summarize the main changes I’ve made for each scene in the film. I should mention that these are very informal and serve more as journal logs explaining why I made certain changes to the subtitles, so don’t expect anything too in-depth.

    Now I honestly felt bad for delaying this project for so long and there’s no excusing some of my earlier behavior (to which I’m still sorry for), but I’ll have you know that I have not given up on this and I hope this is enough proof to show that I’m still determined to finish this project. For now, I hope you all enjoy these new modified subs for the 7th film. ^_^

  32. ssjokg writes:

    I always thought that people that work on something for free and also share it for free, just because they want to do it, shouldn’t feel apologetic for anything.

    Anyway, thank you ronri for your work on this!

  33. Shiki writes:

    @ronri: First of all, thanks for your release of Movie 7. The matter is, I’ve been wanting to do my own release of the movies but with Spanish subs. I’m pretty sure that by now you probably guessed out why I’m telling you this, but if that’s not case, I’d like to know if I can use your subs for my release. I haven’t watched the 7th movie using your subs yet, but I’m confident in that you did a great work. I’m looking to have your permission, since like you I’m huge fan of the series and I want to have the better subs as a source of translation. Thanks in advance and hope you’re doing well.

  34. Gunshi writes:

    Is there anyway to fasten my DL besides my net? :O Like a new tracker or Reseed it, something like that? :O Oh, Thank you btw!

  35. Gunshi writes:

    ^Is there any way to make my DL speed faster? :O Like a new tracker or reseeding it, something like that? Thank you for uploading it btw! (GAWDemmit wrong guramar) Sorry for double posting.

  36. snakeman writes:

    patch for rori subs pls

  37. Ouros writes:

    Are these subs are compatible with the ANE version? It would be a lot easier to use those than downloading the whole series again.

  38. Ouros writes:

    P.S. Thanks for your work ronri!

  39. ronri writes:

    Thanks everyone! I’m still working on the others though, so hopefully this first one is enough to show that this is an actual thing that’s still happening.

    @Ouros: Some folks have claimed that it should work fine on the ANE releases, though I have yet to try that out myself with my own subs.

  40. Jello writes:

    Are your subs part of the torrent currently provided ronri?

  41. troy writes:

    Late to the game, but can anyone reseed Cosmico’s version of the 5th movie (denoised/degrained)? or provide some kind of download method for it?

  42. miner girls writes:

    Is the newest movie included?

  43. inso writes:

    @ronri any news? how’s the 5th movie coming along?

  44. ronri writes:

    @inso: Literally just finished my studies for this year a few days ago, so I’m actually free to work on it now. It still won’t be coming for a while but rest assured I’ll be working on it as best as I can within the next two months.

  45. inso writes:

    @ronri That’s cool. I’m in no hurry as I have a giant backlog of shit I still want to watch so I’m just glad you’re still working on it. From what I’ve seen Kara no Kyoukai looks exactly like my type of anime so I’ll gladly wait for better subtitles. Thanks in advance.

  46. Chris Torrens writes:

    Hello guys
    I’m ok with subs but any chance that this torrent has a dub/dual audio version of it?
    If there are extra features that would be awesome
    Thanks and more power

  47. ez1ollie writes:

    Thanks for the release! Just wondering why are movies 5 & 7 such big files? The other movies are all 2-3 GB, but 5 is 23.3 GB and 7 is 9.4 GB.

  48. Mr. B writes:

    Coalgirl, Mirai Fukuin please?

  49. abbe writes:

    ez1ollie: probably because of grain or other noisiness in the picture, which makes the encoding harder.

    Also wanna second Mr. B’s question of Mirai Fukuin!

  50. Shirogai writes:

    I will also agree with Mr.B and abbe, Mirai Fukuin would be great to see.
    Also, if possible it would be nice to have a project status update from Ronri given that it has been 4 and a half months since his last update.
    Anyway, thanks for the hard work on this fantastic series, I look forward to any form of response.