Kara no Kyoukai

Type: Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue + Remix)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit)
Subs: Track 1: gg-TakaJun (restyled)
Track 2: Retail (restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent


  • I watched it in 1080p, but I can’t really tell if it’s worth the extra space. You decide.
  • If you watch this at normal distance to your TV, you shouldn’t notice most of the crappy parts. Looks quite good actually.
  • Part 5 is a bit huge because the entire movie was plastered with grain.
  • The chronological order of the parts is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, (Remix,) 7, Epilogue. Watch it in this order if you want to have an easier understanding of the story. Or just watch the Remix after Part 6.

406 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai

  1. Daniel writes:


    How will you be releasing the whole thing, will you use both nyaa and tokyotosho and will they be in .ass files? And I’ve heard that you will be using ANE’s files and will there only be 720p since 1080p is upscale? Also sorry for asking so much, I know you have so much to do…

  2. ronri writes:

    Definitely .ass files. However way I’ll release it is still being determined (though Nyaa is being considered). Currently using Coalgirls’ 1080p subs as the basis (which can also work for their 720p files), since I’m told that they can easily be muxed with ANE’s files, but we’ll see.

  3. shns0 writes:

    Hey Ronri, if you need any help with replacing the script, muxing and everything I’d be glad to help. Very interested with your work.

  4. ronri writes:

    Just so everyone knows, yes this is still going and yes I actually monitor the comments on here every now and then. I’ll admit that I’m just currently busy with studies as I’m trying to balance between working on the subs and the workload I have. In that regard I can’t say for certain that this will be released any time real soon. Truth be told, the only real help I’ll probably need are actually to do with proofreading the dialogue (basically just some advice on potential grammar mistakes in case I missed something). In that regard, I’m considering the idea of posting a sort of prototype version of the subs once I’ve finished editing them.

  5. shns0 writes:

    If you upload what you’ve already made for now, I’m pretty sure lots of people including myself would be glad to help with the QCing

  6. IZEROII writes:

    Yes take the help from the people who are willing to help you. You still have final say so in the final product but if it will cut down on the processing time then take their help. Work smart in a group not hard by yourself.

  7. ronri writes:


    It’s not so much an issue of working hard by myself (believe me that’s exactly what this needs if it’s to be done right), it’s just an issue of balancing my time to do it. I love the series and I simply want to shed some light on some of the little details that were either misinterpreted or missed by the translations. This is something I’ve personally taken upon myself in my own time as a fan, not as a subbing group or anything like that. The thing is, the edits are done based on my own knowledge and interpretive understanding of the series, so it’s not the kind of information that I can easily relay for people to do the work for me. With that in mind, I’d like to ask for a bit of patience. In terms of sheer principle and organization, I’d also rather deliver the subs in one go than having to scrape around picking the pieces as I move along. It’ll make it easier for everyone to grab them in one go as well as pick apart the subs (if they want to).

  8. ronri writes:


    Furthermore, if one must know, the reason why the subs were constantly being delayed were due to personal problems I was experiencing at the time. While I don’t want to disclose the exact details of these issues, they were big enough to have truly affected my state of mind during that period of time. I know that people are eager to see revisions of the current subs and I perfectly understand that but please do realize that I’m willingly offering my own spare time to offer you guys the best quality subs that I could possibly make based on my own knowledge of the series. Some people are satisfied enough with CG and ANE’s release (and that’s totally fine) whereas I’m not. I’d like for everyone to at least recognize the fact that I’m actually trying my best to offer these new subs, giving my own time for what’s literally more or less a treat on my part. I’ve even gone out of my way to grab ANE’s release just so I can fine-tune the subs even further. So I simply ask you to please be patient. While I recognize those who want to offer some help (and I do appreciate the gesture), it’s really not necessary, most notably on the editing side of this project. Contrary to what some may think, it isn’t completely the timing/editing/muxing that’s making this a slow process (those parts I’m perfectly fine with), it’s mainly the interpretive side of it, in which I’m basically using my knowledge of the series all while taking into account of the context shown in the novel to interpret the intended meaning and proper voice behind the dialogue segments (including the various characters tone of voice, all of which I’m very critical about). Obviously, in the case of a dialogue-heavy series like KNK (albeit a film series filled with multiple characters and various philosophical monologues), this isn’t exactly the kind of thing I’d want to rush.

  9. ChrisK writes:

    Depending on time and resources, I *may* make a re-release with your reworked subs when they are done.

  10. dirtyharry writes:

    Sure thing, ronri. We’ll wait.

    I just hope the sequel doesn’t come out first. XD

  11. ronri writes:

    I’d definitely be more than happy to offer my subs if you guys want so you can have a look at them once they’re done.

    Actually that’s the plan. I hope to release these at least before Mirai Fukuin comes out or gets translated. So at least in regards to that, you need not worry. ^_^

  12. johnlukepacard writes:

    Good to see you’re still at it ronri.Looking forward to it. On a different note anyone know how these (specifically the 1080p release) compare to ANE? Speaking of which their episode 5 is also quite large. Why not de-grain it a bit? To much detail loss?

  13. IZEROII writes:

    Just accept that KnK will take up a sizable chunk of space. I have ANEs release. I don’t know if it is better than this 1080p. But I always go with ANE bc they do great work. Too bad they are dead now.

  14. EpicOnePiece writes:

    They aren’t. And no offence to ChrisK’s efforts, but yeah, tp7’s filtering did make their release a bit more better looking than this one.

  15. ronri writes:

    Dropping by to say that I’m still alive. Just finishing up on finals and I should be able to keep working on the subs. Also I’ve heard that Mirai Fukuin will be coming out in around October (?) So perhaps to coincide with the new film’s release, I’ll definitely try to finish the subs and have them checked around September.

  16. jazer writes:


  17. Unreal_Vision writes:

    @ronri: I’m looking forward to your subs.
    It’s about time that i rewatch the whole thing 🙂

  18. hosumagidenseyler writes:

    Damn that 5th episode is bigger than a BD-R…
    You should try to make it a little smaller.
    40MB differs…

  19. Raggers writes:


    Just to say I’m also very interested in these subs. I’ve yet to watch the movies, but I’ll definitely wait for you to get your versions done.

    Also very impressed that you haven’t given up after so many months, that’s dedication. I hope ChrisK has a look at them after all the work you’ve put in.

  20. lin writes:

    It would be great if coalgirls re-release this in 10bit with ronri subs. Make it happen pls..

  21. Jeff writes:

    Wanted to thank CG for the release and possibility of re-release depending on ronri’s subs. Ronri I also wanted to thank your dedication and passion/enthusiasm for doing the translation justice. That is a difficult thing to do when translating [all the things you mentioned prior – context, philosophy, intent, tone of voice +context, etc etc.] KnK is an amazing series of movies, and deserves such :p. So much so I was debating on grabbing both cg and Ane lol x.x maybe when I have space =[ Anywho just dropping in to say thanks to both parties.

  22. Rohanroms writes:

    Will you be doing a 10-bit version of this anytime soon?

  23. ronri writes:

    Gonna have to apologize for now as finals are kicking in and coming down really hard. I’m gonna try to fit in the subbing times during my free time as best as I can but I can’t guarantee a September release for now unfortunately. I hope people will be considerate and patient enough despite the constant delays (I will admit KNK is definitely a delicate series to subtitle properly especially due to Nasu’s specific writing style), and while subbing this may not be that stressful, it does eat up a lot of my studying time which can make me lag behind with school work.

  24. Dark writes:

    @ronri I want to ask you Question, Please answer me, I have not watched it yet because I am waiting for your sub.

    Is your new edited sub have more words in it?, it it more wordy compare to the old sub?

  25. ronri writes:

    Not necessarily “wordy”. Depending on which of the subs is more correct, I choose between all the available translations and tweak them accordingly to match the intended meaning/voice behind each line. I also noticed some of the lines are missing certain words or descriptors (which is actually pretty crucial since they tend to change the tone of the scene depending on the choice of words), and that’s where I come in and shuffle things around. So depending on the scene, I either keep, add, or subtract words from existing subs, based on the intended writing/dialogue.

  26. Danphou writes:


    What progress of the movies are you on, what’s left ?

  27. Dark writes:

    @ronri that is good to hear, I hope you you have adjusted the timing also, what I mean is sometimes in some parts of the anime the sub is so long that you have no time to read all,so the sub should remain for a second or two after the character have stopped talking.

    regardless of what you do, God willing I will watch it with your sub

  28. ronri writes:

    @Dark: Oh definitely, it’s really annoying when there isn’t enough time for the viewer to read the subs (even for people who are used to quickly reading them). I’ve adjusted some of the timing so there’s enough time to read everything without changing the actual dialogue at all (eg. bunching up lines, splitting them when necessary etc.) Also, I didn’t stretch the timing enough that it would feel awkward when reading them, since they’re still match the timing of the characters’ voices (even a split second can make a huge difference as keeping the text onscreen for too long can feel forced as well).

    I still have Movies 3, 4, 5 and the Epilogue left (admittedly Movie 3 should be easier as both subs had little errors in either existing subs) That said, while I’m currently doing the subs without honorifics (as in, “-san” will be replaced with Miss/Mr. though “senpai’ is still used when there’s no decent English alternative) I’m tempted to make two versions of the subs for each film, one with Japanese honorifics and one without. Anyone have any thoughts on this idea? Too excessive or what?

    • ChrisK writes:

      I prefer honorifics, since, as you said, they can’t always be translated accurately, and so sometimes important information about the relation between character (or the base for a joke) gets lost.
      If you still want to do a localized track, you should do it consistently, so no “senpai”.

      My opinion.

      Also be careful when you edit the timing. It’s more important for subs to match the video (keyframes) than to match the audio.

  29. ronri writes:

    @ChrisK: Yup, will do. Admittedly in regards to the timing, it’s mainly a case of mixing and matching between the gg and retail subs , and since the gg-subs are all pretty spot-on most of the time, I just end up using theirs to substitute it with some of the retail translations. Basically, I’m not really adding drastic modifications, as I’m still using the same timing from gg and retail, depending on which seems more accurate and on time with the key frames.

  30. Graestra writes:

    I’m a little confused, is this all the movies or just one of them? You said you still had 3, 4, 5, and the epilogue left, but this is in the completed section and is available for download…

  31. ronri writes:

    @Graestra: The movies are all here on Coalgirls and they’re all completely subbed. What I was talking about is the current project I’m personally undertaking in which I’m making new modified subs by tweaking the existing GG-Takajun, and Retail subs.

  32. Graestra writes:

    @ronri Thanks ^^

  33. Xikarra writes:

    I was just passing through here and I’m still to see KnK.
    I was initially going with Coalgirls’ release but since there is a certain someone working with all his heart on his own release, I can’t help but wait for his.
    Yeah, I’m talking about you, @ronri. I hope your efforts are paying off and I’ll be looking forward to the result.

  34. DRaven writes:

    I don’t load !

  35. 450 writes:

    Hey, I know that some series are best not watched in both release or chronological orders, so I just wanted to ask: is there any recommended viewing order for this series? Any help will be much appreciated.

  36. techguru writes:

    I still have Movies 3, 4, 5 and the Epilogue left (admittedly Movie 3 should be easier as both subs had little errors in either existing subs) That said, while I’m currently doing the subs without honorifics (as in, “-san” will be replaced with Miss/Mr. though “senpai’ is still used when there’s no decent English alternative) I’m tempted to make two versions of the subs for each film, one with Japanese honorifics and one without. Anyone have any thoughts on this idea? Too excessive or what?<<—

    Even if you don't do a honorific version…I will be with either the ANE version or yours depending how much longer you take(with also fixed dialogue)…I can't fucking stand localized shit…if you gonna watch that crap….your not really an anime fan….and might as well just watch the retail subs or the dubbed crap

  37. ronri writes:

    Gotta apologize for all the delays but these past 2 entire months have literally been like hell for me: psychologically (almost regressed to an issue I recovered from last year), physically (contracted an 4 diff. illnesses), and academically (university finals). Not to mention, fresh from our uncle’s passing in May, we got news that our grandmother was diagnosed of cancer so our mother is kinda all over the place at the moment. I hope you folks understand why I’ve been held up so badly from the subbing project these past few months (I’m not even counting the other stuff that happened this year which I won’t get into). Needless to say, this was honestly one of the worst years I’ve had in my life.

    THAT said, I’m back. Up and ready, and more determined than ever before to keep subbing. Hopefully I’ll finish by late December or early January but I can foresee the latest these will be coming would be February. Since KNK is one of the only few things that lifts up my spirit (honestly my most favorite anime of all time by far), I’ll definitely be more than happy to provide these modified subs for you all. ^_^

  38. Unreal_Vision writes:

    Sorry to hear that man, sounds like you went through some heavy shit.
    But I appreciate that you’re still doing this for us and I’m sure it will be worth the wait 😉

    Chin up! Things can only get better!

  39. dirtyharry writes:

    Hang in there, ronri!

  40. Mortsyn writes:

    Don’t worry, Ronri! We’ve waited this long, we can wait even longer. Just take your time, and work at your own pace. 🙂

  41. okay writes:

    Take all the time you need. These movies started 6 years ago, so people can wait a little longer or just watch what is already out there.
    After rainy days the sun will shine.

  42. MujunRasenBestMovie writes:

    @ronri: Looking forward to the delivery. I’ll rewatch the series with your new subs.

  43. dirtyharry writes:

    Mirai Fukuin’s Blu-ray&DVD will be released on February 19, 2014.

    Just a heads up.

  44. Danphou writes:

    This would be a nice Christmas gift lol… But no rush…

  45. Anonymous writes:

    I would love these modified subs, but I’m convinced this is just a troll at this point…

    I know it may have been a rough as fuck year, but it’s literally been a year since you started…If you put in even as little as a 5 minutes of work a day in total, these PROBABLY would have been done.

    That being said, I will continue monitoring this…but I have abso-fucking-lutely no expectations anymore.

    Aside from that, anyone mind linking a rip of the retail subs? The ones from the first page don’t seem to be working

  46. Anonymous writes:


  47. Anonymous writes:

    Joking around aside, though.

    I’ve never done fansubs of an anime before…I have, however, written scripts with a friend of mine on multiple occasions (Not recently, though, maybe a year ago or so) where we would watch an anime raw, I would write down how I would translate a line all in a notebook with time stamps n’ shit, and then we would see how close the retail subs were to what I would write, and he would also tell me if he prefered my take on a line over the subs, or if he prefered the way the subs handled things. The reason I was doing all of this is because I was helping a friend learn the language, and this was a way both him and myself enjoyed.

    I’ve also done stylized subtitles for videos I was assigned make back in highschool, though I didn’t need to too often…it was only if I felt that the environment would be too loud/shoddy audio equipment.

    So I think it’s a little bit dumb to say I have no idea what I’m talking about…though, you would have no way of knowing my history.

    With all of this said, I don’t mean to put preassure this guy, I totally fucking get it. However, no matter how crazy your situation is, I think it’s a little bit insane to take over a year to sub less than 9 hours of content and continue to say you currently are and have been working on it…I no longer expect this to ever be finished.

    That being said though, I will periodically check and, if it is ever released, I will be overjoyed…this series really deserves some good subs.

  48. RZDL writes:

    You don’t mean to put pressure on the guy, but your previous comment says otherwise. No you don’t “totally fucking get it”, you’re as insensitive as all hell.

    If you don’t believe he or she is working on it/you can’t wait, why don’t you do it yourself then? I cannot believe you have the audacity to talk down upon him/her only to use the subtitles that he or she has worked on when it is released.

    You have no shame.

  49. Anonymous writes:


    I think saying “I have no expectations anymore” is the exact opposite of putting preassure on him.

    Best subs are best subs at the end of the day, and the competition for this show is pretty much nonexistant…you have gg’s subs which get nonsensical at points, and the retail subs which have typos and skip entire lines.

    Pretty simple reason why I am not doing it myself: I don’t want to, and never said I would.

  50. ronri writes: