Clannad ~After Story~

Episodes – 24+1
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 17, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – SS-Eclipse (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

258 Responses to Clannad ~After Story~

  1. Larnu writes:

    Which episodes were V2’ed, so I don’t double download.

  2. DmonHiro writes:

    Actually… wouldn’t that be a v3?

  3. Pinkyxyz writes:

    Was hoping for a 10bit re-release on this one also.

  4. revo writes:

    @DmonHiro this is after story

  5. DmonHiro writes:

    BTW, what were the problems?

    • coalgirl writes:

      12 – Title Style
      19 – Continue positioning, song style overlap
      22 – Song style positioning
      24 – Timing was out of sync
      25 – Song style overlap

  6. Larnu writes:

    Thanks ^_^

  7. mascthemoney writes:

    lol, i just downloaded the v1 a couple days ago, but looking at the problems i guess its worth the download.

  8. XCede writes:

    Thank you so much for these fixes!

    Any chance the first season of Clannad 1080p releases will be fixed as well? – the timing issues with the Chapters, mainly 2, 7, 8, 9, a little bit of the Prologue is played after the end of OP… or at least tell me how to fix it xD I’ve tried re-entering the time using MKVMerge’s Chapter Editor but it doesn’t solve the actual problem (if I play the whole video the little flash of Prologue is still there after the Opening), which I have no idea how to fix… 720p didn’t have this problem.

  9. asd writes:


  10. đồ rê mí writes:

    If you want to use madFLAC to decode & ffdshow to mix down it then go to FFDshow audio decoder -> set FLAC to disable, Uncompressed to All supported. Then go to MPC-HC’s options -> External Filter -> Add filter… -> choose FFDshow audio decoder -> Prefer.

    This should work fine.

  11. Gustavo writes:

    Mfw I was expecting for a 10 bit version

  12. Gaijin-San writes:

    Yes, a 10 bit would have been nice now that CCCP and K-Lite (maybe more) has released official packages that supports it.

    Although I watch all my anime in XBMC which don’t support HI10p yet as far as I know.
    I hope there will be an update for XBMC soon.

  13. matt writes:

    is there any patch file for v2?
    or must redownload again?

  14. HaloGuy writes:

    Seems like the problem is not in the encoding…so hoping to see the patches. Don’t wanna download the whole episodes just for some errors worth a few kilobytes… >_<

  15. Peorth writes:

    Hmm, I thought ep 5 was modified too, unless I forgot to update my archive with a v2(?) sometime ago. My old ep 5 CRC is [585A5D7D].

  16. XCede writes:

    Also, is there a way to fix episode 4’s subtitles? Sometimes it shows up correctly, other times it turns into giant blocky white subtitles, I can’t seem to reproduce it consistently, I just quit and replay the episode file again, sometimes it does this, sometimes it doesn’t, more often it does. It’s the only episode with this problem.

  17. Cadenza writes:

    Peorth: I think ep. 5 was updated some time ago along with the OP.

  18. matt writes:

    release patch for v2 please..
    so I don’t have to redownload the same file again..
    only apply the patch..

  19. XCede writes:

    Okay, nvm, is all the After Story episodes for some reason, how do I fix the giant white blocky subtitles? Sometimes it displays the normal awesome blue stroked subtitles, other times it displays this ugly screen-blocking huge white subtitles with black outlines… any ideas? Please? XD

  20. HaloGuy writes:

    I guess CGi are too lazy too bring out the patches… >_<

  21. Nettosama writes:

    Well, kind late now but ep 1 and another one, 7 i think, are incorrectly marked in the intro -OP transition.

  22. Halfblaster writes:

    I’m disappointed by the number of seeds/download speed, so i’m going to seed for as long as i can. Thanks for the torrent.

  23. splorg writes:

    Is this Hi10P/10-bit?

  24. Izzi writes:

    Hello there,
    The FAQ says you will not upload series to a specific hoster. So.. I hope its okay to ask if you could upload it to a hoster in general? I don’t care which one, I just can’t use torrents. D:

  25. Mr.Me writes:

    Hello, i downloaded few files of the v2 version and its stopping at the opening song and just keep replaying the prologue. used vlc

    now im using windows media classic and its skipping over the opening

    what am i doing wrong?

  26. kotaru writes:

    same problem here:
    OP and EN in glitching and skipping frames and sound all the time but happens to me with all episodes. using latest version of cccp and media classic.

  27. Akeno writes:

    i have some questions is 720-torrent is bd release, is it 10-bit and already patched those episode that have problems in that torrent? thnx^

  28. HiroiSekai writes:

    Just picked up the 1080p batch, really fantastic stuff. Wondering about just one thing…in the “Another World: Kyou Arc”, there’s subtitles for ‘Ana’ at the very end, and at one point the lyrics on screen appear to be referring to a different part of the song and don’t match what’s being sung.

    The timestamp is 22:42 onwards, and the subs say “The hut buried in deep snow. It sinks in to the flood.” when the song is still on “The place is a lofty lord can’t meet nobody put on”. The line afterwards is showing up incorrectly as well. Wondering if this was patched or something and if it’s just me.

    Many thanks in advance.

  29. endless8 writes:

    am I totally stupid or why does none of the episodes have a OP nor ED in it???
    I mean when I play an episode the OP & ED are missing. the video is only 21min long in avg.
    is it a failure of my player’s setting?

  30. endless8 writes:

    thank you ChrisK for your very helpful answer!
    why have I asked if the answer was so simple…

    I just figured out that the OPs & EDs weren’t in the same folder so it couldn’t be played back.

    but anyway, I don’t understand people like you. someone is asking for help because one does not figured out how something works and you can’t even give a proper answer or at least a hint? that’s just arrogant of you.

  31. Gerald writes:

    Hey CoalGirls/ChrisK

    IMHO, the english voice actors for clannad were very likeable and suited the anime very well, it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could add the english dub for Clannad + Afterstory, I know you guys do what ever you want but I reckon a lot of your fans will love it!


  32. cs192 writes:

    I wouldn’t really care either way. I think the original voices suit all shows much better than English dubs ever could. Also, if you really like the dubs that much then just buy the discs and watch them that way.

  33. Dango writes:

    How do I get the fixed episodes ?

  34. Brandon writes:

    who0o0o0o clannad

  35. Zeromoon95 writes:

    Please seed this up. thanks.

  36. Amy Booth writes:

    Is the 720p torrent missing ep 24?

  37. JustAGuest writes:

    Thanks a lot for seeding. This is too sweet to be true.

  38. christian writes:


    complains about size.

    the only complaint i have is that the subtitles are too small. i can blow them up bigger.. but when i do that there are other sets of subtitles that show up sometimes that end up taking up the whole screen lol.