Mai Hime

Comparison – DVDBD
Episodes – 26
Video – 960×720 @ ~1400 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English, Mandarin)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled)


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  1. EncoreZ writes:

    Thank you so much for subbing my all-time favorite anime! Finally I can have my ShizNat in BD quality. XD

    By the way, hopefully someone can tell me which series you have released so far that have OP and ED credits in the show?

  2. sinnoh writes:

    no ddl for episodes 22-26 yet?

  3. Floflo writes:

    Hello! First, thanks to Coalgirls for this release. Unfortunately it looks like this series wasn’t produced to be distributed in HD so the difference between DVD and BluRay isn’t extraordinary, but I still appreciate this for rewatching in better conditions (plus the specials I haven’t watched yet).

    Second, here is a batch script I created for conversion of the sound from FLAC to AAC and remuxing to MKV:
    Use it if you don’t have a lot of disk space. It will reduce the total size of the episodes by half (!!!) by removing the Chinese audio and compressing the Jap and Eng audio to AAC. Most people (including me) won’t notice any difference with the FLAC audio, and the original video is kept intact.

    You need to extract all the files in the same folder as the MKV files from Coalgirls, and then open the .bat file with a text editor and follow the instructions before executing the script by double-clicking on it.

    Unfortunately I can’t really test this script because I don’t have the original Coalgirls episodes anymore and I don’t have any disk space left :-X When I did the conversion for myself I used something a bit less automated. At least I checked the loops on all files were working correctly. Please report any problem here or preferably on this forum thread:

  4. Obsidian Prince writes:

    so, what’s the difference between ep 26 and 26 director’s cut?? which one’s better?

  5. Obsidian Prince writes:

    and thanx a lot for subbing, dubbing, coding, whatever-ing this awesome series!!

  6. Leomb writes:

    Are you going to finish the fansub of this one? There’s only 5 episodes to finish it!
    Onegaai! ^^
    BTW, thanks for the awesome work!

  7. StarryHeavenly writes:

    Name says:
    March 12, 2010 at 10:35 am

  8. Skulls writes:

    Anybody else unable to load the torrent file or is just my internet failing again?

  9. Mr Lucipher writes:

    The torrent is horrendously slow, even with more seeds than peers T.T

  10. Batman writes:

    @ Mr Lucipher

    I know what you mean, took me 5 days 14 hours to get all the eps. I just ddl the specials just to get it done quicker.

    I’ve been seeding for the last 3 days straight but now there are 5 seeds and 23 peers O.O

    Thanks Coalgrils for such awesome work! Really enjoyed watching this series that I just happen to come across on your site.

  11. dane writes:

    Hey guys,

    Was just wondering whether I could get the english subs(.ass / .srt files) from any kind soul here. Recently downloaded a non-CG version of mai hime but there were no english subs. Would be a hassle to redownload the entire series again

    Thanks in Advance

  12. myskaros writes:

    So I didn’t see any comments pointing this out, and it’s been released quite a long time now, but the end of episode 26 (non-director’s cut), when the opening theme is playing over the epilogue, the dialog is not subbed, only karaoke.

    Not really an issue since DC has the subs, but thought I’d say something :X

  13. Dave writes:

    The Director’s Cut has an extra scene in the ending…

  14. wez writes:

    This still being seeded? I am feeling nostalgic for Mai Hime lol