Mai Hime

Comparison – DVDBD
Episodes – 26
Video – 960×720 @ ~1400 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English, Mandarin)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled)


65 Responses to Mai Hime

  1. james writes:

    Nearly there. That is what i call speedsubbing with a decent quality for finishing the whole thing in a week or so.
    miles better than the dvd too.

  2. coalgirls writes:

    I probably won’t be done for another week.

  3. slyph writes:

    still doin canaan now? you mentioned between 3-4 you were gonna do canaan so just curious 🙂

  4. Persephone writes:

    Will all of Mai-Otome be done too, or only the TV Series.

  5. coalgirls writes:

    I’ll do whatever I can do out of Mai Otome if the BDMV is uploaded and somebody rips me the .ass/.ssa/etc like with this season.

  6. MagusHrist writes:

    The DDL for SP7 is still unavailable. It might need to be re-uploaded.

  7. anon writes:

    Still glad that there is DDL for this!!!

  8. Persephone writes:

    Will LIME’s Mai-Otome sub be good if provided?

  9. coalgirls writes:

    If provided in .ass or .ssa form.

  10. tatsuki writes:

    I tried to rip the subs of the LIME version this morning…
    You only get .vob files… well you can formate this files with subrip, but the rsult is really bad. Lots of mistakes and some of the lines can’t be read by the program.

    Maybe someone can change it to ass etc.. I don’t have the time in the next few days! Here are the files out of the first Mai Otome episode of LIME

    If you need the rest, tell me… then I rip them for you.

  11. Anon writes:

    Just wondering, Why did you decide to include the Mandarin dub? And in FLAC too? This release is good but it is HUGE in size!

  12. rds writes:

    to anon-small-size

    PEOPLE! learn to use mkvmergeGUI! if you are able to post a comment here – then you would be able to use mkvmergeGUI to merge in/out any track, subtitle, etc.

    – in this case – to cut out 2 unneeded FLAC audio tracks to decrease filesize, ok?

  13. Gaarara writes:

    ^and there’s Kira’s single audio release too if people are still complaining and can’t use mmg/Mkvmerge.

  14. Mofassa writes:

    Thanks for the tip on mkvmergeGUI. Didn’t even know you could do that. thought all the audio tracks were “stuck” when you finnished encoding etc. :p Saves almost half the space now when i removed the fail-dubs. =)

  15. hei67 writes:

    Wow can’t believe this almost done, can’t wait to see how Mai Otome turns out when its released!!!

  16. Necro writes:

    Thank You! 🙂

  17. newy writes:

    What is the 28th special? Anidb lists only 27.

  18. newy writes:

    Sorry for double post.

    I’m aware that you have done the 4min special which was released recently but AniDB lists that one as well, still totalling 27 specials though.

  19. anon writes:

    I only have till ep 21 since got them from DDL, will patiently wait for the rest to be put on MU.

  20. coalgirls writes:

    SP 27 is Mai Hime vs. Mai Otome
    SP 28 is the Blu-Ray special.

  21. thief_ac writes:

    I think this is a great release, thank you guys for your hard work! Can’t wait for the other releases 🙂

  22. Gaarara writes:

    My-Hime Versus My-Otome? never heard of it XD

    and just a hunch,you wouldn’t be doing Seto No Hanayome bd’s in the near future would you?

    I’m actully hoping not as much as I want the show since I’m afraid of a burnout from Coalgirls XD

  23. coalgirls writes:

    Cardcaptor Sakura will be my main focus from here on out, except for Clannad BDs.

  24. Gaarara writes:

    Understood :D,how do you guys keep this up?

  25. higeo writes:

    I’m waiting for DDL ep22~26 on MU!

  26. masachan writes:

    Will you put ep22~26 on MU?

  27. zer0 writes:

    Thanks for the hardwork, will you be putting up a torrent with 22-26?

  28. kana writes:

    idk if its rlsed in bluray,are you doin mai-otome next in bd?

    wouldnt you mind doin Fullmetal Panic in bluray? i really want to watch that series again in hd. hope you can squeeze that in your projects.

  29. B0ng0 writes:

    Once gg is done (only 2 eps left!!!), Seto No Hanayome 720p & 1080p BDrips (The Raws are being currently released)! I beg you.

  30. tatsuki writes:

    The Batches for FMP 1 & 2 are out. Multilanguage Files (Audio/Subs)!
    The Second Raid is also available but the sub are not that great… but watchable.

    I downloaded them a few weeks ago.

  31. Name writes:


  32. Persephone writes:

    ^ Thanks

  33. shiroh writes:

    i remuxed with no english and chink audio.
    saved 7GB

  34. required writes:

    Thank you very much, anonymous person who posted the missing MU links.

  35. Hotel_Moscow writes:

    im trying to download all the files from mega upload and hen put them into the torrent file to help seed but megaupload just sucks so much

  36. kana writes:

    from what group… this group? if its not, i dont want to dl random muxed from a random guy that dont have any credibility of what kind of rls he does.

  37. Allie writes:

    ^^ you’re a dumbfuck

    Use google, and you’ll find that OZC did FMP. You’ll also see the series is now licensed by Funimation, so it’s unlikely a group will be willing to do it.

  38. kana writes:

    youre a dumbfuck…. mai hime is licensed. why did coalgirl did the bd. whos fckn dumb now?

  39. DUMBO writes:

    Why use google if you can use to search for anime releases. if you use google for anime rlses, it only shows how fckn ignorant you are.

  40. thk writes:

    For the megaupload links, what is the difference between 26 and 26DC?

  41. Allie writes:

    @ kana

    Funimation is the only licensing company to send DMCA letters to fansubs groups. That’s why I stressed FUNIMATION.

    @ Dumbo only shows public releases. Did you search FMP blu-ray in All the torrents have been removed. There are alot of groups who don’t release stuff on public trackers. If you would’ve googled it, you would have found anime-sumpreme has released the whole series in HD and the DDL sites that host links for both anime-sumpreme and OZC. Try not to be so ignorant, ok

  42. anonymous writes:

    ^show some respect to the person who helps provide mu ddls.
    there are people bugging Coalgirls for ddl and he’s the one who answers.

    and he’s reaction might be harsh but he makes sense and @THK the one with DC at the end is the directors cut with extra scenes at the end.

  43. DUMBO writes:

    you dont have to explain. lmao at this retard explaining stupid stuff. anyhow, dont get excited about google as if its your first time using it and telling everyone in net how awesome it is. retard.

  44. Allie writes:

    @ anonymous

    I’m a she not a he

    @ DUMBO

    I’m using googling and searching interchangeably, ok.

  45. anon writes:

    Thanks for providing DDL for this series!!

  46. rds writes:


  47. hunter writes:

    Not only complains from me… I also want to thank you for this fast and excellent release of Mai Hime, now the wait begins for Otome 🙂

  48. philip writes:

    kana, allie said “unlikely” idiot.

  49. Persephone writes:

    Uploaded [LIME] Mai-Otome 01-26 Subs

    – It’s in Vob and Unstyled.
    Ripped out 2 tracks.
    1. Kanji & Dialog [English]
    2. Kanji & Signs [English]
    Now only for someone to upload the BDMV

  50. thk writes:

    Is this blu-ray?

    Will coalgirls do mai otome blu-ray?
    Just out of curiosity. Thanks