Strike Witches

Episodes – 12

1280×720 @CRF 13

Japanse 2.0 FLAC
English 5.1 FLAC

Strike Subs


53 Responses to Strike Witches

  1. Knwtmsyn writes:

    Holy god, what is that big fucking line at the bottom of episode 4?

  2. Discoceris writes:

    I’m surprised Coalgirls didn’t bother looking for original JP raw sources for their audio tracks. The audio rips on this release is 2.0 JP versus 5.1 EN. In other words, really bad quality. You may as well just keep your TV batches and not bother downloading these. If you’re watching these with the EN track, support the respective localization companies and buy legit rather than being a pirate leecher.

  3. Trumpet205 writes:

    2.0 and 5.1 are merely channel mapping. They have zero indication as to audio quality. 2.0 Japanese track and 5.1 English track is quite common for Anime Blu-ray release.

    Furthermore I don’t believe Strike Witches ever had a JP Blu-ray release (at least I can’t find it on Amazon Japan, who sell North American version instead).