Nyan Koi

Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~3400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Frostii (Dialogue, Re-styled), gg (Typeset)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

142 Responses to Nyan Koi

  1. makagane writes:

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to 11 and 12.

  2. aziz writes:

    Thanks a bunch for the update. Looking forward to the lasts episodes too.

  3. Keikun6969 writes:

    Thanks Muchly For letting the Fans Know!

  4. Awarwa writes:

    Can you tell me which group sub you are using for this series?

  5. Keikun6969 writes:

    I think they are using Frostii… not sure though

  6. ChaelMi writes:

    phew, por fin, thanks!

  7. lulu writes:

    Tnx for finishing this.

    Can anyone please post the mu links that was ^up there before or were they dead?

  8. Giovanni writes:

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Iron Sand G writes:

    Finally 😀
    So who was kind and thughtful enough to finish it? C.G.?,Tenshi?,Chris K?

  10. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Coalgirl finished the series. This series is a sub shifting nightmare that I wouldn’t touch with a 10foot pole.

  11. ano writes:

    Any major video quality difference between the 720p and 1080p?

  12. OniSamurai writes:

    @ano: Yeah, the resolution is higher. *rimshot*

  13. fenixdown110 writes:

    lol seriously? hahahaha

  14. philip writes:

    awesome! thanks

  15. KanuTousen writes:

    were there specials for this?

  16. hunter writes:

    Yes, thanks a lot 🙂

  17. tormaid writes:

    glad to see you finishing up old shows so quickly.

  18. N writes:

    Thanks so much for knocking the last two out. Been waiting a while to watch this show!

  19. daikama writes:

    Like everyone else said – THANKS for finishing this.

  20. Desert_Fox writes:

    you rockz!

    now i decide to download it…..1080p glorious!

  21. Iron Sand G writes:

    @Tenshi:Thanks for the info 😀
    Haha,I just got that same line (“wouldn’t touch with a 10foot pole.”) from Persona 3 fes yesterday haha 😀

    Thanks C.G. for finishing this 😀

  22. anon writes:

    “Thanks so much for knocking the last two out. Been waiting a while to watch this show” ROLF

  23. reply-kun writes:

    @tenshi: that explains why there are a lot of mistimed lines in this release. I’m currently time shifting gg’s subs and you actually have to watch the whole ep to know where to time shift again and it keeps moving a lot. Tried using CGi’s timing as reference and there I found out that it has a lot of timing issues so I’ve to do it on my own. Most of CGi’s typesetting is spot-on btw.

  24. elmoisfat writes:

    It seems like episode 10’s chapters timing problem still isn’t fixed in this batch… would it be possible to release a proper version of that episode? I attempted to adjust the time codes myself using mkvmerge, but I don’t know how to get the exact timing for those chapters. There appeared to be extra values (I assume in milli- or microseconds) behind HH:MM:SS, and I’m pretty sure those aren’t randomly assigned.

  25. Desert_Fox writes:

    thanks, dude……Nyankoi 1080p is fucking awesome!!!! 😀

  26. SO.I.SEE writes:

    looks like there’s a minor problem in video in episode 12 for 1080p version, timing is around 14.09~14.15.

  27. SO.I.SEE writes:

    nevertheless, its a hilarious anime. Glad that i’ve watched.

  28. ChrisK writes:

    @ SO.I.SEE
    Check your file.

  29. SO.I.SEE writes:

    i checked it against the CRC32 stated, its the same (EC95146F).
    here’s a screenshot of what i’ve experienced.
    it has choppy frames within that time i’ve stated.

    anyway, thanks for the great release!

  30. SO.I.SEE writes:

    opps, its around 14.00 to 14.15

  31. ChrisK writes:

    lol, Windows Media Player.

  32. The bad guy writes:

    Would you please elaborate on what is “lol” about WMP? As far as I can see, the corruption looks like the typical encoding glitches we have already seen quite a few times in you people’s rips. Not gonna say that it can’t be caused by bad/outdated decoder but it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the player.

  33. stix writes:

    Just checked and there is no such error in ep 12

  34. miracles writes:

    Can anyone help me solve my problem with nyankoi 1080p coalgirls ep 2.I have problem like in time 06:42 it slow motion until 07:00 and video slow than audio,after that like fast forward until 07:45 and after 07:45 it’s normal again not have problem.I use cccp 2010-10-10 with ffdshow flac disabled and i install madflac decoder for flac audio can function.

    Please help me

  35. Anon writes:

    Slow problem in ep 2 at 06:50 is caused by subtitles in my computer. No idea how to fix it tho..

  36. Jeroen writes:

    Decided to download this release and rewatch the show. But have the same problems in ep 2. So I stopped watching and looking for a fix it. Didn’t find one so started doing stuff myself.
    Dialogue: 0,0:02:45.20,0:02:49.30,NYAN-Main,priest,0000,0000,0000,,{\t(3854,4104,\c&HF7F7F7&\3c&HF7F7F7&\4c&HF7F7F7&)}Here I come, my Japanese girl companions. Had slowdown by removing {..}, fixed the problem and I don’t see a difference. Same with
    Dialogue: 0,0:06:51.24,0:06:55.92,NYAN-Main,girl,0000,0000,0000,,{\t(4435,4685,\c&HF7F7F7&\3c&HF7F7F7&\4c&HF7F7F7&)}Will you fill the gap in my heart left by that kitty?
    Right and left top you I had Mature Glasses Girl Type A and Pure Class Rep A “styled” and in normal text underneath it. Removed again {..} leaving me just the “styled” version and it doesn’t slowdown anymore. Or turn subtitles off, works too. But a fix would be nice. Except this minor problem good release.

  37. anon writes:

    I fixed ep10’s chapter file (warning, I’m not sure if it works with the 1080p, since I used the 720p’s chapters).


    As I’m too lazy to put a patch togheter, read below.

    (this assumes you have mkvtoolnix installed)
    1-Save that as *something*.xml;
    2-Open MKVMergeGUI, drag and drop ep10’s MKV file there;
    3-Uncheck “Chapters (5 entries)…”;
    4-Go to the “Global” tab;
    5-On “Chapter file:”, browse for *something*.xml;
    6-In “Output filename” give it a different name, like: “[Coalgirls]_Nyan_Koi!_10v1.1_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[].mkv”, I don’t care;
    7-Click on “Start muxing”;
    7.1-Get a CRC software (like HashTab -> http://implbits.com/HashTab.aspx) and add a proper CRC to the file name, example: [Coalgirls]_Nyan_Koi!_10v1.1_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[FFFFFFFF].mkv.

  38. ricecal writes:

    can someone seed this please?

    Thank you very much.

  39. raion writes:

    your website is good but it needs little more discription of torrents file about its audio like it english dubbed or not otherwise you have always good torrents

  40. Fernando writes:

    I have MPC-HC with K-lite Codec Pack but i’m unable to reproduce these files, what should i do?
    I get this error:

    File Source (Async.)::Output

    Media Type 0:

    majortype: MEDIATYPE_Stream {E436EB83-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}
    subtype: Unknown GUID Name {1AC0BEBD-4D2B-45AD-BCEB-F2C41C5E3788}
    formattype: TIME_FORMAT_NONE {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    bFixedSizeSamples: 1
    bTemporalCompression: 0
    lSampleSize: 1
    cbFormat: 0

    Media Type 1:

    majortype: MEDIATYPE_Stream {E436EB83-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}
    subtype: TIME_FORMAT_NONE {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    formattype: TIME_FORMAT_NONE {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    bFixedSizeSamples: 1
    bTemporalCompression: 0
    lSampleSize: 1
    cbFormat: 0

  41. Collin_Jason writes:

    Seed Please. half way through. Thank you very much in advance.
    BTW Good work and looking foward on future releases