Nyan Koi

Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~3400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Frostii (Dialogue, Re-styled), gg (Typeset)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

141 Responses to Nyan Koi

  1. a_sh writes:

    I hope you’ll do “Rideback” as one of your next releases.
    “Kurokami – the animation” would be nice too, although it’s not nearly as nice as “Rideback” =)

  2. ToyBox writes:


    Queen’s Blade requires no QC. Subs are completely softsubbed by SFW. The only thing required for the release is basic re-timings.

    There is absolutely no reason for CoalGirls to bother with this series unless they are going to redo the translations, QC what SFW didn’t, or if they plan on subbing the specials.

  3. ToyBox writes:

    Same applies for Sora no Otoshimono. I only have to do the OP/ED Karaoke and make sure the timings are properly adjusted. Nothing else needs to be done.

    I say CoalGirls should do Seto no Hanayome so my ass does not have to bother with it.

  4. Persephone writes:

    Wow really bad upscale.
    But wouldn’t down-scaling it to 480p BD be better.
    At least compared to 480p DVD it would look better.

  5. F00 writes:

    I would be funny if your “hi-mi-tsu” have something like this in OP: “ira ira kurikaesuyo arigachina nigaiyumewa…” lol =P

  6. minhtri writes:

    I guess secret PJ maybe True Tears
    Bluray will come out on March 26.

  7. Gaarara writes:

    “The series that will be picked instead, is a hi-mi-tsu~”

    so they’re Doing “Himitsu The Revelation” XD
    or maybe they’re gonna do the Haruka Nogizaka No -HIMITSU- Manga XD

  8. cking-sama writes:

    @minhtri, True Tears would definitely be a nice follow up to Clannad and kanon. im putting my guess on that

  9. Hale writes:

    A little late but I’ll throw in two more:
    So-Ra-No-Wo-To (First disc retailed yesterday – will probably be picked up by one group or another), but then there’s
    Okami Kakushi (April 23rd) too. *hint*

  10. Gar writes:

    I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  11. B0ng0 writes:

    Ohhh, how about AOI BUNGAKU ? I’d like to see that series getting a proper BD release.

  12. Sovran writes:

    How about Bakumatsu kikansetsu. It’s a great samurai anime, worthy of a quality release.

  13. minhtri writes:

    thank you

  14. Drl writes:

    Thenks for all your hard work anon-chan! 🙂

    Btw what about Basquash is it Dropped?

  15. anon-chan writes:

    Basquash is in progress, will take a while since I got a lot of stuff going on.

  16. Juancho writes:

    when r you guys getting 9 and 10?

  17. dymitr writes:

    Awesome stuff, just 2 more to go ;D

  18. Juancho writes:

    thank anon-chan <3

  19. ruevaz writes:

    Please, what group did the subs for this series (Nyan Koi!) come from? Thanks!

  20. anon-chan writes:

    Frostii are dialogues and gg is typesetting.

  21. Cronny writes:

    Love this series, thank you xD

  22. esko writes:

    chapters for ep 10 are off

  23. bonta-kun89 writes:

    yeah they are labelled incorrectly

  24. theunknown writes:

    nyan koi ep is until ep 12 rite?
    where ep 11 n 12?

  25. setsunahenry writes:

    Hi there,

    Ss it possible to request hotfile for DDL for 720p? Because the speef of DDL at MU are slow for me. Thanks…

  26. chen writes:

    don’t forget 11 & 12 please

  27. hientheboss writes:

    there is a little bug at 04:41 of Ep 9

  28. pete writes:

    Anonchan ,i dont know if you still read these posts but i would greatly appreciate if you could finish the last 2 episodes please .I know that you may be busy but its only 2 episodes then the project will be finished.Thanks

  29. ARTA8SIMS writes:

    Yep we are just 2 ep short for our club playlist, if you can release it soon it would be appreciated. Thanks.

  30. sonix writes:

    please we need the last 2 episodes

  31. aniluv writes:

    This is probably never gonna be completed. Seems forgotton.

  32. ChaelMi writes:

    are you going to finish this series? cause i cant seem to find it on the priority list!

  33. Jon™ writes:

    Please finish the last 2 episodes ^_^.

  34. chad writes:

    If you are not going to finish the project please just say so the people asking know the details anon-chan .I doubt i will get an answer from you but i thought i should ask anyway

  35. TDream writes:

    Is this going to be finished? there are only 2 episodes left!

  36. nekoneko writes:

    I sure hope it will. There’s only the last disc left but it’s been out for like a month now.

  37. bankaikon writes:

    thanks for the megaupload links

  38. TDream writes:

    “bankaikon” you now there are 2 episodes missing?

  39. ChaelMi writes:

    last 2 please! T.T

  40. xoiea writes:

    same here, last 2 please ^_^

  41. TDream writes:

    same here too^^, last 2 please ^_^

  42. ToyBox writes:

    If you want the last two episodes, I have retimed the Frostii subs (with GG typsetting) into 1080p Leopard-raw encodes on my blog: http://mattaku-subs.blogspot.com/2010/08/nyan-koi-11-12-bd-1080p-finish-fight.html

  43. fdsdsfsdf writes:

    Thanks toybox , and screw you anonchan you rude cunt for ignoring all the comments shame on you bitch

  44. asdfasdf writes:

    Thank you to ToyBox too, and screw you fdsdsfsdf you presumptuous cunt for not paying attention to the fact that anonchan is away shame on you pretentious asshole

  45. fdsdsfsdf writes:

    @asdfasdf:shut the fuck up & get a clue you moron ,people have been asking for weeks and been ignored .Maybe someone like you deems that okay after months of peoples comments but i think that a simple reply that takes 30 seconds to type is not to much to ask,so go fuck yourself.

  46. N writes:

    New month bump in hope that anon-chan remembers and knows there’s still support out there for a full torrent from Coalgirls (though I appreciate the gesture from toybox)

  47. Anon writes:

    @Toybox Does dis means there will be no 1080p from Coalgirls?

  48. vundo writes:

    when ep 11 & 12 release ????

  49. DmonHiro writes:

    As long as it gets done, all is good.

  50. Alfred writes:

    100th comment, yay nyan koi! banzai!