True Tears

Episodes – 13+8
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1550 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – m.3.3.w (Restyled), Shinboku (Specials, Restyled)
Note – The special version of episode 13 contains all of episode 13 and a 2 minute epilogue. The regular does not contain the epilogue.


50 Responses to True Tears

  1. itsmeMARIO writes:

    You and THORA seem to be doing many of the same series! Yours will be better and I should pick this one though right? =P

  2. manic writes:

    id use m33w subs, really great series tho

    Are they better? Right now I just chose the one on bakabt but I’m open for change.

  3. Gaarara writes:

    I Was Waiting To Pounce On The Thora Releases Since It’s Almost Done,But If You’re Gonna Do This Then I’d Wait Longer 😀

  4. Blah writes:

    I watched Rozen-NiceBoat’s but they’re rife with grammatical and spelling errors and awkward wordings. If you’re willing to go through and fix them, then it’d be fine, but I think m.3.3.w’s should be slightly better.

  5. z3nki writes:

    thanks for picking this up, and with m33w subs is a big +

  6. Meatrose writes:

    Or, just go with the professional subs and modify them to include correct name order and honorifics. All it takes is some editing and in this case it’ll give you the best result with the best worded dialogue. Then again, that’s what THORA is already doing and if you want something to separate your release from theirs, other than the font and the audio codec, you’ll be better off with a fansub. In that case I guess it boils down to m.3.3.w. versus R-NB. I went with R-NB when I first watched the show. However, I cannot recall why I chose their release. It could have been the TL/editing, it could have been the font or the encode… or perhaps something completely different. I simply don’t remember and it may very well be that I simply went with one of them without making an informed decision. The only thing I do remember is that they were indeed sporting awkwardly worded sentences but that they were definitely watchable.

    On another note, have you seen the show yet? I remember you saying (I don’t remember when though) that you wanted to do show X because you wanted to watch it and that the only way you were going to watch it were if you released it yourself. Experiencing the show as you QC the episodes perhaps? If that’s the case and you haven’t seen it yet you’re in for a treat. True Tears is a small gem that in my opinion deserves a lot more attention than it got back when the show was airing. =)

  7. manic writes:

    I tried 4 different fansubs for True Tears and m33w seemed to be the best in terms of translation and grammer, but yeah the offical subs or m33w would be the way to go.

  8. Some random faggot writes:


    I smirked. I’m looking forward to this project since I still haven’t gotten around to watching this yet. It also gives me a reason to get rid of the TV version I’ve had sitting on my drive since it originally aired.

  9. RaVeN writes:

    Looking forward to comparisons between yours and Thora’s release 🙂

  10. Philip writes:

    m.3.3.w is the way to go. One of my favorite fansubbing groups. Very little to no grammatical errors, great word choice, etc…

  11. Bloodios writes:

    I am so going to snap a couple shots to compare when I’m done grabbing both yours and THORA’s version.
    Anyone knows what sub does THORA use? (I’m guessing R1 sub but I’m not really sure.)

  12. Meatrose writes:

    They use the professional subs and modify them to include correct name order and full honorifics.

  13. DragoZERO writes:

    Sweet. I was hoping to god that someone would do this, it’s my favorite series.

    I’ll definitely be using your releases.

    I vote m.3.3.w too!

  14. Bloodios writes:

    “Note – Due to the warpsharp of the TV raw used for TV releases (and a bit by thora too) we will not be doing a comparison.”

    Um…what do you mean “TV RAW”…I thought you was using the Blu-ray…or does it mean something else?

    I usually do a TV vs. BD comparison. But since the TV is warpsharped I’m not going to bother to avoid idiot statements.

  15. Bloodios writes:

    Oh, so that was what you meant, sorry, I completely misunderstood your point.
    Alright, I’ll just sit back and enjoy my life now.

  16. Sunfire writes:

    Definitely can’t wait for this. 🙂

  17. Sunfire writes:

    Woo! Thank you for all your hard work!

  18. Redsky writes:

    No seeds… 🙁 Thanks for your hard work Coalgirls <3

  19. wat writes:


  20. ChrisK writes:

    no 1080p-Version because interlaced Blu-ray?

    Correct. Only the specials were progressive.

  21. ChrisK writes:

    Okay. Did you explain anywhere why you don’t do a pullup to 24p?

    I do. The source is interlaced but I IVTC it to 24 fps.

  22. DragoZERO writes:

    Awesome, thanks a lot. I’m pro-CG and anti-Thora now!

  23. itsmeMARIO writes:

    Fast work! Thanks a lot for your efforts! We all appreciate it! =)

  24. ChrisK writes:

    > I do. The source is interlaced but I IVTC it to 24 fps.
    Then you have 1080p24 again. So why no reencode to 1080?

    I judge based off of the source, not something I do. If the source is interlaced I believe it is impossible for it to be 1080p native, a guaranteed upscale. If it is progressive it can be either 1080p native, 720p native, or something else. So I let the downloader decide.

  25. Bloodios writes:

    THORA started first and still hasn’t finish it…not that it actually matters, I was fixated on Coalgirls in the first place…I’m just sad that I can’t compare the quality between the two.

  26. Edward writes:

    Aside from the two minutes epilogue, is there anything else that differ the special version of episode thirteen from its original version? Because if there isn’t any (beside the epilogue), I’ll skip downloading the original version of episode thirteen.

  27. CoalTits writes:

    anyone compared this yet with thora? thora’s done up to 10th ep. you could get it on irc, but man with 500-550mb avg per ep + 200mb op-ed.. i’d probably stick with CG’s if the difference isn’t huge, +flac ftw

  28. anon writes:

    >Then you have 1080p24 again. So why no reencode to 1080?

    Probably because it looks like shit.

  29. z3nki writes:

    Please seed, I’ll seed for 2 whole weeks if I have to, [stuck at 44.7%]

  30. wat writes:

    thora wins hands down look at that blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    They chose to warpsharp. I did not. But it is the downloader’s choice as to what they want – warpsharped video or video closer to the source.

  31. zaockle writes:

    omg no seeds
    need moar seeds pl0x

  32. Bloodios writes:

    I don’t know about warpsharp, but when I use the unsharp mask of ffdshow’s sharpen filter, the result came out similar to that of THORA’s.

  33. 06 writes:

    Do anyone have DDL? I can’t torrent in my college internet access.

  34. DragoZERO writes:

    Do you guys never warpsharp or just not with this particular release?

    I’ve mildly sharpened Clannad, Nogizaka, and Eva with LSFMod. I despise warpsharp and have never used it.

  35. qwe writes:

    can anyone upload the subs for this?

  36. oho writes:

    Thora’s version is only shapened not warpsharpen…

  37. jake writes:

    Just tried to watch it… I just can’t. This is a blurry mess. I know this isn’t Coalgirl’s fault but honestly…

    Just look at 00:24 where it’s just the show’s name and the three girls. It looks like 360p max. Maybe even worse. Upscaled to 720p. And they sold this as 1080p? Dear god…

  38. Gaarara writes:

    this is already up on bakabt. so if the one on Nyaa loses seeds then go to bakabt 😀

  39. aruless writes:


    where the hell say this is 1080p????

    thanks for this cg o/

  40. Meep. writes:

    Am I the only one with audio problems? The audio’s earlier and the subtitles fit their mouth movements perfectly, which leads to this moment where I’m ripping out my hair because the subtitles lag behind the audio by like 1 second.

  41. Vert writes:

    I tried to merge the OP with one of the episodes but output file just plays the episode part, which also means that the OP is not merged(but the file size increased). But when I merge 2 episodes together, it works and it plays 2 episodes continuously. Can anyone tell me why can’t I merge the OP with the episode and how to do so? Thanks in advance.

  42. moonmark writes:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to able to play even an episode. What does seem 2 be the problem? I’ve upgraded the codecs and players to the latest, but so far Media Player Classic only says “cannot render the file”…. Need help pls… ’cause i’ve used a lot of time 2 download this… Tx

  43. anisan writes:

    which group sub I should choose… Coalgirls or Thora… I am so confused… please help me… which one is best….


  44. Htt91 writes:

    @vert before you use append I would recommend that you remove the chapter files in the episodes or it will never work. 🙂

    Btw i tried a mini encode of true tears care to have a look?


    Anything bigger than this and my HDD wont last longer x_x

  45. faker415 writes:

    Please seed

  46. Feng12 writes:

    Did you cut the OP&ED themes from the episodes??

  47. Excalibur writes:

    Need more seed, please…………
    Thanks ahead.

  48. Quan writes:

    Thanks for your hard work!!!

  49. Dwar writes:

    thanks for the hard work on the anime!

    by the way- i download the batch and i saw that ep 13 and sp 13 are the same.

    it could be mistake or there another reason?