Strike Witches 2

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16Bit
Subs: Underwater
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

And here is the final batch, which concludes this series. Corruption in episode 10 is fixed. NCED12 is left unsubbed as we don’t have a translator.

So here is the start of season 2. Starting with this series there is going to be a slight change to my usual encoding style. Due to the fact that people are complaining like mad about my filesizes, here’s how its going to work from now on:

  1. 720p I will “try” to achieve “reasonable” file sizes in the 600MB – 900MB range. Since I don’t watch 720p if there is a 1080 available, might as well put it to some use i guess. If that still isn’t good enough for people then its time to find another source.
  2. 1080 will be kept at my usual CRF13, this is due to the fact I watch 1080. So I am going to encode to my liking. Not happy? Encode it yourself.
  3. If the source doesn’t warrant a 1080, 720 will be done at my usual CRF13.

106 Responses to Strike Witches 2

  1. ANIKI writes:

    Can someone with a up speed of 200kb or higher seed this, i am gettin 30k tops of download, and it will take 3 days to get or more. Since some seeders log off the pool, thanks to whoever helps, after i am done gettin i will seed, my up speed is decent.

  2. Arilando writes:

    No chapters?

  3. oli writes:

    no english audio?