Strike Witches 2

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16Bit
Subs: Underwater
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

And here is the final batch, which concludes this series. Corruption in episode 10 is fixed. NCED12 is left unsubbed as we don’t have a translator.

So here is the start of season 2. Starting with this series there is going to be a slight change to my usual encoding style. Due to the fact that people are complaining like mad about my filesizes, here’s how its going to work from now on:

  1. 720p I will “try” to achieve “reasonable” file sizes in the 600MB – 900MB range. Since I don’t watch 720p if there is a 1080 available, might as well put it to some use i guess. If that still isn’t good enough for people then its time to find another source.
  2. 1080 will be kept at my usual CRF13, this is due to the fact I watch 1080. So I am going to encode to my liking. Not happy? Encode it yourself.
  3. If the source doesn’t warrant a 1080, 720 will be done at my usual CRF13.

106 Responses to Strike Witches 2

  1. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    I actually use cmd line for most of my stuff. I find its easier to work with batch files than with MeGUI. For encoding I use AvsPmod + x264 with batch files.

  2. Zera writes:

    Is this TV or BD?

  3. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    These are the uncensored Blu-Rays.

  4. Zera writes:

    Thxx Master

  5. Desert_Fox writes:

    thanks for the update 😀

  6. Name writes:

    LOL@crf 13

  7. lycan writes:

    Anyone willing to upload on MU?

  8. carl writes:

    ram issues or waitng for shareraw

  9. Black_Raven writes:

    could anyone provide fileserve links?

  10. daikama writes:

    Thanks Tenshi!

  11. theking writes:

    woot more strike witches, thx

  12. Kamugin writes:

    Even 600~900MB for an standard 24min episode is too much unecessary “quality”, so usually I seek for another sources like you suggested =P

  13. Kippers writes:

    Even at 200kb/s, it still takes 3/4 of a day to download one episode. Can’t say it’s worth it, but damn, son, it looks good when it’s streamed on a HDTV.

    By the way, can someone explain to me is “CRF”? And why is it important?


  14. Merril writes:


    There is no such thing as an unecessary level of quality when there is still data lost from the source

  15. Philly writes:


    Still you choose to come here and comment on the “unecessary quality”… seriously, there must be a better way to spend time that commenting on something you don’t like/download.

    Thanks a lot for your encodes, 720p looks awesome, looking forward to the next set of episodes!

  16. YinYang writes:

    1080p rocks on my home cinema system, thanks for great work. To bad not all are 5.1, but I guess it depends on source.

    For those complaining of size, I bet you can find some crappy low res avi somewhere.

  17. mickwald writes:

    I for one, LOVE your 1080p releases.. still waiting for the last ones to finish watching this season.. My only problem is that my 1.5TB Anime disk is starting to fill up… new mobo with more sata and some more disks should cure that tho ^_^ where’s the release schedule for ストライク・ウィチーズ2?

  18. tormaid writes:

    Broken Blade XD

  19. muizz93 writes:

    r u guys doing “The World God Only Knows”?. i love that series

  20. Dullrath writes:

    At about 3:42 in the “[Coalgirls]_Strike_Witches_2_10_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[5F59774A].mkv” video there seems to be a video error.

  21. Zherkhov writes:

    ahhhh too bad….it seems i have to redownload ep 10 again 😮

  22. R-Minus writes:

    if i download EP9&10
    will i get a ok version now??
    or i just wait for it?

  23. Ew writes:

    F5’ing this page several times a day for the final 1080p batch, man i can barely hold off any longer.
    any news on how its going?

  24. Seiren writes:

    @Ew Try f5 one more time.

  25. inamorta writes:

    Thank you very much Coalgirls for the final release 🙂 I have been waiting to see the final episodes for a very long time.

  26. Ew writes:


  27. dane writes:

    Awesome! Just what i needed 😉

  28. daikama writes:

    Tenshi – thanks a lot for doing this and keeping the quality through out. I can definitely tell the difference – bit rate matters no matter what others may say.

    Any projects lined up? Taking suggestions?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Ya I have a couple projects in mind for spring. You will find out when they are posted 😉

  29. Ew writes:

    seeded one tb on this one now, heh.

    been watching some eps and indeed the 1080p is very nice quality, good job Tenshi ! and thanks.

  30. JSpaces writes:

    Excellent encoding! 5 Stars!
    I must thank you Tenshi. It was pure pleasure watching Strike Witches 2 with smooth motion, great details and without any artifacts. Oh yes, flac is the choice for awesome sound. The size of the files is secondary. Well worth the bandwidth and time to get.
    I hope to see your continued generosity into the future considering all the labour it takes to create an archival quality work.
    Thanks for all your effort.

  31. Javac writes:

    Thank your !

    Is just true of/true of/really expect that you can also spread to
    I can not run

    Please to spend time of somes again.
    Thankful !

  32. AnimeWatch-er writes:

    Thanks a lot. 😀

  33. My Required Name writes:

    >Sweet, Strike Witches BD
    >by Tenshi
    I’m sorry, I really am but 30GB for 12 episodes + the OPs & EDs is just ridiculous. I like you guys, but sometimes it’s just too much

  34. Shindou writes:

    *sad* I so want to watch this in 1080p, but I have a tiny bandwidth limit….150GB a month now….oh well, 720p it is then…*slinking away with an epic sadface* Thanks though, bet it looks gorgeous in 1080p

  35. sandoe41 writes:

    Checked out Kira Fansubs version, yours is better, thanks for all your hard work.

  36. whatever writes:

    Seriously , we need more seeds’.

  37. reed761 writes:

    I like coalgirls torrents but almost none of them are eng dub and i don’t mind reading the subs but if there is a dub version i would rather have that so i have to download it from someone else! 🙁 but you guys all ways say We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.

  38. rand writes:

    I was watching this and i found something odd if anyone could get back to me about this issue. A blueray version should not have any censorship right? On episode 3 15:03 there is this dam line of light that just covers a really good part :\

  39. Cloudstrife192 writes:

    If you really want the dubbed version then just buy it. Lot easier than looking for it to download since most groups don’t include the english track anyway.

  40. Korki writes:

    Will u make movie ?

  41. Progeusz writes:

    FFS, 30 GB… only 224 left.
    HDD-kun, bear with it, you’ll have not-so-little brother next year.

  42. GillAlexander writes:

    Thank you so much for this

  43. GillAlexander writes:

    I will help seeding this

  44. 私輪かむ writes:

    Loved it! Downloaded it, watched it, seeded it 100%, great anime! The ending was less than hoped for, but I still have the movie to watch.

    Also, I did notice as well that there were a few “blue streaks” as well when they had (as randy said), “really good part(s)”. No complaints, but I was wondering as to why as well.

    Can’t wait for Vividred Operation to be finished so I can watch it as well!

    ありがとう ございます!

  45. Grand Moff Tarkin writes:

    Can i get some more people to seed the 1080p torrent please?

  46. Level 6 writes:

    Seed this please

  47. lalalili writes:

    Need seed, pls…

  48. lalalili writes:

    oh yeah, i forgot.
    The 1080p version…

  49. lalalili writes:


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