Strike Witches 2

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16Bit
Subs: Underwater
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

And here is the final batch, which concludes this series. Corruption in episode 10 is fixed. NCED12 is left unsubbed as we don’t have a translator.

So here is the start of season 2. Starting with this series there is going to be a slight change to my usual encoding style. Due to the fact that people are complaining like mad about my filesizes, here’s how its going to work from now on:

  1. 720p I will “try” to achieve “reasonable” file sizes in the 600MB – 900MB range. Since I don’t watch 720p if there is a 1080 available, might as well put it to some use i guess. If that still isn’t good enough for people then its time to find another source.
  2. 1080 will be kept at my usual CRF13, this is due to the fact I watch 1080. So I am going to encode to my liking. Not happy? Encode it yourself.
  3. If the source doesn’t warrant a 1080, 720 will be done at my usual CRF13.

106 Responses to Strike Witches 2

  1. me writes:

    thanks a bunch 😀

  2. BeginnerXP writes:

    Each ED using different characters everytime, can see from TVED, but since it’s NCED you won’t see who’s singing current ED.

  3. Nyanko writes:


  4. LMN writes:

    Even more ridiculous encoding. 2,5GB for 1 episode in 1080p?
    CRF13? Yet again 200% the size for an improvement of barely 1%. 720p size is somewhat OK… just… No one will notice the difference between CRF13 and CRF14 or even CRF15, not even you, Tenshi. And I know that HDDs are cheap as shit, thank you.

    I know I complain a lot. So what?

  5. indanglaya writes:

    … and I just finished downloading Underwater’s TV versions a while back. Thanks for this!

  6. anonny writes:

    why do all these noobs complain about 2 gb files and then go download 12gb movies that are roughly roughly 5times the length. You do realize these bd are 25 sometimes 50gb to start with and none of it is due to other languages on the disc. Maybe you you should upgrade your little dick monitor and play with the big boys and our hd projectors on 2 story walls. K thanks.

  7. Black_Raven writes:

    they used different characters to sing the ending song in each episode.
    here’s the list:
    #01: “Over Sky” by Miyafuji Yoshika (Fukuen Misato) & Sakamoto Mio (Seto Saori)
    #02: “Over Sky” by Sakamoto Mio (Seto Saori) & Miyafuji Yoshika (Fukuen Misato)
    #03: “Over Sky” by Yoshika (Fukuen Misato) & Lynne (Nazuka Kaori) & Perrine (Sawashiro Miyuki)
    #04: “Over Sky” by Barkhorn (Sonozaki Mie) & Shirley (Koshimizu Ami)
    #05: “Over Sky” by Yoshika (Fukuen Misato) & Lucchini (Saitou Chiwa) & Shirley (Koshimizu Ami)
    #06: “Over Sky” by Eila (Ohashi Ayuru) & Sanya (Kadowaki Mai)
    #07: “Over Sky” by Minna (Tanaka Rie) & Barkhorn (Sonozaki Mie) & Hartmann (Nogawa Sakura)
    #08: “Over Sky” by Yoshika (Fukuen Misato) & Lynne (Nazuka Kaori)
    #09: “Over Sky” by Sakamoto (Seto Saori) & Perrine (Sawashiro Miyuki)
    #10: “Over Sky” by Hartmann (Nogawa Sakura) & Marseille (Itou Shizuka)
    #11: “Over Sky” by Mio (Seto Saori) & Minna (Tanaka Rie)
    #12: “Over Sky” by Yoshika, Mio, Minna, Perrine, Lynne, Hartmann, Barkhorn, Lucchini, Shirley, Sanya, Eila

    hope it helps.

    anyway, thanks for your release. have been waiting for StrikeS, but they’re too slow 🙁

  8. tormaid writes:

    I think 720p should be a bit more mainstream in file size (CRF 15-16) because people who download 720p care about file-size due to hdd space or internet speed. 1080p should be bloated because if someone downloads the 1080p they care about neither file size nor internet speed. Audio should always be lossless because lossless audio kicks ass!

  9. Desert_Fox writes:

    5,4 GB for strike witches 2? that’s ridiculous……

    but who cares? lol

  10. anonymous writes:

    unrelated to this post but are you going to fix episodes 15 and 26 of heroic age?
    I will not be fixing Heroic Age, You can fix them yourself if it bothers you that much, you just need mkvmerge,mkvextractGUI2, and Aegisub.

  11. Desert_Fox writes:

    “Now that I have found out why there are so many ED files, do you want more NCEDs? Or is the 2 already posted enough?”

    i want it! i want it!

  12. Safarudin4 writes:

    you know a lot desu ne. I know you’ve re-download strike Bitches many times (Horrible subs, Underwater, StrikeS). if you download again from there, it makes 4 times LOL.

    I don’t know why the file size is too big (the samae as the 1st season), but as long as it BD from Oalgirls, I wil Download it.

    well thanks for the fast release, I though you’ll do HSOD first.

    All Hail Bloomers LOL

  13. Safarudin4 writes:

    you know a lot desu ne. I know you’ve re-download strike Bitches many times (Horrible subs, Underwater, StrikeS). if you download again from there, it makes 4 times LOL.

    I don’t know why the file size is too big (the same as the 1st season), but as long as it BD from Oalgirls, I don’t mind to Download it.

    well thanks for the fast release, I though you’ll do HSOD first.

    All Hail Bloomers LOL

  14. MikeP writes:

    If the disc comes with an NCOP or NCED please release it. I don’t care if that means 12 in total. There’s always selective download in torrent programs so not everyone needs to download them.

  15. daikama writes:

    100% fine with the official policy, though I for some reason I thought CRF 14-15 was the stand CG encode. Whatever, CRF 13, 14, or even 15 is fine by me. Just don’t give me the Zero/Leopard raw CRF = 20 crap. In fact, at CRF 13, there’s probably little difference vs the BDMVs.

    @Black_Raven: I think you’ll be waiting a long time for Strike S and you’re better off with Underwater anyway. See for reasons why.

    As for the NCOP/NCED – definitely do them all. Given the 1080P ep file sizes, there’s no point in leaving stuff out. 2nd what Mike P says – you have the choice not to DL when you open the torrent file. If at all possible, please do the specials as well.

    Question for those who are archiving the 1080p stuff – how do you back up the files? Another HDD(s), lots & lots of DVD-Rs ,or BD-Rs? I’ll need to add another 2TB soon (might as well buy two if on sale at the rate I’m going >_>…), but I wonder if there’s a better/more efficient way to back up stuff.

  16. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    At larger disk sizes RAID5 or RAID6 is really your friend. Its how I keep my nearly 30TB of data “safe”.

  17. OniSamurai writes:

    I agree with what anonny said. Doesn’t matter though, I just hope CGi doesn’t continute to bend to the will of leechers. The ones who have a problem are vastly more vocal than us who enjoy your quality however you release it.

  18. Pisces writes:

    Is OP ED ED2, ordered chapter or not ???
    There will never be any ordered chapters in any of my releases. Ordered Chapters makes me rage.

  19. Bloodios writes:

    Here is fixed subs for Heroic Age in case you’re interested:

  20. Bloodios writes:

    Scratch that, use this link instead:

  21. Desert_Fox writes:

    @daikama…..i burn it in my DVDs 😀 i even download both gg’s 1080p and Coalgirls 1080p for Break Blade…dunno why…

    and yes…it took long time to burn it….i have to wait 15 minutes just to burn 1 DVD….but who cares? i even had to waited one week just to download Nyankoi 1080p from Coalgirls thanks to my shitty internet….

    so wait for more 15 minutes? why not?

  22. anonymous writes:

    @bloodios thanks

  23. anonymous writes:

    actually the link doesn’t work so gratitude pending 😛

  24. miracles writes:

    I want to ask why season 1 Strike Witches i download the OP and ED not have translation or kanji??
    Probably cause StrikeS hard subbed it in.

  25. thk writes:

    Any DDL for this awesome series?
    If someone wants to put one up they are free to do so. I don’t use DDLs due to their inefficiency of distribution

  26. aniluv writes:

    Hope some kind souls can provide MU links to these series =D

  27. miracles writes:

    I download Coalgirls BD strike witches season 1 not striker.

    I play with cccp zoom player and any player it’s same OP/ED not have translation and kanji or it not have OP/ED translaion and kanji from coalgirls

  28. MikeP writes:

    Check the original Strike Witches torrent, the subtitles are very clearly labelled as being from StrikeSubs. To make this clear for you, the OP/ED translation and kanji is not in the subtitle script from StrikeS so its not in Coalgirls release either.

  29. troll writes:

    +1 for sizes too big.
    People who want the best quality irrespective of download size or disk space usage can get the original BD ISOs. You’ll never beat them in quality.
    People who get BD rips, on the other hand, do so because they don’t need the quality of the original BD and are willing to sacrifice that in exchange for more manageable file sizes and download bandwidth.

    x264’s default qpmin is set to 10, which is meant to be an absurdly low number which will never be reached in practical situations (it’s there to ensure the encoder doesn’t go overboard on anything). 13 is already hell close to 10. Generally very high quality encodes shouldn’t go below crf 16 IMHO. Yes, there may be some small places where you can see defects if you freeze frame and zoom in, but these usually won’t be fixed unless you throw absurd amounts of bitrate at them. People who care so much about these tiny blemishes can get the original BD ISO – even a crf 13 encode will probably still have some defects here or there (I don’t really have a good source to do comparisons with though).

    But otherwise, thanks for the release regardless (better than nothing). Obviously this complaint wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t released in the first place 😛

  30. miracles writes:

    Thank’s for the info and i clear for that problem.I think my download have a problem or my PC have problem…hehhee
    but usually CGi i download have OP/ED translation so i jump to conclusion my pc have problem or what.I didn’t check StrikeS fansub soo i confused.OK thank’s for your reply

  31. daikama writes:

    @Tenshi: O.O 30TB!? Raid isn’t an option for me as I use a single HDD for OS/Programs and some temporary data (lazy so I throw a lot of stuff on the desktop). If I can finally get the build from hell finished, at least I’ll have a front bay hotswap rack. Ideally I could have set up like your’s but too much $$$ for me :<.

    @ Desert_Fox: I'd rather back up to DVD (really Blu-Ray) since it should be safer than drives and easy to store. the problem is how not to waste space not to mention I'd need a lot of disks. What program do you use/recommend (freeware if possible).

    Thanks for the suggestions. Problem solved for now as I just bought a Samsung F4EG 2TB "eco" drive for $95 w/free ship! :D. So between that, two F3EG 2TBs, a WD Black 2TB, and a spare F3 1 TB (another used to clone my WD Black 1TB OS drive) I'll have enough space for a few months (I hope) and start backing some other stuff to DVD as well.

  32. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Well besides data safety I also have a speed of access requirement / random I/O performance level attached to my data. DVDs and single HDDs are plain too slow. They just die when trying to seed 2.7TBs of torrents. Also copying full blu ray disks at 70MB/sec isnt my idea of fun.

  33. daikama writes:

    @Tenshi – no disagreement w/ what you posted. Like I said “IDEALLY, I could get a set up like yours” but that’s not going to happen. The slow Blu-Ray speeds are one reason I’m holding off on a burner/rom combo. At least it looks like the LTH (I think that’s right) BD-R disk are fairly cheap.

    @Miracles & anyone else interested, I’m adding the ED & OP romaji & English TL for SW season one along with cleaning up some minor stuff & reducing the default font size a bit to suit my preference. So far, the first 2 eps are done. If any one is interested in the subs, post a reply and I’ll upload them to MU or MF when I’ve finished all of them. Just don’t expect karaoke or fancy effects like on the original hard subs.

  34. Black_Raven writes:

    >Now that I have found out why there are so many ED files, do you want more NCEDs?
    Bring it on, baby.

  35. Bolt-SX-609 writes:

    Do the OP and EDs have credits on the episode? Or is it another release with creditless OP/EDs linked together by ordered chapters? Just wanna know…
    Yes there are credits in the episode. Due to my issues with ordered chapters none of my releases will use them.

  36. Desert_Fox writes:

    @daikama…sorry to post it just now….i use Ashampoo to burn my files…and yes, it’s free. u only need to register it for free…. 😛

    ahhh yes….it’s out now….please CGi user….seed SW2 more, please…maybe for a month is enough 😛

    @Tenshi…when will u post all of the NCEDs? final disc?
    I will post NCEDs as they are available with disk2 you get NCED3,4

  37. Desert_Fox writes:

    @Tenshi….cool…. 😀

    anyway, i appreciate ur hard work on these 😛

  38. lvhina writes:

    The most confusing thing is, earlier in the year there was a post on this website about not using Crunchyroll subs.

    And here with are with Strike Witches (Underwater/CR rip) and Occult Academy (Pakuru/CR rip)

    *le sigh*

  39. E.J. writes:

    Thanks for your hard work on this! X)

  40. banger writes:


    i think those standards only apply to coalgirls encodes. even tho they all have that tag some are done by other people – need to check the post author to see who did that particular series. anyways i think CR subs are usually better than most fansubs so i prefer them

  41. yaay writes:

    here they go the uncen version, will u guys do it?

  42. Tom writes:

    Keep up the good (and uncensored) work! Don’t sweat file size. I have 2.5 TB of storage. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  43. The Damned writes:

    When can i expect batch? tried to watch the other releases that are already complete but… the “Lovely Japanese fog all over the yummy places” once again annoyed the hell outa me so i decided to wait for coalgirls release.
    Batch will probably be in late Feb early Mar of 2011 as that’s when the final disk is out

  44. Desert_Fox writes:

    huh? the new one?

    thanks 😀

  45. ganon writes:

    Anyone willing to post MU links for OP and EDs?

  46. John writes:

    can you tell me what encoding software do you use? thanks

  47. sads writes:

    ouu very nice header 🙂

  48. Tommo writes:

    File size doesn’t worry me one bit, High quality is much more important than taking up space on a Hard drive(which are so cheap these days). Thanks for all your work.

  49. daikama writes:

    Nice! Thanks as usual. FWIW – I also would be interested to know what encoding software you use (assuming MeGUI).