Type: Series (11 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: UTW
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

35 Responses to Fractale

  1. Bloodios writes:

    Thank you!
    Cyras! You are like a God-like being now!
    I worship you.

  2. random guy writes:

    That anime isn’t worth BD ver.

  3. Zingon writes:

    Every anime is worth in BD ver! Thanks for the new show, we love u <3

  4. Merushi writes:

    at least is was one of the better last season.

  5. IZEROII writes:

    Idk this show was kind of a flop to me. It was good but I was expecting it to be more. Still, thanks for the BDs

  6. IZEROII writes:

    also link to full res version of Phryne picture?

  7. zaockle writes:

    this show was terrible. just terrible. and yamakan said he was “here to save anime.” more like here to bore the fuck out of me.

  8. RoadSign writes:


  9. IZEROII writes:

    @ChrisK much thanks

  10. rhizzu writes:

    nice file size for the bluray release.
    now these what we call bluray small file size.

    btw, many thanks.

  11. Krysstof writes:


    And finally a nice encode of this OP 😀

  12. inuyasha94588 writes:

    Total downloads = 833

  13. S.J. writes:

    Naice! :3

  14. Ekky writes:

    Thanks for Fractale, and especially, thanks for the OP encode.

  15. Nessa writes:

    So… when the new episodes will come out?

  16. Nessa writes:

    thanks 😉

  17. Clark writes:

    Don’t have Aegissub installed and can’t be bothered to do it at the moment so here are the raw translations.

    Replace “The temple’s army is…” with “They’re saying that…” so that it flows with the next line.

    – the temple’s army burnt our village down.
    – In a single night, 4 villages were burnt to the ground.
    – It seems that no one has arrived from that village.
    – Anyway, protecting the rest of the villages is our top priority right now.

    You might want to fix wording and terminology since I haven’t seen the series yet (waiting for your batch) and don’t know what’s going on but the translations themselves should be accurate. Hopefully it’s an acceptable contribution for the fine work you do here.

  18. Alucryd writes:

    I mostly agree with Clark’s translation, apart from changing some wording, I’ve changed the 3rd missing line, I’m pretty sure they literally say there were no survivors (it means the same as no one has arrived from that village, but this is more accurate to me :-P). Here is the .ass :

  19. Clark writes:


    You’re right about the third line. I misheard that line as 一人も来らず, which isn’t even grammatically correct anyway (should be 来ず) instead of the actual line, 一人残らず, which is. The funny thing is that on my first play through, I had that line down as “It seems that there were no survivors.” That’ll show me to attempt a translation at 1AM.

  20. tazmanian writes:

    Did you forget to include the regular OP/ED in the batch, or did you purposely leave them out?

    Will there be patches for 1/2/5 from you, or will some nice anon need to make them?

  21. tazmanian writes:

    Thanks for the clarification, thanks for the patches & thanks for encoding these.

    It’s much appreciated 😀

  22. Sawa-chan writes:

    Thanks for the release. And also thanks for the post release QA + speedy patches. You guys are death-metal hardcore, i.e., you rock!!

  23. Strawberry writes:

    Ok total noob, never done this before but how do you apply the patches?

  24. superweapons writes:

    xdelta patches (1080p, packaged with binaries):

    Mirrors on my site.

  25. Asphe writes:

    Anyone get some ‘speed-ups’ in some 1080p episodes? It’s like someone hit the fast forward/etc. for a fraction of a second. I redownloaded from Fileserve and saw the same thing.

    CCCP standard, with/without MadVR, with/without CoreAVC. I also tried playback in WiMP (no sound but the ‘fast foward’ part was still there. Tried with both FLAC in CCCP enabled/disabled. Other Coalgirls series seems fine, including the newer H10 ones.

    ep5 11:52 (the clock seems to pause for a second as well) [same with the fileserve download]
    ep6 12:12 (the scene seems to ‘repeat’ from a split-second earlier) [same with the fileserve download]

    About once or twice in each episode after, . It’s very, very minor and I’m more concerned if it’s my configuration. Doesn’t detract from the story/etc.

  26. dragonsword50 writes:

    can someone plz seed the 720p torrent more i am only getting 12kb plz help

  27. ricky writes:

    I downloaded the 1080p version
    why each episode was just 19:55 minutes
    i saw at anidb, for each episode 25 minute

  28. MattRK writes:

    Any idea where one could find the english audio track that came on the BD disk?


  29. Liinah writes:

    Thank you so much for doing this project, I really love this anime. Will keep seeding.

  30. Lugo writes:

    Thanks for the upload. Have never seen this series cant wait to watch!

  31. Ann writes:

    720p torrent doesn’t have any seeder 🙁

  32. darkfawwaz writes:

    can you reseed pls