Elfen Lied


Type: Series (13+1 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: Track 1: FLAC 5.1 (24bit) – Japanese
Track 2: AC3 5.1 – English
Track 3: AC3 5.1 – German
Subs: Retail – English (modified)
anime-mx – English (OVA, modified)
Torrent: 720p


  • Video and Japanese audio are from the Japanese Blu-rays. 720p only because SD upscale.
  • English dub and sub and German dub are from the German ADV DVDs. Subs were OCRed and modified.
  • No full German subs because they are bad (the dub is much better) and not worth the effort required to fix them up. German signs and songs for the dub are included.
  • The OVA can be considered as episode 10.5. No dubs for it, as it was never released outside of Japan.

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