Elfen Lied


Type: Series (13+1 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: Track 1: FLAC 5.1 (24bit) – Japanese
Track 2: AC3 5.1 – English
Track 3: AC3 5.1 – German
Subs: Retail – English (modified)
anime-mx – English (OVA, modified)
Torrent: 720p


  • Video and Japanese audio are from the Japanese Blu-rays. 720p only because SD upscale.
  • English dub and sub and German dub are from the German ADV DVDs. Subs were OCRed and modified.
  • No full German subs because they are bad (the dub is much better) and not worth the effort required to fix them up. German signs and songs for the dub are included.
  • The OVA can be considered as episode 10.5. No dubs for it, as it was never released outside of Japan.

71 Responses to Elfen Lied

  1. syns writes:

    gilgamesh i also converted the audio to decrease the size this is what i did ( sorry for my bad english )

    1-> extracted the jap audio using the mkv cleaver
    2-> reencoded to aac using megui
    3-> added the audio back to the episode using mkvmerge and flagged the audio as default
    4-> deleted all the other audios files from the episode and hit muxing
    (the aac enconder i used was nero aac: ndaac lc multichannel hq 256 kbps )

    the episode ( episode 1 ) went from 827 M to 426 M and the audio is fine

  2. tormaid writes:

    Why would you ever use Nero AAC over QAAC? -___-

  3. Anonymous writes:

    Wowowowow, thank you for this!

  4. oni77 writes:

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for this Coalgirls. I’ve always wanted to see this one, but never took the time to do it. However, I finally watched it because of this release. This show has instantly become one of my favorite animes of all time. I watched it nonstop. I couldn’t stop. I mean, what an emotional thrill ride!

    I’m not afraid to say that I’m a 20 year old guy that cried twice from this 13 episode series. Now I hear that the manga is even sadder so I can’t wait to read that! There were some mistakes I noticed in the subbing, but that doesn’t matter. I bet it’s hard work to do all of this for us and I appreciate it very much. Thanks again and continue to be awesome!

  5. Lord Merkadis writes:

    Elfen Lied.. that sure brings back some fond and.. bloody memories heheh.
    Should maybe ddl it again…

  6. osewaninaru writes:

    Can’t currently find the Japanese R2 DVDs on my HDD, but are you sure it’s 23.976 fps? I remember reading it having some true 29.97 fps scenes – maybe look at some petal fall scenes.

    Also, right the the start of the OP you see some strange artefacts in the texture that zooms out. Looks like some kind of deinterlacing artefact/flickering.

    But generally the quality of this “Blu-Ray” is really disappointing. What a shame.

  7. Chen writes:

    Why would you add the horrible german and english dub? Why god, why?

  8. shi0nmaku writes:

    @gilgamesh, sorry for the most l;ate reply, I just got busy with my RL. I use MKVToolnix to do those things for me.

  9. Otaku writes:

    Can you please share also a 1080p version of elfen lied anime?

  10. Anonymous writes:

    Please stop with the absolutely ridiculous audio encoding.
    There is no reason to use 24 bit flac. None whatsoever. There is not a television show in existence that would make use of the ~120dB of dynamic range that encoding in 24bit flac gives. It does not improve the quality even the slightest bit.

  11. Miku writes:


    There are reasons to use FLAC codec for audio tracks. If the original BD comes with 5.1 LPCM/TrueHD/DTS-HD MA, then FLAC track is the minimum acceptable codec of a transcode.

  12. Jimininy writes:

    thank you for this anime… the Quality, Audio, Subtitles is Perfect…

  13. Gerald writes:

    Anyone else getting problems when trying to run ost/ep12 on VLC?
    “No suitable decoder module:
    VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.”

  14. 3island18 writes:

    Yes! Finally! A true BD! Cman21’s upscales were pretty cool, can’t wait to see if the true BD ver is better or not. 10.7 GB huh. Time to burn money to buy bigger internet quota… $15 for a measly 20 GB… sucks to be poor and live in a 3rd world country…

    Fishmoose in the previous page said some details in the DVD are gone in the BD. What details if someone would kindly elaborate it for me. I hope nothing major like censoring shit…

    Also, osewaninaru above said:
    “right the the start of the OP you see some strange artefacts in the texture that zooms out. Looks like some kind of deinterlacing artefact/flickering.”

    Is that true? o.O Anyway, I still think Coal Girls’ Elfen Lied BD release are the best available on the net, second to none. Time to download.

  15. JSpaces writes:

    Awesome, one of my favourite series even though its a twisted and dark tale! Thank you for providing Flac audio, sounds awesome, 720p looks great and just blows the all the DVD releases to pieces. Thank you for releasing Elfen Lied, ChrisK. Cheers are in order. \\(^^)//

    Coalgirls means archivable quality and that is more important than file size, even with the small pipe my ISP provides me. Of course adding an array of 4 – 2TB drives helps as well. Good things come to those who are patient. When the original quality is there, Coalgirls always put out the best possible formats in their releases. All lossy audio codecs destroy so much of the music/sound it is unbelievable but one has to have the equipment to hear the difference.

    I always look forward to viewing and listening releases from the Coalgirls team. Hopefully for a long time into the future.

  16. nathan writes:

    The japanese audio track on episode 5 seems to be broken. The sound doesnt from that audio track doesn’t play for the whole episode but weirdly all sound effects and music in the episode does. Im using VLC so i also check the english dub to see if that worked and it did. Please fix this or tell me how i can fix it myself. Thanks!

  17. ahmednsa writes:

    THamnk Tou So Much

  18. Yug Shende writes:

    Is the English audio any good?