Elfen Lied


Type: Series (13+1 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: Track 1: FLAC 5.1 (24bit) – Japanese
Track 2: AC3 5.1 – English
Track 3: AC3 5.1 – German
Subs: Retail – English (modified)
anime-mx – English (OVA, modified)
Torrent: 720p


  • Video and Japanese audio are from the Japanese Blu-rays. 720p only because SD upscale.
  • English dub and sub and German dub are from the German ADV DVDs. Subs were OCRed and modified.
  • No full German subs because they are bad (the dub is much better) and not worth the effort required to fix them up. German signs and songs for the dub are included.
  • The OVA can be considered as episode 10.5. No dubs for it, as it was never released outside of Japan.

71 Responses to Elfen Lied

  1. jbwzrd213 writes:

    Holy crap! This is awesome!
    I haven’t seen this in years and have been meaning to rewatch it. What better time than now?!

    Thank you, CG!

  2. Alfredonm writes:

    Oh my, im gonna watch all of this again in 720p, thanks

  3. tachikoma01 writes:

    I didn’t take the time to watch this series back then, now I have no more excuses. 😀

  4. Pi0_Fox writes:

    Just when I think you guys are winding down you always hit me with something fresh.

  5. Gungrave223 writes:

    Is there no way that y’all could release without the german so that the files a little smaller for achieving purpose?

  6. tachikoma01 writes:

    @Gungrave223 You can use MkvToolNix to remove german and english audio.

  7. Vanth writes:

    Oh my god, thank you for releasing a dual audio 720p version of this. You guys rock! Thank you for the Christmas present!

  8. Johnny5 writes:

    I sold this and never found it again! Ill be seeding this one for a long time! Must watch.
    Thanks CG!

  9. Drummmin writes:

    This is one of my favorite animes and has one of the best plot/stories of anything I’ve seen in the last 4-5 years. I’ll definitely be DLing this to rewatch it again. Thanks CG

  10. twonline writes:

    Fuck Yeah!!!!! Elfen Lied in real 720p…….


  11. KyaruPamuuu writes:

    who encoded this? O.o

  12. Biribiri writes:

    What a coincidence, I fell asleep watching the DVDs last night as I was laying in bed and was wondering if there was a decent torrent floating around.

  13. Alucryd writes:

    OMG, you sir just made my day!

  14. Juular writes:

    For those who want a DVD upscale comparison, http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/165739

  15. Yangorang writes:

    Nice! Such a classic!

  16. xxChrizz writes:

    Thanks for the German audio track.
    I usually watch it in japanese, but it’s nice to have the option if you watch it with friends.
    Dual Audio releases should contain more languages than english if possible.

  17. flossifer writes:

    Someone tell Commie. They are German-crazy over there these days. Tell them it’s “Elfen Lied und Panzer!”

  18. TheVillain writes:

    question, is the 720p come from japan blu ray (if there is)?

  19. TheVillain writes:

    The Villain is too busy with his villainyness to read description, the villain apologizes foany inconvenience , the villain is out

  20. DeathsRightEye writes:

    I can’t wait to work my way through this again. This defiantly is the highlight of my week.

  21. flossifer writes:

    Or how about “Elfen Lied und Hose” ? (Lederhose –rats, almost works.)

  22. Franco Tang writes:

    AHA!!! What an unexpected release! ^_^ Thank you very much! I love this show, If only they had a few more episodes just to explain some things in more detail

  23. Mei Lice writes:

    Thank you for this wonderful release!

    Thanks CG!

  24. Ratatula writes:

    Normally the German dubs suck but if you guys say its good i give it a try.

    Thx for this.

    • ChrisK writes:

      I didn’t say that it is good, just that it is better than the German sub from the DVD. But I would still say the dub is okay.

  25. BK Chillingzzz writes:

    Thanks man! 😀

  26. skyhack writes:

    Oh, my. An old favorite.

  27. blackice85 writes:

    Thanks, I’ve been waiting for a good release for a long time.

  28. Kail writes:

    Wonderful. Thanks for the release!

  29. Guilty Knight writes:

    Oh my god! I love you forever for this!

  30. Rev writes:

    Thanks for the cool release.
    If any of you guys is interested read the manga its way better
    and goes really beyond the story in the anime.

  31. Fishmoose writes:

    Whoa. I found out about the BD release just this week, and now you post this. Thanks. Will replace my Zero-Raws DVD upscale w/ AHQ subs home-mux.

    Some detail has gone missing in the BD release though. I’m not one to care, but I know that a few do.
    DVD vs BD:

  32. ZatGuy writes:

    Thanks for the upload… but wow, people seriously think this is a good show to watch? The music is the only thing remotely decent about this show.

  33. Miih~ writes:

    Wow, I’ve been searching for a good Elfen Lied release for couple of years already, and now you throw a BD release here. Gonna download this and see if it’s any good. Thank you.

  34. soar.sola writes:

    Holly awesome! This is definitely worth watching!

  35. papsi writes:

    Thanx for releasing this. I was hoping that someone will release this with Anime_fin’s translation, but nevertheless, thanks! 🙂

  36. JTDP writes:

    F-inn awsome. Thank you very much for this release.
    And I wish you A happy new year. Domo arigatou!! 😀

  37. ghostwriter writes:

    Need the script from the german fansubs?

  38. Anon writes:

    Holy shit even with german dubs, thank you so much

  39. gilgamesh writes:

    Thanks so much for this! This made my day!

  40. Zettabyte writes:

    holy shit this show man…..

  41. lsmlsh writes:

    Awesome. I’ve been planning to rewatch this for quite some time as well. Thanks a ton.

  42. Shiso writes:

    This is so great! It’s been so long since I watched this for the first time. Thanks a lot guys.

  43. Hvalac writes:

    You girls never cease to amaze me!
    Thanks so very much.

  44. Grieyls writes:

    And to think I’ve been looking for a 720p version for this for so freaking long and… Bang!… You gals put one up without telling me… Shame on you 😛

    Just kidding, I’m extatic you have put this up. Thanks heaps XD

  45. skyhack writes:

    I wish they’d had more budget and episodes to do this one back then. The story is very condensed, and has to bounce around too much. Still, it’s a classic, though quite a disturbing one.

  46. Frog writes:

    Now if only i had a place to install all my hard drives to have room to download more.

  47. shi0nmaku writes:

    me wants 1080p please

  48. gilgamesh writes:

    I’m editing your release to get smaller file sizes but I’m having some problems.
    First, I’m demuxing the mkv.
    After, I’m converting the jpn audio from FLAC 5.1 to AAC 2.0.
    Finally, I merge your video, eng subs and chapters with the AAC audio, decreasing the file size by 50%.
    However, the outputed mkv file doesn’t play.
    I know that the problem is some wrong configuration regarding the extraction/muxing process.
    I know this because when I generate a mkv containing only the video it also doesn’t play.
    MKVtools are version 5.9.0, the latest.
    I’m using the following cmd line to merge:

    mkvmerge -o 01.mkv –language 0:jpn -d 0 video.h264 –chapters chapters.xml –language 0:jpn -a 0 audio.mp4 –language 0:eng -s 0 sub.ass

    Do u have any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  49. shi0nmaku writes:

    @gilgamesh, I didn’t had any problems with demuxing and muxing it back on a smaller file sized, oh yeah, I managed to limit the, up to 356MB, that’s the average of all.

  50. gilgamesh writes:

    @shi0nmaku, what are you using to mux/demux?
    Because I’m using mkvetract and mkvmerge directly from the command line.