Ookami to Koushinryou II

Episodes – 12+1
Video – 1920×1080 @ 8200 kbps, 1280×720 @ 2800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mazui (Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

27 Responses to Ookami to Koushinryou II

  1. Bloodios writes:

    Is there any chance that you guys might pick up the first season?

  2. maekho writes:

    there’r glitches in

    1080p Eps 10 20:28 – 20:30
    1080p Eps 11 20:35 – 20:37

  3. Light writes:

    Oh wow.. Amazing! You girls ROCK! 1080p of wolf and spice.. You actually made my day 😀

  4. Kenshin writes:

    Thanks alot guys 🙂

    a small question , are there with English Audio ?

    thx again

  5. dailyneeds writes:

    Rapidshare ddls

    niizk (S1) 720p

    Coalgirls (S2) 720p

    Coalgirls (S2) 1080p

    use jdownloader..

  6. dailyneeds writes:

    also available at rizon (bot: Horo-tan)

  7. hunter writes:

    Could anyone help with the seed for the 720p version or provide any site where I can find DDL?

    Thanks for your help.

  8. billy writes:

    Can anybody confirm maekho’s problem with the gltiches? Also is this release with Holo or horo. I wish it was Holo.

  9. mascthemoney writes:

    can somebody please seed this? much thanks if u can.

  10. mascthemoney writes:

    the 720p version i mean

  11. Rev writes:

    Can someone tell me wether CGi release on the ep 00 is the OVA or the specials

  12. CTS writes:

    Please seed the 720p torrent. Thank you very much.

  13. Zen writes:

    can anybody help to seed 1080p torrent. Thank you very much if you can

  14. sharm writes:

    Can we get a fileserve ddl for this please~~!!

  15. MOnkey writes:

    Will this be redone in 10 bit? Hoping for an auspicious reply.

  16. Seera writes:

    Need seed for 1080, when I’m done I can help seed 4ever ty ty

  17. Melvin writes:

    Can anyone pls upload season 2 into RS or UL and send it to my email for the links … here is my address: melvin_tah88@hotmail.com. thank you and really looking forward to someone who can help in this.^^

  18. bonnybig writes:

    please give me screen shot episode number 12 on kiss scene… please… I have reason abuot this… and this is very important

  19. Xephron writes:

    Are there any plans to redo this in 10-bit?

  20. tsuda writes:

    please seed 720p, please

  21. badjoelz writes:

    please more seeder for 720p 🙁
    my upload speed is about 500 kBps, but my download speed is only about 100 kBps

  22. darkfawwaz writes:

    can someone seed for 720p,please

  23. munkeyman writes:

    Torrent links aren’t working, any chance of a fix? Thanks!

  24. Nova writes:

    Damn! one of my favorite anime >< thanks for sharing.

  25. RadiantTown writes:

    Please seed the 1080p torrent, onegai

  26. Dom writes:

    Is there a way to get episode 12 of season 2? I don’t have that one and the download doesn’t seem to work T_T