Episodes – 25 + 1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16, 704×480 @ 175 MB
Audio – 2.0 FLAC, 2.0 AAC @ 160 kbps
Subs – gg (1-4, modified), qq (5-11, modified), Coalguys (12-25, OVA, Heavily modified), Hiyono (SOS, re-styled, modified), CoalAmi (12-25, Typeset)

Blu-ray – Torrent

DVD – Torrent

300 Responses to Toradora!

  1. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Dear Coalgirls,

    Need some help about this show. I just downloaded the first episode but for some reason the OP and ED is not there. My only guess is that that the OP, ED and main show was separated in three parts. How can I watch this normally w/ the OP and ED included? Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


  2. Andrew Suh writes:

    Just wondering, can vlc play the DVD version smoothly? I read your stuff about getting a couple programs to view your movies properly, but my computer isn’t exactly a high-end one…and it’s old. XD

  3. herpderp writes:

    720p isn’t horribly taxing, but it’ll run just fine if you’ve got a fairly recent GPU, since it should have hardware video acceleration for this codec. If this is 10-bit though, you might have trouble with it since no consumer GPU’s currently available support 10-bit video decoding, so your CPU has to do all the work.

    Though for 720p, I imagine even a Pentium 4 would play this just fine, as long as it’s one of the later series.

  4. Toiga writes:

    Have you guys been knowing corruption in the files? I forced a recheck and it’s adamant in saying its 100% Some files I’m having at the trouble are the OVA from 25:30 – 26:04 (OCD about the condition/quality of the files) and both the Play All files. The OVA corruption is just a sudden visual crash for the video, while the audio continues after skipping a few seconds ahead. As for the Play All files, it likes to skip ALOT of times, as if the chunks of time just weren’t there. For example, skipping as early as 00:23 directly to 00:43. There is artifacting and then there will be times were the audio continues while the video freezes for some time. I don’t even know how the others will be since they’re not finished being downloaded. I wanted to know if it was corrupted as an original or somehow it was just me getting corrupt copy. I’m pretty sure playback is set correctly since I followed the instructions on the site. If it’s just me, could someone also tell me the way to repair the file, or a link to a direct download of those specific episodes? That would be awesome, thanks.

  5. Toiga writes:

    Ahh, sorry for my inexperience. I had the assumption that .mkv was a strictly video format, I had no idea it could act like a playlist, sewing all the videos together. It finally made sense to me when I noticed that the jump corresponded between the original and the play all files. As for the OVA, I deleted the corrupted video, force-rechecked and got a good copy now. Thanks for all the work you guys put into this, it’s fantastic!

  6. Yeso writes:

    Thank you. Thank you, Thank you so much.

  7. Pra7ul writes:

    Thanks a lot , i enjoyed this batch the most,

    The playALL option with 2-4 types selection is awesome,

    Hoping if you guys would be able to do that with every Series , if Possible . 😀

  8. luizk writes:

    thanks coalgirls! love that anime! tiger n dragon rules

  9. fatjoe writes:

    uploaded 14.5 gb
    thanks for the great rip.

  10. Ryutaka writes:

    The ddl was taken down! Can you please reupload it, or can someone who has all the episodes send them to me? thanks!

  11. Nabucodonosor writes:

    6 seeders? really? :I

  12. shikato writes:

    The Blu-ray version audio is out of sync (im using K-Codec pack with WMP classic) i have a Intel Dual core duo E8400 and ATI Radeon 4850 HD

  13. nxgn writes:

    Thanks!!! Awesome quality, although whenever I play the Play All files nothing seems to be happening. I can play all of the episodes fine but without the OPs, EDs and previews. Anybody know why this is happening? I’m using MPC-HC btw.

  14. nxgn writes:

    ^Problem solved. All I had to do is disable MPC-HC’s internal Matroska filter. It now plays the Play All files.

  15. jesh writes:

    Amazing show! Thanks for letting us enjoy it, Coalgirls! Uploaded 135gb, my ISP will be pissed. 😀

  16. Ryu* writes:

    Hi there Coalgirls! Great series, and great rip. I had an interesting question though.
    I have another 1080p BDrip of Toradora and would love to watch it too, but there are no subs. Is it at all possible to copy the subs from your rip and use them for the 1080p version? If so, how would I do that?

    Otherwise, do you guys plan to ever release a 1080p rip of this series?

  17. namednoob writes:

    Is there a fix for the audio out of sync issue ? I am using CCCP latest and have a high end PC(i7) and VGA(HD7950)

  18. Mario writes:

    Hi coalgirls, i have a problem regarding the “play all” files. Whenever i try to play the “play all” file it only shows a black screen with only 5 seconds of video. Its the same thing for the rest of the “play all” files and i would really appreciate it if you would help me fix this problem. I have the the newest version of MPC-HC. Please reply, i really like this anime and it just crushes me that i cant watch it from beginning to end.

    Thank you for your time.

  19. Doodle210 writes:

    Just so you guys know… on the OVA @00:32 it says “Gays” not “Guys”… :\
    I understand that it is a minor typo but i have OCD 😮 so it bugs me A LOT! :p

  20. Doodle210 writes:

    never mind… never seen the OVA so i didn’t know it was part of the script 😮

  21. herpdaderp writes:

    Screenshot comparison is down. Care to fix it, please? Thanks!

  22. animeotaku writes:

    Thank you so much for this! There are a couple of problems though:

    • Right before the ending plays, the audio mutes for 1 second before returning back to normal.
    • Before the previews, it sometimes shows a little clip of the scene before the ending begins, but without audio.

    Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with it. It just bothers me a little, so can you please fix it? Thanks again! (:

  23. Xyler writes:

    may I ask how they make this file?
    I want to know how to do this for my other files also. 🙂

  24. Noxi writes:

    Same problem as Animeotaku.

    At episode 21 it replays a part of the last scene instead of the ending, which Really kills the mood there (one of the best scenes in the whole series).

    If you care to fix old projects, please do. I’d like to rewatch this a third time.

  25. Santa-san writes:

    I just rewatched this for god knows what time. It’s fantastic. I tell you, this anime is THE best there is in this genre
    Had no problems at all with playback btw. Using Media Player Classic with default settings

  26. davide writes:

    Great release, thank a lot! Just one question… any chance of a 1080p release in the future?

  27. Poly writes:

    Hey just a small issue when playing. I don\’t know if its intentional or not.

    After every episode (even during the credits, sometimes before the credits, etc) the anime does quick flashback to the end of the episode for a few seconds without any sound and then cuts back to the credits. Is this normal or a problem on VLC?

    If you have any other media suggestions I\’m willing to take them. This has been happening on almost every show I have downloaded from here.

  28. FreeEternal writes:

    Really good release! Awesome!

  29. thasinwasif writes:

    is this dubbed tho