Episodes – 25 + 1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16, 704×480 @ 175 MB
Audio – 2.0 FLAC, 2.0 AAC @ 160 kbps
Subs – gg (1-4, modified), qq (5-11, modified), Coalguys (12-25, OVA, Heavily modified), Hiyono (SOS, re-styled, modified), CoalAmi (12-25, Typeset)

Blu-ray – Torrent

DVD – Torrent

300 Responses to Toradora!

  1. AlexTo writes:

    no 1080p?

  2. AlexTo writes:

    Ooops JC Staff didn’t know that

  3. Anon writes:

    Thank you.

  4. h4m74ro writes:

    thank you, this release is epic.

  5. Happy writes:

    Thanks for your time on this Coalgirl, been wanting to watch the series and looks like I waited for the perfect time.

  6. Julio writes:

    All the episodes have the same type and color for consistency right?

  7. Nettosama writes:

    @Julio: yes

  8. Millie_Chliette writes:

    Been waiting for this release! Totally worth waiting for the bd! Thank you so much~
    I love the ordered chapters, too. Keep up the great work!

  9. LEJ27 writes:

    Is it just me or are the DDL links not working?

  10. LEJ27 writes:

    Ah fuck rapidshare, I’m sticking to torrents.

  11. ANIKI writes:

    It will take time to get this, am only getting connection to less then 10 seeds, and speed less then 20Kb/Sec. Since there are tons of Leechers, hopefully it will pick up speed again tonight, I am seeding at 20KB/Sec lowest and 205Kb/Sec or a bit more the highest, so enjoy what I have so far people d(-_^)

  12. AF94608x10E7 writes:

    Ohhh!… At last, it took you some time guys but thanks, see ya!… ^_^

  13. Hemdawgz writes:

    My life is now complete

  14. Harima Kenji writes:

    Great! I have a question about the extras though. The first BD RAW available for toradora has the following videos in disk 06 that pick my interest a lot:

    Ami’s Monomane 150 renpatsu
    Toradora Taikenki 1-4

    From those two the one I really want to see is “Ami’s Monomane 150 renpatsu”. I mean how can I miss watching that!? XD

    Is it part of the extras, or should I get them from the share RAW?

  15. Shandris writes:

    0.2 kb/sec. It gonna take a while 😀

  16. akiba-kei writes:

    At least dear friends of Coalgirls!

  17. Rinfinite writes:

    Am I the only one having problems playing the OP? It freezes when Taiga starts to walk left after Ryuuji’s cooking scene. The sound continues though. I’m using CCCP.

  18. Alex writes:

    warn that it is 10-bit.
    many are looking exclusively for hard media players (only 8-bit).

  19. Rinfinite writes:

    Sorry, ignore my question. Seems I let the episode I tested download completely but not the OP file.

  20. alpaca writes:

    Thank you very much! <3

  21. iRoxxor writes:


  22. Alex writes:

    Is this normal that the OP1/ED1 are more blurred than DVD version ones? Maybe some re-downscaling filter problem arised, or is this in the source?

  23. creswich writes:

    BD EP01 01:58 got some problem, can you check it?

  24. damedame writes:

    No problem here.

  25. Ensy writes:

    I’m having a bit of a sync issue when playing the files. After each OP the scenes fill fall out of sync slightly. The sound would play first before the video by a margin of about 100 – 150 ms. If I skip the OPs this doesn’t occur. Does anyone have a similar problem?

    I’m using the latest CCCP

    • coalgirl writes:

      You need to disable FFDShow FLAC. CCCP fixed this problem for a while, but they just recreated it in the 11-11-11 release.

  26. cyberbeing writes:


    The problem occurs because the ordered chapter durations for OP and ED weren’t set accurately. All were set to 0:01:30.000 but none are exactly that duration. When the video is longer than the virtual timeline it should work ok with all decoders without any sync issues, but OP1 is considerably shorter at 0:01:29.464. You’ll potentially end up with over a half-second worth of de-sync if the decoder doesn’t insert silence to meet the longer 0:01:30.000 virtual timeline.

    Only MPlayer2 seems to handle such situations perfectly. madFLAC handles it acceptably since it doesn’t de-sync, but you do get a brief video stutter on the OP->Episode threshold.

    FFDShow Audio and LAV Audio both have sync issues, but LAV Audio is able to recover after a period of time if you have the Auto A/V Sync option enabled.

    All in all, this is something which could have been avoided if the ordered chapters were created with accurate segment durations, but it’s easy enough to fix after the fact with the mkvtoolnix chapter editor.

  27. coalgirl writes:

    cyberbeing, not quite. Some odd players may have problems with that, but the biggest issue is the FFDShow FLAC. I was having the same problem with ones cut exactly at the right time. CCCP was just stupid in “fixing” what wasn’t broken.

  28. cyberbeing writes:

    I tested both FFDShow from CCCP and as well as the lastest FFDShow rev4303 with Haali + MPC-HC and both behave identically as far as I can tell. When the OP1 duration set to 0:01:29.464, neither have a de-sync. And with LAV Audio 0.45 also affected, it would appear to be a semi-recent libavcodec issue, which still hasn’t been fixed in ffmpeg/libav or by the ffdshow devs.

    • coalgirl writes:

      And I tested using the internal MPC-HC render of FLAC and there was absolutely no desync. I’m sorry for saying CCCP messed up, if that’s what’s bothering you. FFDShow messed up something that worked and it created the delay on links. So it doesn’t matter if you got it separately or with CCCP, it still would have the same issue as it’s still FFDShow.

      Though I really want to know what you want with this. Are you trying to get me to make a v2? Apologize for doing the series in the first place? Grovel at your feet? An accurate fix was stated, and for you to go out of your way to try and make it say “No, that’s not the problem” really makes me question whether you’re trying to fix the problem or want something more.

  29. cyberbeing writes:

    I don’t want anything, and I don’t care about CCCP, so no need for such a response. I was only being a bit more specific about what the problem was, how users could easily fix it with mkvtoolnix if desired, and a couple decoders which work fine without needing fixing. That’s all. Pure coincidence that I happened to run into the de-sync problem myself a couple hours ago, and someone else had just posted about it.

    At least on my computer I’m not seeing any delay in FFDShow Audio just from using ordered chapters + segment linking, only a de-sync from the audio decoder not not compensating for a longer than normal virtual timeline. For example, with it set to 1:30.000 I get a 536ms (1:30.000 – 1:29.464) de-sync, set the duration to 1:40.000 I get a 10.536 second de-sync, set to the exact time there is no de-sync. Though from what you’re saying, you’re seeing something different? That’s only thing I’m curious about at this point.

  30. cyberbeing writes:

    Strange, there must be something else in our playback setups which explains the differing behavior.

    Though I guess all that means is people noticing a de-sync should first test this Play All file ( ) I made for myself to see if it fixes their problem, before deciding to try what I suggested above and change the chapter durations in the episodes themselves.

    The working decoders which don’t require a fix are as follows:
    MPC-HC Internal FLAC decoder (behaves identically to madFLAC)
    MPlayer2 (SMPlayer2)

    The half-working decoders which de-sync but are eventually able to recover sync:
    LAV Audio (Auto A/V Sync enabled)

    The non-working decoders which de-sync and remain de-synced:
    FFDShow Audio
    LAV Audio (Auto A/V Sync disabled)

  31. Ensy writes:

    I just tried cyberbeing’s Play All test file and it seems like the sync is working just fine.

    I disabled FFDshow Flac and now i get no sound… I’m kinda noob at this

  32. VashTS writes:

    Anybody mind if I take the subs (remerging and adjusting timing for OP/ED then combining into one file for 4 ep discs) and post them alongside the BDMV up on ADC? I’ve cited you guys and your respective base gg/qq/coalguys scripts in the “original script” field. They’d just be separate downloads for sideloading in MPC-HC.

  33. akiyamawins writes:

    Hi, I just finished torrenting all of this in 720p BD, and I have mpc-hc cccp, vlc, gom, and wmv on my windows 7 computer.

    However, I am unable to play them on vlc, gom, and wmv (which i expected to be able to play with cccp attached to it). Thus the only player that works is mpc-hc, which plays fine on a normal sized window, but if I want to change it to full screen, everything becomes pixelated, which rather ruins the point of glorious HD…

    Does anyone know of a fix for this?

  34. akiba-kei writes:

    the image is a little pale :/

  35. empee writes:

    um, can someone please help me out? the vids loop back from the start right before the OPs, and sometimes they are a bit pixelated/blurred. i use VLC. i tried using MPC too, and it fixes the looping but another problem was the audio is not in sync with the vid after the OP comes up. uh, im kinda noob at this, so sorry for the trouble and i very much appreciate any help in advance. i did everything in my power, and i feel so frustrated now :S

  36. Kristyn writes:

    I am having the same issue as empee, except not with the audio. I’m a mac and I always use mplayerx however a lot of the time certain parts of the videos are pixelated and discoloured. I’m finding this with files other than the OP. I’d be grateful for any help! At first I thought it was handbrake but then I discovered it’s the same in the original file. I’ve been trying to fix this for a long time now and I’m starting to get really frustrated with it. :/ Thanks in advance!

  37. Fanofde4ever writes:

    @empee, Kristyn

    Why don’t you try looking up 9 comments or so, and reading…

  38. Reazin writes:

    BTW why is this not working with my windows media player and only with the MPC?

  39. drakke125 writes:

    This sucks! the bd looks SO much better and I’m even getting the dvds! ARGH! where’s the BD release of this on dvd!? flails*

  40. puree writes:

    i’ve had some problem here.. im using MPC-HC with LAV audio/video decoders and Haali media splitter, the playback’s fine but the subtitle’s not showing. any help? :S

  41. akiyamawins writes:

    I found a fix for my issue, i just needed to update my vlc player to the 2.0.0 build, though I still haven’t found a way to fix the problem on my wmp (misspelled in my post a bit above as wmv) which I watch pretty much every other video file I have on, or gom. For now vlc suffices to watch this. Hope this helps anyone else who had my issues.

  42. Reazin writes:

    What VLC 2.0.0. can play now ordered chapters?

  43. Kalegrim writes:

    Here the pancake thought to reduce Russian roads with DVD under BD but who thought that they will cut out OP and ED

  44. Mieszko A.T. writes:

    When I try to use any of the “Play All” options, MPC immediately crashes, any idea why?

  45. Julio writes:

    I’m having audio sync issues. I have the latest CCCP installed and my computer is more than capable of handling any type of video format/codec. Everything else I played is fine, but these episodes I get audio sync issues. Any help?

  46. Julio writes:

    I played Doki’s BD release under the same setup and there is no audio sync issues. The problem lies in the way your videos were encoded.

  47. Peter writes:

    Is it possible to request more seederes please?

  48. Murasaki writes:

    thank you very much for uploading this. but can you guys do an upload for the episodes with the opening and ending

  49. NitzkieX2 writes:

    Please keep your torrent clients open. It helps us alot as downloaders (and me personally as a seeder) now that DDL hosters are so freaking unstable.

  50. deoxys_101993 writes:

    Great release guys, especially with the Blu-Ray version. Thanks!