Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha


Episodes – 10+1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Vivid, Anime-koi (OVA, Re-styled)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

Vacation project done on my 7 year old computer! Enjoy!

40 Responses to Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha

  1. Tenshi fan writes:

    Okarinasai! Welcome back!

  2. grw writes:

    Vacation means you dont work, unless subbing is very fun. is it?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Subbing can be fun or work, depending on how much effort a show requires and how much you enjoy the show. This required a very low effort and I enjoyed it, so it was fun.

  3. Hobichan writes:


  4. deanzel writes:

    Is this ordered chapters? And thanks.

  5. JimDaddy writes:

    Yeah…. it’s Ordered Chapters…..

  6. Wongsinthink writes:

    Talk about surprises. Didn’t see it coming. Thank you.
    Out of curiosity, Vivid didn’t use honorific while Anime-koi retains them. Did you modify one of them -for consistency- or just leave it? As the only description I see is Re-styled.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah, I removed honorifics from Koi and set it like Vivid’s. I also dealt with all the onii/onees. The only thing that I had a question of is when Kon calls Tanbanashi “Tanbabashi-sama”. Couldn’t figure out whether that’d be Master Tanbabashi or Mister Tanbabashi since it wasn’t used all series, so I just took a guess on what Vivid would do.

  7. Wongsinthink writes:

    Okay, Thanks for the quick reply.

  8. FRNZLove writes:

    Thanks, Kristen.

  9. Smars writes:

    Stupid question that isn’t really related to the show, but what does the first kanji in the image you used mean?

  10. nsff writes:

    京, same pronounce as 今日 which means ‘today’

  11. Smars writes:

    Why did they not use 今日?

  12. Coal;Born writes:

    I didn’t see this show, but AFAIK each character’s name respresents certain railway station in Kyoto(京 means capital city or is used as abbreviation of Kyoto)
    So that’s I think why 京(きょう) is used instead of 今日(きょう) as word play

  13. Zagafon writes:

    Thank you so very much for working on this show; I loved it. It had a great story with just just the right amount of morality tale without hitting you over the head with it. Although I am an Atheist, I find Japanese anime about their two main religions(Buddhism, and Shintoism), to be very interesting. The feel of this one reminded me of Kamichu; I enjoyed that one also. Though many people may look down upon me for admitting that I am a 45 year old male who enjoys slice of life anime, I am not ashamed to admit it; nor, am I hesitant to encourage others to watch both shows. They are light-hearted yet deal with serious subject matter. Again, thank you for all of your hard work. I look forward to more of your shows. Take care!

  14. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Is this the BD rips? I just hope I wont get the same response last time when someone told me “are you retarded?”


  15. Anon writes:

    DarkdaemonPK2, are you stupid?

  16. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    @Anon: I am not. Perhaps you are.
    Bleeding losser.

    And I wont tire by saying that over and over as long as that obnoxious lousy lout exists. I so hate clodhoppers.


    • coalgirl writes:

      Yuru Yuri
      Haruhi (Dropped at 1)
      Maria; Holic (Dropped at 3)
      Hunter x Hunter

      These are the ONLY times EVER that we have done TV rips of shows.

      Clannad (Later BD)
      Toradora (Later BD)
      Omamori Himari (Dropped at 6)

      The are the ONLY times EVER that we have done DVD rips of shows.

      If you ignore HxH, which isn’t my show, I haven’t done a non-BD rip in years. So asking whether something from me is a BD rip is retarded, because this is a BD group.

  17. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:


    That’s why I was asking so that I can clarify, just to make sure. But I understand this site were never kind to strangers to begin with. But still, I give my thanks were credit is due for all the wonderful BD that was made possible because of this site. Although I would have preferred if all the answers we get would not include any sarcasm to begin with.

    Oh, I forgot. I should have read the notice written below on this site. Making this reply post was just futile.


  18. grw writes:

    if you just hit the download and look at the file names you can says Blu-ray on it. please try a little harder.

  19. gab writes:


  20. ChrisNar2025 writes:


  21. ichigo writes:

    Thank You!
    I just finished watching Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha so it was a delight to see that you gave the series a Coalgirls release (-^.^-).

  22. Old fan writes:

    7 year old machine? Hmm, is it that 4:3 laptop that had such a good sound card which actually enabled you to differentiate between FLAC and AAC even when others couldn’t hear the difference with their $10,000+ equipment? That machine definitely has super powers!

  23. Kreygasm writes:

    Subs were awful.
    Please don’t use this group’s subs in the future.

  24. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    I’ve seen some stuff from coalgirls and they had good subs. Not sure about this one tho… But they should be fine. You know, if you dont like them, you can download other subs…

  25. WDPlayer writes:

    Why can’t I play this on my WD Media player?

  26. FRNZLove writes:

    I have a question, coalgirl.
    Should Vivid decide to do the OVA, would you then change the subs in the OVA to Vivid? Or would you keep it as is?

  27. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    Finished it. I dont get why was Kreygasm bitching, the subs ware fine.
    This show is cutness overload with a basic love story(s).
    Very calm and easy going.
    The show sounds and looks great.
    Is there info on a second season?

  28. FRNZLove writes:

    Okay, so Vivid did the OVA.
    Are you going to change the OVA subs from A-Koi to Vivid?

  29. FRNZLove writes:

    Actually, never mind.
    We’ll just grab the OVA from Vivid.

  30. chicagopiano writes:

    Vivid are a bit too liberal for me with their translations, but blu-rays are blu-rays.

  31. YukaKun writes:

    Well, I have to say the anime story telling is not of my liking compared to the manga, which I find a lot better in some aspects, but the art is friggin’ gorgeous.

    Thanks CG for this. I enjoyed it, specially since I have now read the manga, and man it is good.


  32. commenter-kun writes:

    computer specs?

  33. Derek writes:

    How did you create the playall file?

  34. Anon writes:

    font missing?
    if yes, could you upload the font or at least say which one it should be?

  35. highdensity writes:

    is someone out there still seeding the 720/1080p ? :(( pls help

  36. misakira writes:

    wow amazing site good work