Ookami to Koushinryou

Episodes – 13
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – sudo (Re-styled)


48 Responses to Ookami to Koushinryou

  1. rdtg writes:

    Spice and Wolf out of nowhere!

  2. Alucryd writes:

    Nice one, thx coalgirl!

  3. nand writes:

    1080p to come or bad source?

  4. Sayer writes:

    I don’t think the 1080 is coming nand, my question is 8 or 10 bit?

  5. coalgirl writes:

    As I have said, 10-bit for anything new from me. That said, Eden of the East Movie II counts as part of the Eden of the East series, and CCS’s movies count as part of the CCS series.

    And no 1080p. The source was interlaced and the studio deinterlaced it, hence why it is a fake progressive on the BD.

  6. luffy writes:

    no S2 in 10bit?

  7. YingYang writes:

    Would it be possible to have a link to AniDB to read about the anime before downloading it?
    It’s really no trouble to copy and search but a direct link would be nice.

  8. Joe writes:

    I’m glad you’re doing this show, but I’m pretty confused. Why only in 720p? I’ve seen 1080p encodes, so I think there’s a difference in visual quality, though I can’t actually tell with a 720p monitor. And will there be dual audio? Season 1, at least, has been dubbed, and pretty well too.

  9. dslite4000 writes:

    I agree, the dubbing for this show wasn’t very bad; so unless coalgirl didn’t feel like dual audio, maybe they only used the raw blu-ray with no English audio at all.

    Still, this is a very nice surprise, will try to download when I’m done cleaning out my HDD.

  10. rdtg writes:

    The English BD isn’t even out yet, so adding a dubtrack would probably require way too much effort for something that acording the FAQ sucks anyway.

  11. Mayhen writes:

    Ow yeaaaaaaaaaah! Spice is Wolf is super!

  12. DeaN writes:

    oh…. so that’s what Spice and Wolf is called in Japanese :S hahah

    Thank you coalgirls

  13. dslite4000 writes:

    I thought that the English BD was already out, but after checking out Funimation’s shop, I realize that you are right. The English BD for both Seasons 1 & 2 are due out by August 30th. BTW, depending on how they dub an anime, it could suck, but it could also be quite good.

  14. UrbanScythe writes:

    Damm im getting lost in this 10 bit.
    Which series are 10 bit now?

  15. Cadenza writes:

    So this didn’t get dropped after all, heh. Thanks.

  16. XiThau writes:

    Thank you! The only DL I found for this was English dub DDL. Personally, I prefer to read it.
    Just showing my share of appreciation.

  17. 7amod writes:

    I really was waiting for this till I downloaded it from [ Thora-sub ] ’cause I can’t keep up waiting :p

    currently downloading , and hot thanks to you [ Coal Girl ]
    and according to (Joe)’s speech , the downloaded version was in 1080p >> Thora’s Version

  18. Johny writes:

    wohohohohoho!!!! OMGooooooooooooooodnesss!!! Where did this come from!?!?!?! ahahaah!! i swear if Coalgirls is a box of chocolates, i would eat em like theres no freakin tomorrow.. “hmmm that didn’t come out right ahaha”

    hands down to you CG!!! i did not expect Spice and Wolf S1 …… i love ya girls!!!! wew!!!!. Thank you very much for this release ^_^…

  19. asd writes:

    Any comparison shots between this and Thora’s? If only bakabt could decide for me

  20. nand writes:

    @asd: Here’s a comparison shot I uploaded. The THORA version is a lot, lot, lot, lot better than this in terms of image quality (and it has FLAC audio too).


    Top is THORA, bottom is CoalGirls.

    This is only for 720p / low bandwidth purposes, especially as it’s Hi10P.

  21. nand writes:

    @asd: The first comparison in mouse-over form as well:


  22. coalgirl writes:

    Aye. Thora did apply a good amount of artificial sharpening, so it makes sense. This really is for 720p watchers only, and people annoyed at the noise on the edges during some scenes.

  23. Minh writes:

    downloaded this from thora long time ago. its a great anime n i recommend both seasons 1 and 2. cant wait for a season 3 to come out. Holo is my sexy WOLF<3

  24. RangerXML writes:

    WTH, lol, didn’t expect CoalGirls to do Spice and Wolf out of the blue!…only issue is that its not dual audio which the current ones I have are.

  25. Johny writes:

    THORA never did finish their 720p version of this anime,

    @coalgirl,,, ya mentioned some annoying noise in some scenes.. mind telling me some of it? so i can go and check it out ty ^_^… oh umm were ya referrin to your release or THORA’s?

  26. Scruffy writes:

    @nand. That THORA image comparison shows that THORA has done something majorly bad. Look at the hills in the background. In the THORA image you see wierd pixilated artefacts, probably from some sharpening filter. The CoalGirls image looks a bit fuzzier but doesn’t show the wierd effects.

  27. 720p fag writes:


    Why did you compare with the 1080p Thora release and not something this encode actually competes with, ie another 720p encode. Like the niizk one.


    #2 and #3 aren’t EXACTLY the same frame, but it should get the point across either way…

  28. fulun writes:

    Thora hasn’t done any sharpening at all, they used a source other than the R2J BDs for their 1080p rip, most probably the same source OPA used, which itself is way sharper than their and niizk’s 720p releases which are R2J-based and this release is even blurrier than the latter, CGi has again managed to accomplish the impossible…

    • coalgirl writes:

      Um… no. Thora used the R2J BDISOs. Any idiot can tell you that. The OPA source (The hell is this) also was sourced from the R2J BDISO. Every BD encode is sourced from it, or from an encode from it. The only differences are how much warpsharp was applied.

  29. nand writes:

    @720p fag: Because coalgirls doesn’t have a 1080p release and who the fuck cares about 720p?

  30. AlpacasDanceAtNight writes:

    So for 1080p viewing, should I keep THORA or CGi?

  31. nigga writes:

    Coalgirl, just one question – do you know what does cross-conversion mean?

  32. nand writes:


    It doesn’t look like WarpSharp to me, doesn’t that produce edge artifacts and/or thin out the lines? Looks like a regular sharpen if anything.

  33. Arran writes:

    whos subs are sudo’s? i couldnt find them on the list of subbers for spice and wolf on myanimelist. Are they the same the ones niizk used?

  34. IZEROII writes:

    Can’t recall what the acronym OPA stood for but it was the name Cman21 and his project partner at the time released under. They released top notch dual audio BD releases under that name. Cman does everything solo now.

  35. asdf writes:

    @nand: Do you realize that the only thing in the whole damn series that isn’t a SD upscale are the damn OP and ED? Fucking seriously, does that deserve a 1080p encode?

  36. SheilaFTW writes:

    Sudo subs were the worst of the bunch, imo. Shoulda gone with Ayako or BSS.

  37. BoLo writes:

    The main factor for me was aliasing. I’m no super encoder, but niizk has them jaggy outlines and CG doe not. It not real noticable at first, but when watching each version side by side, the difference is night and day.

  38. berserker writes:

    Will u guys do Spice n Wolf S2 in 10bit? Just asking. Thank u.

  39. 238497 writes:

    I found out that the OP and ED are separated from the main video file. So is there any way to combine them back? I am new to video stuff so if you can explain to me step by step it would be awesome!


  40. SourLime writes:

    This wont work for me. I’m using MPC.

  41. ulor writes:

    ^ 10 bit x264 isn’t big news anymore, so surely you’ve updated your codecs/ codecs packs or something?

    As for the release, I find it very good, sure it may be blurier, but hell, no anti-aliasing, no certain artifacts along the lines from sharpening, I like it this way. Another thing I’ve learned to appreciate is the separate OP/ED – in the long run it saves a lot of HDD space (here around 700 MB).

    Big thx Coalgirls!

  42. grognak writes:

    Hmmm, I might stick with Cman’s release of this

    Cman has the Dub, which is much better than the sub

    and Cman didn’t use FLAC. i don’t have a problem with FLAC, but if there is an AAC or AC3 release then i would prefer to use that. saves quite a bitof my bandwidth

    Only similarities there are with your version and Cman’s version is that:

    1. The video source is from the Japanese BDs
    2. both 720p only
    3. F*cking ordered chapters.

    as a retired encoder, i think ordered chapters should never be used no matter what the circumstance is

  43. Lord Stark writes:

    Fuck this shit! The Openings​ are missing from the main video.I have download a couple of animes from Coalgirls and they were decent quality material,but this is a disappointment. Wasted my data here,gonna try some other torrent.
    P.S. At least provide a fucking description​ about what you are uploading and.

  44. chris gately writes:

    where can i download spice and wolf?