Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Type: Series (64 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
FLAC 5.1 (English)
Subs: Eclipse
Torrent: 720p

186 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  1. Kappa writes:

    Oh dang, thought of getting this, but dual audio makes it stupidly large
    what kind of plebs watch english dub?

  2. Nimious writes:

    @Kappa I can’t believe people are still complaining about the extra file size of dual audio in 2015. Hard drives are so cheap now. The extra gigs are basically negligible provided you aren’t utterly poor. To add to that people do like English Dubs especially in series where no one is Japanese… You’ll also get your files quicker having one pool larger pool of seeders having attracted both the dub and sub (minus the poor plebs) watchers.

    If you really care about file size look for a 10-Bit version or remove the English Dub yourself.

    Oh and if it isn’t clear yet you’re a moron, probably a poor one at that.

  3. Frosto writes:

    @Kappa – I would if I felt the dub did a good job, and I watched this dubbed for my first time as it is actually a very good dub (one of the best dubs I’ve seen yet in fact). I for one love dual audio options, if you don’t you can do as Nimious said and demux the English audio yourself or find a single audio source to download instead.

  4. Both FMA are awesome writes:

    Dual audio…..can you people upload just the sub version….Now before anyone one of you say that the dub is also good,Let me tell you that I have no problem with dubs.Infact I watch animes with dubs as much as with subs but this file is too huge for my internet speed.I live in a poor country(at least poor enough to not provide fast internet) and download is slow as hell.This huge file will take weeks to finish…..

  5. WIRLYWIRLY writes:

    If you want the Dual-Audio, but you feel the size is too big because of the FLAC, then i’d recommend running the files through Popcorn MKV.

    The program above lets you convert audio tracks inside a MKV into other formats and outputs a new .mkv with the converted audio tracks. And yes it retains all the original track info such as Language, Title, Chapters, Subtitles, Defaults, etc. I use it all the time for when the audio is needlessly large and converting it to AC3 will save lots of HDD space (Which is the case here).

  6. Mickwald writes:

    Since the complaint about dual audio is about filesize with regard to download speed, none of the suggestions here work, since that just goes for actual storing capacity. However complaining about another set of audio track, which in this case covers about 3GB (quick estimation) in a pack at almost 50GB is just sad. If you can download 44GB but not 47GB, your problem is not an extra audiotrack.

  7. Stephen writes:

    I’m having issues with the sound, I can’t get the MKV players I have installed to run any of the sound file types. I’ve updated them, tried all troubleshooting from other sites as well, but I don’t want to try and download something else due to the sheer size of the files.

  8. flossifer writes:

    @Stephen: I can verify two players that playback both the Japanese and English audio tracks:

    1. cccp ( http://www.cccp-project.net/ ) A combination of codecs and the Media Player Classic -Home Cinema, especially designed for anime.

    2. vlc ( http://www.videolan.org/ ) A general purpose easy to use player.

    If you still have problems, use the Insurgent product on the cccp website to clean out your out of date codecs.

  9. Wailyn writes:

    Why is there no subs for “texts” and stuff? 😮

  10. Scrat writes:

    Ep 54 is named 53. just saying…

  11. Dashing766 writes:

    ^ No it isn’t. The episodes are fine. I checked your “theory” and even watched those episodes online and they are correct. Stop trolling.

  12. Elegant writes:

    Did you do the signs/songs (karaoke, etc.) yourself or did you manage to get a softsub’d version of eclipse’s release?

  13. kundan writes:

    Download speed is so slow.. Seeders help me!!

  14. Soluna writes:

    One of my favorite series ever; thanks so much!

  15. Nabull writes:

    Can someone give me mega links for this please my ISP has blocked torrent downloading

  16. Cloud* writes:

    Was this native 720p?

  17. NaruSan writes:

    Why there isn’t a 1080p release for this?

  18. LILY writes:


  19. Liam writes:

    everyone complaining about the size.. remove the english dub or jap if you aren’t interested in one or the other out of the files when downloading on uTorrent ez pz.

  20. Rf writes:

    SEED please!!!

  21. Karl writes:

    As long as I get a free copy with Japanese audio and English subs I don’t care about the size of the files. I’m happy and lucky getting a copy of this @ 2018.