Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Type: Series (64 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
FLAC 5.1 (English)
Subs: Eclipse
Torrent: 720p

186 Responses to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  1. Anon writes:

    At this rate I’m going to have to rewatch the first 49 episodes to remember what was going on.

  2. Anon writes:

    So what? You could always pay for it!

  3. mascthemoney writes:

    are there plans to get the OVA done?

    • Cyras writes:


      This release was done with the US BDs (with dual audio), and the OVA was not included on these.

  4. kijifi writes:

    would it be possible to make a batch with the last episodes so I and probably others wont have to download the whole 43gb and just get the few episodes we’ve been waiting for 😀 ?

  5. 720p fag writes:


    Why not…just download the episodes you need…like a normal person?

  6. AntiHero writes:


    If you are using a well known torrent client such as μTorrent or Transmission (Mac) you should be able to choose which episodes you want as well as set priority on a file, etc.

  7. osiris5cm/s writes:

    are you gonna re-release this on 10-bit?

  8. Pinto writes:

    yatta! coal girls high five!

  9. vomaufgang writes:

    @osiris5cm/s: Only new shows will be done in 10bit. Ongoing shows stay as they are.

  10. kijifi writes:


    I tryed doing that but it just went on with the download and ended up downloading the full file.. ( not this torrent ofc)

  11. Anon writes:

    ^^^Torrents up

  12. Seth writes:

    Thanks for the for the release. Ridiculously huge but I have almost 3,000 GB of space so I guess it doesn’t hurt that much–horrible defrag time though.

    @kijifi: if you’re using utorrent, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to select which files download. If you’re using utorrent 3.0, you should be able to set your preferences so that files don’t automatically download once you acquire the torrent. Also with utorrent 3.0, they no longer automatically show you the expanded list of files in batch torrents. You can fix that by clicking the downwards arrow to the right just before okaying a download.

  13. garetz writes:

    thx, great work

    i have 16 tbs, and its series like this that are eating into my available storage lol.
    but cant complain.

  14. Johnny writes:

    Is there a patch for the old ep 1-14 for the new batch torrent?

  15. Nova writes:

    Thank you so much! Im really happy now.

  16. hallfing writes:

    guys where are the bonus episodes like the blind alchemist and the tales of the master??

  17. superweapons writes:

    xdelta patches (episode 01-14): http://www.mediafire.com/?7kyl7396dpk6777

    Mirrors at my website.

  18. nwt writes:

    Thank you. What were the changes for 01-14, again?

  19. Ken writes:

    Hmm… I think these changes for eps1-14 are referring to that little error in the op that was mentioned a while back. Then again, it could be referring to something else :-p

  20. Ron writes:

    Hey guys, I was watching ep 32 in english dub and I noticed that the subtitles for the DUB are actually the same subtitles for the japanese dialogue. Would it be possible for you guys to fix this?

  21. spaw writes:

    Is there a patch to fix ep 32?

  22. Ron writes:

    There’s an error in ep 2. At 13:23 it say “4 years later”. It’s supposed to be “4 years ago”.

  23. Alexander writes:

    Thank you! I got High School of the Dead from you, loved the quality. Thankies for this! <3

  24. Fyl writes:

    Whose subs is this using?

    Is the quality gain and/or bonus BD content (if any?) worth it over the old Eclipse 720p FMA:B release?

  25. Nettosama writes:

    Being BD, im guessing its free from TV’s annoying white announcements subs, at least.
    Also, it says subs: Eclipse.

  26. Fyl writes:

    Why the 500-900mb range in filesize for episodes?

  27. simnys978 writes:

    Because of it being BD aswell as using FLAC audio.

  28. Super-Buu-5 writes:

    Thanks these were great encodes!

  29. auriga writes:

    Did the Fileserve links just get deleted? 🙁

  30. EVA-01 writes:

    I think so… started dling yesterday. Got 1-3 and now the files are gone. So I’ll have to use the torrent…

    Fallout from megaupload.com?

  31. Psy32 writes:

    Just one question, why doesn’t have opening and endings?

  32. wiseman writes:

    47.6GB..so far took me to download 75% for 8hrs lol.

  33. lk500 writes:

    There is an error in episode two’s subtitle. It says 4 Years Later rather than 4 Years Earlier at around 13:22. You guys might want to fix that.

  34. broke writes:

    the DL speed keeps dropping from 2mb/s to 0kb/s rapidly

  35. Dhruv writes:

    i am using MPC-HC to play this
    but for some reason the video is coming partially green most of the time
    what’s the problem can someone tell me?
    this isn’t 10 bit and even if it is 10 bit then mpc shouldn’t have any problem with it
    i DO NOT use VLC

  36. Dhruv writes:

    CCCP was missing so fixed it now 😀

  37. Dave writes:

    Will you be doing the OVAs now that they’ve been released on US Blu-ray with Dual Audio?

  38. alice writes:

    I don’t know if you care about these sorts of things, but the romanji subtitles on ED 3 (episodes 27-38) is incorrect near the end of the song (23:13 on episode 32). The kana/kanji is correct, but the romanji should read “hoshi no nai yoru mo” instead of “hoshi no yoru mo”. 星のない夜も

  39. bobinson writes:

    The file size is so large. I wish there was a torrent with just the english track; maybe that would free some space

  40. bollen writes:

    i love this girls!

  41. raymart writes:

    is there a 1920x1080p version of it?… i search everything and i find out that a-s have 1080p version of it but they add water mark on the upper left of the video that makes me mad.. it dirt the quality of the video.. im kinda perfectionist..

  42. LM writes:

    @raymart: AFAIK Atsui made 1080p rips.

  43. ivse writes:

    Thanks I was looking for this.

  44. jace writes:

    somebody seed moare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not enough seed!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  45. Tobi writes:

    There’s an error whenever I try to add the .torrent to my torrent client.

    It says something like “Unable to save the .torrent to C:\random\dir

  46. Taz writes:

    hey any plans to get the 1080p version done

  47. Randomacts writes:

    “Episode 31 song/sign for English Dub is messed up…

    I think the Japanese subs got left in…

    Perhaps it is really just Japanese sub’s copied twice for that one in a derp.”

    I meant episode 32.. Episode 31 is fine…. .

    Episode 32’s dub song/signs has the subs during spoken stuff still…

  48. Randomacts writes:

    Episode 50 has the same issue as episode 32.

    I could tell it was going to happen during the OP because it was subbed differently .. it had the Japanese characters as well as English on the bottom unlike the other episodes.

    This would be a super easy fix for you guys.

  49. Joseph Ponce writes:

    Hi, can I ask, which anime is best suited for me… I like FMA-brotherhood, K-on, Hyouka, Darker than Black, Ranma1/2, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile and etc. Hehe. But there are a lot of animes to choose from here. So I don’t know which to pick… So lazy to check them 1 by 1 on wikipedia. Hahaha.

  50. Helpful guy writes:

    go to myanimelist