Episodes – 13
Video – 704×480 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 AC3 @ 448 kbps
Subs – R1 via Polished and Underwater


26 Responses to Kanamemo

  1. Joe Bob writes:

    Hmm? Why is this posted in completed if there are no links?

  2. TK writes:

    torrent links? it’s completed

  3. namaiki writes:

    Ooh. Finally (hopefully) a Kanamemo release that doesn’t have crush/loss of detail because of borked levels.

  4. bautrey writes:

    Is this show even good?

  5. namaiki writes:

    Hmm… The release seems have full range (0-255) video. I guess the DVDs were released like that after all.

  6. PB Curious writes:

    @bautry – I enjoyed it enough to watch it more than once. The characters are developed enough to have their own personalities and quirks.

    It’s very ‘all girl’ though.

  7. tta writes:

    Once again, Coalgirls picking quality shows that have been left out by others. Keep it up girls! This one has an all star cast of seiyū, used at their best (did I hear “all-cast singing episode”?), zany yet endearing characters, and is actually both very entertaining and rewatchable (though it is possible that some of the more risqué jokes may not be for everybody’s taste).

    So don’t sit on the fence: give it a try and see if you like it. And props to Coalgirls for yet another quality release.

  8. miracles writes:

    It’s the source your dvd same as polished used ??

    What about censoring ??

    • coalgirl writes:

      They are both DVD sourced, but mine is sourced from an ISO while polished’s is from a share raw. Censoring is the same.

  9. namaiki writes:

    This release also has the advantage of keeping the full range “extra” detail, while the release from polished has it wiped out. (note: for when you tell the video renderer/decoder *not* to expand TV-> PC levels like it usually does)

  10. bautrey writes:

    @PB Curious Well i suppose it cant hurt to try it.

  11. Iron Sand-G writes:

    isn’t this a lolicon show? Iìve come across it before but the characters give off that lolicon aura.

    so is it? or is it safe? XD

  12. Desbreko writes:

    Is this actually full range? If I set ffdshow to output TV levels, the part at 0:46 in the OP has dark gray borders instead of being fully black like when outputting PC levels.

  13. Desbreko writes:

    Er, wait, I meant when I set the input levels to PC range, I get dark gray and if I set input to TV, I get fully black. Output is always PC.

  14. banger writes:

    this show is hilarious. haruka is a lolicon but its more in a funny way theres nothing dirty in this show. its just all girl characters and moe style i guess. too bad theres no blu ray

  15. namaiki writes:

    Episode 2 – 8:46

    TV-> PC (expand): http://img577.imageshack.us/img577/5851/djsfkdsjfl.png
    Full range : http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/5997/fdsjfsdkfj.png

    I do get the grey in full range as well.

  16. Desbreko writes:

    Wow, yeah, that first example definitely shouldn’t be expanded.

    Odd that the blacks aren’t actually black, though. I wonder if the video only uses the extra range on the high end and not the low end.

  17. coalgirl writes:

    I really didn’t do anything to the colors of the video, so what’s there is what was on the DVD originally.

  18. namaiki writes:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you had done anything as such.

    The TV broadcast was the same way, after all.

  19. gepmar writes:

    Kanamemo, Yuri + Loli + Tsundere = EPIC WIN

    a must watch anime

  20. hero writes:

    a question:
    have you used Ordered chapters on this serie?

  21. namaiki writes:

    I believe it does.

  22. elfenliedfan writes:

    I am having trouble with these files. it will play for a minute then go straight bck to the beginning with no sound. Can anybody tell me why i have this problem?

  23. Nae Gevurah writes:

    [ gepmar says:
    Kanamemo, Yuri + Loli + Tsundere = EPIC WIN ]

    わ~い! \(^o^)/ 百合なのだ~い好きだわっ