Ano Hana

Episodes – 11
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1072, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs –
Track 1 – m.3.3.w (UTW typesetting)
Track 2 – UTW

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

97 Responses to Ano Hana

  1. TS writes:

    The styling for UTW in ep 9 is messed up. Missing attachments maybe?

  2. Fat writes:

    So I’m new to your works. You said to pick up your Chihiro release for Memo, can I assume the same great quality I’ve come to find here?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Well, I’m doing nothing different for them than I am here, other than file naming.

  3. waqasj writes:

    will you do NCED and NCOP?

  4. comp_ writes:

    thank you very much for this, really enjoyed it!

  5. Kaz writes:

    For some reason episodes 10-11 won’t work, I can hear audio but no video, can someone please help me!?

  6. Lone writes:

    I had some issues with episode 10 in 1080p, the frame rate drops and the audio disapears for some seconds. This happens at 08:28 – 08:32. It was a huge issue for me so I avoided looking further into the episode of 10 and 11 so I can’t say if this problems continues to occur.

    I downloaded episode 10 and 11 in 720p and those worked perfect for me as did the other episodes in 720p. The program i use to watch this in 720p and 7080p is CCCP 2011-07-30 with the MPC-HC that follows with it (build number:

    I hope this issue gets fixed because this anime is worth having in 1080p imo 😀

  7. Anon writes:

    2011-11-11 CCCP release (+madVR with an OC’d E6300 @ 2.8 GHz and HD5850) and everything’s perfect in 1080p (m.3.3.w. subs, at least).
    That 08:28 drop might have to do with the subtitles on-screen being a bit heavy on some CPUs, maybe. I don’t experience it in any of my PCs or laptops, so can’t confirm. The timing certainly coincides with it, though.

  8. Lone writes:

    Okey I fixed the problem now. What caused my frame rate to drop was because of CCCP (even with the newest 2011-11-11 that I tried recently) not being efficient enough. My cpu is a 720qm @ 1.73GHz (turbo boosted) and my gpu HD 4870M so I feel fairly certain that my specs are good enough to handle any anime thrown at it.
    What I did was uninstall CCCP and use the MPC-HC+madVR, followed the configuration (and after read some of the post to get that extra final touch to it since the config alone wasn’t enough to optimize my settings) and now I can play through those scene with floating subtitles without any frame rate drop.

  9. Iron Sand-G writes:

    Off-Topic question (don’t know where else to post XD)
    What’s the new banner? and where’d the old K-On banner come from? I really liked the K-On one 😀

  10. MajiNPic writes:

    Thank you!
    Btw, ep9’s CRC is changed… What’s the difference?

  11. Nettosama writes:

    @MajiNPic: missing font I think.

  12. Dennou Coil writes:

    @Iron Sand-G The new banner is from the anime Dennou Coil.

  13. Mark writes:

    i have a problem with some episodes discolored boxes and textures so am i doing something wrong?

  14. Iron Sand-G writes:

    @Dennou Coil-Thanks for the heads up :D.
    I only know it by it’s title.

  15. MajiNPic writes:

    Am I the only one seeing the messed up subtitles in Episode 11 at 16:54 – 17:03 (1080p)?

  16. Forum Lurker writes:

    You need to update your codecs. Go download CCCP, that fixed it for me.

  17. blueday writes:

    is anime used by BD or HD TV one?

  18. blueday writes:

    I just offered this anime (1080) on BBT but they Rejected it because they said, ” Video quality not worth 1080p. ” is it true?

    • coalgirl writes:

      bakabt don’t really have any clue about what they’re talking about in regards to resolution. But they have their policies, we have our own, so meh.

  19. no writes:

    Thanks for the batch. Keep up the good work.

  20. Bota writes:

    Thanks for your hard works, but I have a problem with Ep 1 and 2, it says “Cannot render the file” when I open these two eps using MPC-HC, the others work fine.
    This is the MediaInfo of ep 1 and Ep 2, as you can see, there’re no infos in ep 1.

  21. Aru writes:

    Is there a comparison available between BR and TV?

  22. hutter writes:

    Bakabt is horrible, their opinion is based on some arbitrary criteria. I still see them using horrible, old versions of groups such as cromartie high, crest of the stars, etc. Because they don’t want to update it, or because a mod doesn’t think a 720p version of a show is better than the dvd rip from 2001.

  23. Luizk writes:

    thanks a lot!

  24. random writes:

    UTW just released a batch with updated and fixed translations. I’m guessing it’ll stay as is or do you plan on updating? Thanks

    • coalgirl writes:

      It’ll stay as is. It’s not worth the effort required to re-encode (since if I v2’d it, I’d certainly want it in 10-bit), remux, and rewatch it, not to mention I think I did some special things to it that I can’t remember, and then have it trashed in a month when Thora releases theirs and everyone flocks to them because of their name.

  25. damedame writes:

    That’s too bad, I don’t think Thora will release a 720p version…

  26. rev writes:

    Compared this release to the one from Salender-Raws and it seems that cropping was not necessary. Another source maybe? Really want to keep this one as it has the same quality at almost half the size.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I made this release years ago, so I can’t justify what I did since I don’t remember why. But it was most likely noise that caused me to crop instead of black bars. But if you can’t see the difference with your eyes when you watch it, why are you relying on technicals?

  27. rev writes:

    Sorry, links got messed up in previous post. Here are some screens from episode 1:

    1: Coalgirls vs Salender
    2: Coalgirls vs Salender

  28. rev writes:

    I don’t see any noise. Missing some lines from top and bottom doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it actually is. I’m posting this here to let you know that there is probably a better source. Since there is no other alternative of this title at this size, maybe you would want to redo it using that source. Or maybe not, I’m just saying.

    • coalgirl writes:

      This is the thing I don’t get about fans. It’s happened I don’t know how many times. You mention something you don’t like about a video compared to the source, or to another raw. I address it directly and give rationale. Yet you always then insist on posting screenshots. I don’t know why fans are so eager to post their screenshots, whether it helps or not.

      For sources, sorry, you can’t get a better source than the BDMV itself, unless you have access to the animation cels (which only the production studio does). If you like Salander better, then just remux the files. It means you like how they encoded better than mine, not that they used a better source.

      Last thing, I don’t know why you’re keeping on this? I’m not re-encoding this as my edition is perfectly fine. I mean hell, are you trying to say that I chose to chop for the sole reason of cropping it? No, I had my reasons back then which was edgenoise. Maybe your shots don’t show it, maybe Salender blurred the video to get rid of it? I don’t know, as I said, this was something like 2 years ago.

      I rally just don’t get why people want me to redo this series so badly. Sure, it was a great show, and there are really small improvements that could be made here and there. But would you rather me redo this series, or do Monogatari Season 2? lol.

  29. Amey writes:

    Hey! i am just curious, are you going to do the Ano Hana Movie??

  30. Jonnyboy writes:

    please do the movie!!

  31. Soluna writes:

    Just wanted to say a late “thanks” for this release!

  32. ashfaq writes:

    is this dual audio?

  33. Delgon writes:

    Nope, Coalgirls deal only with good stuff.