Ano Hana

Episodes – 11
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1072, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs –
Track 1 – m.3.3.w (UTW typesetting)
Track 2 – UTW

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

97 Responses to Ano Hana

  1. Nettosama writes:

    Nice, and great sub choice.

  2. AngelOfDeathMD writes:

    keep the good working!!!!

  3. 1337 writes:

    meh, i would go for full UTW subs

  4. zaockle writes:

    good choice.

  5. DatFlower writes:


  6. Meatrose writes:

    This show deserves a BD release so thanks for doing it. I personally would have gone with FroZen’s subs though.

  7. sharm writes:

    Strangely gg never gets the green light here…

  8. Raph95 writes:

    I prefer [gg] for AnoHana, but I guess this works as well. Definitely gonna download 1080p, this anime really deserves it!

  9. Juancho writes:

    this anime is freaking Good i hope you guys do it right~

  10. IZEROII writes:

    Coalgirl is doing it so it should be done fine. Though I do prefer UTW for the dialogue

  11. Grizzly Bear writes:

    If the text is readable and not a word salad… the sub group doesn’t matter for me. Many thanks for doing the BD’s on this series coalgirl.

  12. Anoki writes:

    Is it really only 11 episodes? Everywhere I have looked I haven’t been able to find how many episodes it was going to be. Kinda sad if it really is but with the story it has if it went any longer it might just make it feel like a lot of unneeded things. Thanks ahead of time for when you do this.

    • zaockle writes:

      There have only be 3 shows that have gone longer than 12 episodes on the noitaminA block. Shiki, Honey and Clover S1, and Nodame Cantabile. And so far there is no word that it’ll be longer than 11. So odds are it’ll be 11 (maybe an OVA).

  13. Gar writes:


  14. jojo writes:

    Frostii is doing this…just sayin…

  15. jojo writes:


  16. anon writes:


  17. coalgirl writes:

    lol opinions

    There’s only one opinion that matters here, and it has spoken.

  18. Pontificus writes:

    i don’t know if UTW has announced plans for their own BDs, but they tend to do it. so why complain here?

  19. Mirari writes:

    Meh, I would complain about the sub choice and whine about how much I would prefer UTW instead, but Coalgirl wont give a crap about my opinion. Doesn’t matter anyway, as I wont be getting the BDs from here. ^_^
    Carry on. 😛

  20. IZEROII writes:

    11 episodes…this makes me sad

  21. woot writes:

    Thanks for choosing m.3.3.w for the dialouge. UTW had terrible English that sounded so awkward to read. gg was acceptable, but still had those gg mistakes.

  22. DragooNick writes:

    These 11 Episodes are just right, not more, not less, great Anime and thanks to Coalgirl to provide us this great Anime in best possible way :] <3 ty

  23. DmonHiro writes:

    A VERY good choice of the show, and of the subs.

  24. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ writes:

    Just wanted to inform you that the filename says 1920×1080. Might want to correct that in the future.

    As always, thanks for doing this.

    • coalgirl writes:

      I know. I’ve always named 1072p or 1080p the same. Avoids a lot of stupid people that way.

  25. Noko writes:

    What was the reason of 1070p? Something on the BD have need for cropping 10 pixels?

    Just wondering. Thanks for doing this Kristen.

  26. coalgirl writes:

    Well, I do 1072p when there’s at least 3 pixels on the top and the bottom need to be cropped. Usually it’s just edgenoise instead of blackspace. If there is 3, I round up to 4 (If you complain about 1 pixel, get your head out of your ass) and crop 4 on top and 4 on bottom. This makes a resolution divisible by 16 both in width and height, and hence better compression than 1080p, which is divisible only by 8 in height.

  27. Noko writes:

    Yeah I don’t mind the trimming if it is needed. Thanks for telling me. And who complains about one pixel? I would have to whack them.

    Once again thanks for doing this Kristen. Have fun on your vacation soon.

  28. faggot writes:

    Can you make sure to fix timing the lines and timing errors or at least the ones pointed out by

  29. derp writes:

    Fuck yeah. Last episode made me cry like a baby ;_;

  30. fat writes:

    Since UTW changed nirvana to heaven in the last few episodes, would you guys be picking one or the other or keep the weird transition?

  31. 34534534534 writes:

    Why in the world would you not use Doki for this?

    And gg for Merry? WHAT.

    Proof that CoalGirls intentionally uses the worst subs they can, holy shit what is wrong with you?

  32. Mirari writes:

    I lol’d so hard at that 34534534534 guy. Doki on Coalgirl’s releases, Doki on ANYTHING???
    ROFL. That guy must be a fukken noob.

  33. Nyara♥ writes:

    If someone have problems with the subs used, is too simple a demux your favorite sub (or simply downloading it if was be open) and put to your coalgirl release and do a really simple shift. That’s all. Very thanks for this!

  34. Raph95 writes:

    Sound. Again. Noise. X_X Any help? What to do? Some codecs?

  35. denai writes:

    Thanks. Downloading this now xD

  36. (^_^) writes:

    Thanks for releasing this. But just wondering…are you including the commentary track?

  37. Tatsujin writes:

    ^ Probably not.

    Off topic, when is OreImo going to finish?

  38. Small thing for batch writes:

    At 9:42 it says “It’s not just here.” but it should be “It’s not just her.” Thanks!

  39. orcaz writes:

    when the ddl for 1080 will be ready?

  40. Anon writes:

    Cool choice of subs, bro.

    Who’s Ajo btw?

  41. Anon writes:

    is girls with orange hair ( ¬‿¬)

  42. scandilizer writes:

    like orcaz im wondering when ddl be ready? only for the for 720p instead. Also thanks for the release!

  43. John147GHN writes:

    The way you’re listing Ano Hana made me think it was complete 🙁
    The link shouldn’t be 01-07 instead of “Torrent”?
    Just saying 😛

  44. Sky writes:

    Oh my! The quality on those 10-bit mkv’s is simply amazing!
    Makes all the difference on my Eizo.
    Love you guys so much for this upload. Can’t wait for more episodes!
    Yup, ain’t downloading this from other sources. Gotta wait forever, but for this kind of quality, who cares!

  45. Sky writes:

    You’re late!!! 😀

  46. luffy writes:

    where is your version Kami-memo? 🙁
    vol.1 from Chihiro already out.

    • coalgirl writes:

      As I said, I’m going to choose to do it either as Chihiro, CGi-Chihiro, or CGi. In other words, the Chihiro version is my version.

  47. Petrushka writes:

    i remember that u said that the show that you like is,” cute girls doing cute things.”

    can you also release Ikoku Meiro no Croisee BD? just suggest 😛

  48. Haruya writes:

    ^ I second the Croisee BD motion.

  49. akiba-kei writes:

    I’m gonna download this anime just beacause I’ve seen many H-Doujinshi <3

  50. asfgsfghd writes:

    thirding croiseé. nobody is doing it and it looks fantastic. it’s basically aria in paris without gondolas.